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Kawaii Philippines’ Winter Wonderland Year End Party


Kawaii Philippines Winter Wonderland Year End Party_0001


Our friends from the Kawaii PH community got to celebrate the holidays together in style at their Winter Wonderland Year End Party just recently.  With many exciting events which include a successful book launching earlier this year, 2015 has been a great year for Kawaii lovers and enthusiasts, and they have decided to close it off properly with a fun year-end party with everyone.

Beyond the Cutest Dreams: The Kawaii PH Book Launch


Beyond the Cutest Dreams The Kawaii PH Book Launch_0001


Kawaii has become more than just about cute things.  It has become more than just a passing fancy or a fashion fad.  Kawaii has become a way of life for individuals who have sought to express themselves in an outlook and style all their own, with frills, pastels, ribbons, teddy bears and rainbows, all exuding that positive, happy vibe that they wish to impart to others.  Beyond the Cutest Dreams: The Kawaii PH Book Launch got to celebrate this admirable Kawaii lifestyle in an event that showcased the bright, friendly and colorful world that Kawaii has opened for everyone from all over the world.

Grand Cosplay Runway 2014

Cosplay Runway_2014_0001


Cosplay meets fashion at a refreshing new event that showcased the best of local talents and creativity.  Grand Cosplay Runway 2014 was the first of its kind in the Philippines as it was quite a spectacle at SM City Baliwag last December, drawing in participants from near and far, and arkadymac.com is happy to be a media partner for this event.

Kawaii in Manila 2: The First Philippine Kawaii Convention



A  pleasantly unique experience awaited us at Kawaii in Manila 2: The First Philippine Kawaii Convention over the weekend at Whitespace Manila in Makati City.  Kawaii is now considered a global phenomenon because of its great influence in art, fashion, beauty, food and various consumer products in Japan and spreading allover the world, and kawaii has for quite a time been celebrated in many different forms in the Philippines.  Kawaii in Manila 2 is the celebration of that fascination and passion for all things light and cute, and over a thousand people gathered at Whitespace  to take part in this fascinating affair.





arkadymac is an official media partner for  Kawaii in Manila 2, and covering this event for us is our Cosplay Model Ai Chi, who was enjoying herself with the sights and sounds that Kawaii in Manila 2 had to offer.  Oh, and tastes too, as there were  free ice cream and cotton candy for attendees.   Inside the venue was the Kawaii Bazaar were the most adorable and enticing items, trinkets, accessories, and clothing could be found, a veritable treasure trove to the discerning kawaii fan.  There was also the Kawaii art exhibit where attendees can browse and appreciate work done by amazing artists who have taken the essence of kawaii to heart.









Kawaii in Manila 2 is a day-long convention dedicated to promoting the interest and appreciation for kawaii culture through various kawaii-related programs and activities. Then there was the Kawaii Workshop that has been the mainstay of the event, teaching working with polymer clay and lettering to eager workshoppers.




The program started in earnest by noon, led by bubbly kawaii hosts Kat ad Mikee.  With some introductions, the first feature was the Live Art exhibition by Rian Gonzales, who impressed the audience with her great talent.






After a while there was the Kawaii Fashion show where renownded Kawaii fashion designers in the country got to showcase their fascinating collections as models took to the runway with ensembles nothing short of works of art, featuring Dolly Kaye, Dorotee Sweetlips, Forestale and La Princesse Dolle, all of them welcomed by an appreciative crowd.









More surprise features and attractions awaited the crowd like the Ikemen Guy and Kawaii Girl contests, Harajuku fashion show by which featured Kawaii Candy Lover Ashley Dy, LucyPop fashion show and other performances from special guests. Near the end was the Changing the World with Kawaii talk by Kawaii PH founders Kaila and Anne Kate, who were overwhelmed with the great turnout and support despite the many challenges they faced in bringing Kawaii in Manila 2 to life.




All throughout the day, Kawaii was everywhere, with attendees sporting their best Kawaii looks and poses.  Among them is our Cosplay Model and Reviews Writer, Yanna.  We were glad to see familiar faces and friends and were more than happy to take shots of them.















With attendance three times more than what they expected and with many booths and sponsors participating,  Kawaii in Manila 2 is a huge success, and we commend the efforts of the organizers for being able to bring kawaii to more people and much excitement to those who have been dressing and living kawaii for the longest time.  We look forward to more such events from Kawaii PH, hopefully soon.

Thank you for dropping by, and please visit us again for more cosplay features here at arkadymac.com.


