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Vocaloid Camellia Version Group Photoshoot



I volunteered to be a photographer for this Vocaloid photoshoot at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center last weekend.  Vocaloids are really fascinating to me, so cosplays of them really get my attention.  This particular group wanted to do the Camellia version of the Vocaloid characters, and we were all pleasantly surprised about the turnout for this one.




The models for this shoot found each other at an FB page, Wanted: Cosplayers.  Even though not really having met before the shoot, they got to be online friends, discussing their love for Vocaloids and planning this shoot for weeks on end.  Even though there were some who unfortunately couldn’t be there, the shoot nonetheless went on as planned.




Along with a small group of photographers, they went around the park in search for great locations to shoot in.  There was lots of time in between shots to have fun and get to know each other better despite the heat.




It was just a small get-together of folks who had the same interests and their efforts at organizing this shoot were modestly rewarded with a pleasant afternoon of new photos and new friends and new stories to tell others about.  Hopefully next time we can get other cosplayer tom join in on this little project.




Many thanks to everyone who participated in this shoot and shared their time with everyone.




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Ianah: Chasing Rainbows

eIMG_0387 Her warm smile and cheery disposition are enough reasons for us to attend an event, and indeed Ianah is a welcome sight whenever we do a coverage.  She is as bright, bubbly and friendly as they come and she simply loves cosplaying wherever she can squeeze it into her very hectic schedule.  We have always admired her for her great cosplays, which is why we are happy to have Ianah as our newest Cosplay Model here at arkadymac.com in her first ever online feature.  Photos and post-editing by Bryan, Bless as Executive Producer, Xtian as Writer/Director. eIMG_0347 There are days when our coverages of events are not complete without a glimpse of Ianah, a familiar yet refreshing face in the cosplay circuit.  She is a celebrity cosplayer besides being a creative digital artist, blogger, dance troupe member, Nihongo-jin, and an otaku.  She has landed many endorsement and promotion deals from prominent companies and she has hosted a number of cosplay events as well.  These she all takes in stride as she says she just loves cosplaying whenever she can. eIMG_5803 Ianah tells us that she got into cosplaying sometime after the Japan tsunami when their school organized a “Cosplay for a Cause” event organized by her Nihongo Sensei.  There she cosplayed Kyou Fujibayashi from Clannad.  She was eventually invited to join a cosplay event at Eton City with the Laguna Cosplay Team where she cosplayed Vocaloid Rin Kagamine. eIMG_0137ianah Despite describing herself as quite a shy and simple person, the people who do know her see her as a bubbly and cheerful sister, especially to the many chibi cosplayers she are friends with at events.  She says cosplaying has allowed her to be a little more confident in herself.  She has also made a lot of friends through cosplaying, something that she is very grateful for. eIMG_0104 Creativity is something Ianah truly values and is something she strives for as she loves drawing, making kiri-e arts and dancing in her spare time.  She says cosplaying is doubly fun because she is able to put her creativity to use when she portrays her favorite anime characters and she is humbled when people appreciate her cosplays. eIMG_0558 Of all the characters she has portrayed, Ianah admits she loves Vocaloid Rin Kagamine most.  She says she shares her cheerfulness and her role as a loving sister to all.  What excites her the most at cosplay events is the chance to meet other cosplayers and having fun with her cosplay family and friends. eIMG_0550 Ianah admits that cosplay is challenging because the competition is getting better and that trying to fit cosplaying into her busy schedule can be quite tough.  She says her studies will always be her first priority and that she’ll continue to cosplay as long as she’s free and available. eIMG_5902 As for those she is grateful to, Ianah has this to say:  “First I want to thank God, secondly my family who supports and never gets tired of attending cons with me, my LaCosTe family, Lean and Mean Machines, Redfox Technologies and Mundo ko Game ko family, Dragon Nest family, my extended family in cosplay community, and my old and new friends. I will be forever grateful for all your support and for believing in me. I love you all.” eIMG_0350 Ianah will be taking up Multimedia Arts and says she has many aspirations and plans for the future where she can make use of her creativity to the fullest.  We hope we can all be part of her journey as she earnestly chases after her dreams. eIMG_5799 Thank you all for visiting, and do drop by again soon for more features on Ianah here at arkadymac.com. eIMG_0386   Please click on an image to view slideshow.

Arkadymac.com Christmas Cosplay Photo Shoot



And before we knew it, it was almost Christmas already.  We at arkadymac.com want to spread some cosplay Christmas cheer so we invited some really amazing cosplayers to do a promotional Christmas photoshoot for us.  The drizzly weather that first day of December didn’t stop us from making the most of this rare opportunity.  We’re really happy to present our Christmas offering.  Photos and post-editing by Bryan, Blessma as Executive Producer, Xtian as Writer/Director.