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Upcoming Event: Kawaii in Manila 2, The First Philippine Kawaii Convention

kawaii in manila_0001


Our readers who have long since enjoyed anime and cosplay have long known about kawaii, the cuteness inherent in the many aspects of Japanese popular culture.  However, only a few may probably know that kawaii has already taken a life of its own and has, for many years, become a unique experience and a lifestyle adopted by people all over the world.  And with the coming of Kawaii in Manila 2, The First Philippine Kawaii Convention, the kawaii lifestyle in the Philippines will be taking another leap forward and take Filipinos by storm.  Kawaii in Manila is the first-ever Kawaii convention in the Philippines, coming this September 6, 2014 at White Space Makati, a day-long convention dedicated to promoting the interest and appreciation for the kawaii culture through various kawaii-related programs and activities.  arkadymac.com is an official media partner, so expect us to give you a great coverage of the event.


kawaii in manila_0004


The meaning of Kawaii has gone beyond its original sense. It is no longer just a word that means “cute,” “pretty” or “adorable” in Japanese. Kawaii is now considered a global phenomenon because of its great influence in art, fashion, beauty, food and various consumer products. It is not just an appreciation for all things cute and fun but also a way of looking at the world in a happy and positive light. Kawaii is a culture enjoyed by Japanophiles (Japanese culture enthusiasts) from all over the world, including the Philippines.


kawaii in manila_0002


In 2013, the ultimate kawaii experience was brought to the Philippines through “Kawaii  in Manila” – a kawaii lifestyle workshop filled with a variety of kawaii-related activities.  Following the success of the workshop, the Kawaii PH team decided to take the ultimate kawaii experience to a whole new level by staging the first ever Kawaii convention in September 6, 2014 – Kawaii in Manila 2.  Kawaii in Manila 2 is a day-long convention dedicated to promoting the interest and appreciation for the kawaii culture through various kawaii-related programs and activities. Kawaii in Manila 2 aims to unite people who share a common interest in Japanese culture, animation, fashion, and everything in between. In addition to providing an avenue where kawaii enthusiasts and Japanophiles can get together, Kawaii in Manila 2 can also be a great opportunity for Japanese-themed and kawaii-related brands to be introduced and to conduct business.


kawaii in manila_0003


Kawaii in Manila 2 will take you to a magical portal where you can experience cuteness through Philippine fair x Japanese matsuri themed shows, contests, workshops, and activities. Come join us in munching on sweet Pocky treats, playing dress up, and kawaii-fying the normal. Let’s all show how wonderful a kawaii world can be!  It aims to be the frontrunner in bringing the best kawaii experience in the Philippines by producing the first kawaii convention with the supervision and support from Japan, to promote the interest in kawaii culture and unite and build a network of kawaii culture enthusiasts,and bring not only the Kawaii but also the Cool Japan experience through various entertaining and engaging activities that will help event goers appreciate the Japanese culture more.



Whitespace Manila – 2314 Don Chino Roces Avenue Extension, Makati City

Doors open at 11:00 AM

Earlybird tickets at 150.00 Php

Door tickets at 170.00 Php

For more information: www.convention.kawaii.ph

Visit our Social Media Sites:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kawaii.in.manila & www.facebook.com/kawaii.in.ph

Instagram: @kawaii_ph

Twitter: @kawaii_ph

Tumblr: www. kawaii-ph.tumblr.com

Official website: www.kawaii.ph



How to Get tickets:

Pre-order tickets are sold at P150.00 per person. Door tickets are sold at P170.00 per person. You can avail your ticket on the day of the event or you can purchase your tickets in advance by depositing your payment (P150.00 each) to our PNB or BDO account. We recommend that you purchase the discounted tickets in advance to avoid having to wait in line at the ticket booth. Deadline for pre-order tickets payment will be on September 4, 2014.

PNB Account: Anne Kate Therese O. Pinero
Account No.: 573 016 0000 15
Account Type: Savings Account
PNB – Eastwood City
BDO Account: Anne Kate Therese O Pinero
Account No.: 007 9400 423 32
Account Type: Savings Account
For full information please visit http://convention.kawaii.ph/buy-tickets/
Produced by Japonisme International Co.
Official Print Partner/Presenter: Chalk Magazine
Media Partners: HERO TV, When In Manila, Otaku Asia Anime Magazine
Supported by: Tokyo Fashion, Japan Lover Me

Sponsored by the following:  Heroine Make Philippines, Pixy Philippines, Lucido-L Philippines, Bifesta Philippines, GATSBY Philippines, Love, Agnessi, Let’s Dough It, Shutter Panda Photography, Oh My Little Girl, arkadymac.com






Marble Wonderland: The Biggest Fashion/Cosplay Event of the Year


Marble Wonderland promised to be the biggest fashion and cosplay event of the year, and after the spotlights were turned off for the final set, it achieved just that.  Marble Wonderland was a spectacle of Kawaii fashion and cosplay at its finest.  Everything fell into place and it just left everyone in awe.