We originally planned to just shoot all of them separately for their own features on the website, but since they got along so well we took shots of them as a group.  The result was a morning of fun despite the otherwise cloudy and drizzly day at an undisclosed location in Ortigas.


On the roster of our newest cosplay models are Ashley, Ianah, Yanna and Gabby.  All of them are talented cosplayers in their own right and are quite known in and around the cosplay circuit.  Most importantly, they have been ardent supporters of the website for quite a while so we’ve been dreaming of this shoot for the longest time.


Ashley is a sweet young lady who has already won numerous competitions thanks to her amazing cosplays and fierce performances.  When not cosplaying, she simply enjoys being her age, playing with her friends and family on and off event locations.


Ianah is a celebrity cosplayer and creative digital artist, blogger, dance troupe member, Nihongo-jin, and an otaku.  She has landed many endorsement and promotion deals from prominent companies but admits that she just loves cosplaying wherever she can squeeze it into her very hectic schedule.


Yanna is relatively new but her cosplays leave quite an impression, so much so that we just had to invite her for a shoot with us. She’s been holding her own with costumes she has made herself and loves being onthe creative side of things.


Gaby is known mostly for her outlandish, sometimes outrageous cosplays at events and conventions.  She attracts lots of attention though she says she’s really in it for the sheer fun of being there in cos. We’d also like to thank her for coming up with some of the fun poses for this shoot.


We’ll be coming out with their individual features real soon so do watch out for them.  In the meantime, do enjoy our short Christmas feature.  Happy holidays everyone.


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My World, My Game Expo Coverage




It’s Philippine Independence Day and there are colorful Philippine flags flying everywhere.   It’s a legal holiday yet I still have to go work first before I can run off to a special cosplay event today.  The venue is quite a distance from where I live, but that has never stopped me from bringing you the hottest cosplays this side of the planet.




And here I am at the My World, My Game Expo at SM Marikina.  It is an event sponsored by Red Fox Technologies and Lean and Mean Machines, as well as some other tech outfits. It is open and free to the public and there were lots of entertainment, freebies, and special guests to keep everyone excited.  Our wonderful friends, Ianah Otaku and Ashley Misaki, co-host the event with a special kawaii charm that can’t be beat in this plane of existence or the next.




The main event of the expo is the cosplay competition, with emphasis on the mecha category as the day was much about tech.  The competitors wowed their crowd as they performed on stage at the Activity Center.  Great prizes were handed out to the winners and consolation prizes were given out to the participants as well.  Aside from the competitors, lots of costrippers were also in attendance, posing for the adoring crowds in varied and eye-catching costumes.




My World, My Game Expo was a fun and exciting event on a holiday and we commend the organizers for a job well done.  i personally got what i came for: lots of cosplayers having fun. Getting a few freebies from the booths didn’t hurt either.













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Ozine Fest 2013, Day 3 Part 1


Ozine Fest 2013 is undeniably the biggest cosplay event this summer, with thousands of visitors over the three day-affair, filling the SM Megamall Megatrade Halls to to capacity.  So to give you the best possible coverage of this amazing event, the entire senior officers and staff of arkadymac.com went to Ozine Fest in full force and ready to tackle the unforgiving crowds, and the hordes of screaming yaoi fangirls and crazed otaku.


And because giving our loyal friends, visitors, and readers the best coverage possible is our priority, we have enlisted the services of our newest cosplay correspondent, the lovely and genki Stephanie as Hatsune Miku.  It is with open arms (and a sigh of relief) that we welcome Stephanie into the group as she has distinguished herself well on the field of combat despite being only her first field assignment for the blog.  We’ll have a special feature about Stephanie herself real soon so please stay tuned for that as well.


Lots of attractions and events going on in and around the venue, so the staff had to work thrice as hard to bring you the highlights.  Xtian Mack was in charge of public relations,  Obito-kun providing attention and publicity for the site, and Stephanie being our cover girl for guests and cosplayers alike.  Special acknowledgement to our tensai photographer, Buraimaku, for his amazing snapshots of the event.

We hope you enjoy our special coverage of Ozine 2013, but we urge you to come back in the next few days as we’ll be posting more great photos.  Thank you all for your support.

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OzineFestD3Pt1_017 OzineFestD3Pt1_019









OzineFestD3Pt1_025 OzineFestD3Pt1_001





Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special 2012 Cosplay Coverage


cosplay costume anbu mask cloak kunai wig naruto konoha ninja xtian mack shinobi japan anime hatsune miku christmas costume holidays

Happy holidays from Nyanbu and Miku.

Woo-hoo! Is it just me or did this year just end too fast? What? Time is constant and that it’s just me? How absurd. Einstein would turn in his grave.  Speaking of geniuses, Xtian Mack and Obito-kun cover two days’ worth of cosplay fun at the Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special 2012, the last major cosplay event this year.