Movie Stars Café at SM Mall of Asia was a fitting setting for this unique experience as it gave the feel of a red-carpet affair with a glamorous backdrop.  That Friday evening, January 17, 2014, marked a colorful celebration of Japanese pop culture and fashion as Marble Wonderland graced Philippine shores after very successful runs in Japan, Singapore and Indonesia, with the aim of spreading Kawaii culture and fashion all across Asia and the rest of the world.


The Kawaii or “cute” culture in Japan has taken a life of its own, becoming an essential part in the lives of Japanese and it also had a profound influence on Japanese fashion, also spreading to other parts of the world.  Asia Way, the creators and organizers of Marble Wonderland, has always sought to provide entertainment and experiences to showcase the emerging and dynamic Kawaii culture in Japan through fashion shows and dance performances.  The director and visionary behind the production, Junya Yamada, had been hard at work to make sure that Marble Wonderland would be a show Manila won’t soon forget.


There was an overwhelming air of excitement as the event opened with a scintillating performance by Japanese dance sensations Niina (217) and Miume.  Their unique, frenetic choreography along with infectious energy left the audience in awe from start to finish.


Alodia Gosiengfiao then made her appearance in a grand kimono to the delight of the crowd. As host and main performer, she was a class act and have kept the audience excited all throughout the show.


Rhianna Floresca hosted the event alongside Alodia.  She was bright and bubbly as host and was thrilling and engaging.


Guest celebrity cosplayers Myrtle, Sarrosa, Kristell Lim, Jia Gold Bustamante and Michelle Echavez performed a special live cosplay show, electrifying the crowd with their performance, leaving them clamoring for more.


Then there was the search for Alodia’s Sisters, a competition for aspiring young women who wish to spread Kawaii culture in the Philippines and beyond.  Many talented ladies performed, each showing their grace, charm and energy fitting of being a representative of Kawaii culture. In the end, Rachelle Redecio was chosen to be Alodia’s Sister, winning 50,000 pesos.


Cosplayer Mina Kim was chosen as a runner-up thanks to her exciting performance and huge appeal to the crowd.  She and Kahreen Evangelista and Lou Angeline Buenaventura Ulanday received 10,000 pesos as their reward.


The final scene saw all of the performers on stage, waving and thanking the audience for coming, and the audience in turn clapped almost endlessly in appreciation to the great spectacle they have just witnessed, as it indeed was a feast to the senses.  The ecstatic reception was a clear sign that Marble Wonderland had been a success, and that it indeed was THE cosplay and fashion event of the year.


We then congratulate Asia Way for a splendid job bringing Marble Wonderland to Manila, and sincerely ask them to come again.  We also would like to congratulate Movie Stars Café for holding this amazing event, providing a great venue and impressing everyone with their courteous and professional staff.


Many thanks to Cosplay Network Philippines for being such a great part of this event and making it an event the cosplay community will be talking about for a long time.  We wish you more success in bringing such extraordinary events in the future.


And thank you for visiting. Do drop by again for great cosplay features here at arkadymac.com.

















Thank you for dropping by, and please visit us again next time for more cosplay features. Thank you all for your support.


Marble Wonderland: Kawaii Fashion Comes to Manila



The best and latest in Kawaii Fashion will be invading Manila as Asia Kawaii Way presents Marble Wonderland, a celebration of Japanese pop culture and fashion, this Friday, January 17, 2014, 6:00pm at Movie Stars Café, SM Mall of Asia.


Marble Wonderland Poster


Promising to be the biggest fashion and cosplay event of the year, it will be a night of glamour and excitement as Japanese Kawaii culture and lifestyle take center stage, led by none other than the world’s leading cosplayer, our very own Alodia Gosiengfiao, with special performances by Japanese dance sensations, Kamen Liar 217 and Miumi.




Asia Kawaii Way, organizers of the event, have already held this successful series of Kawaii Fashion shows in Japan, Singapore and Indonesia, and now they start the year off here in the Philippines for the first time to showcase and introduce their particular brand of fashion to a wider audience.  They will be exhibiting their line and collections of Kawaii-inspired clothing at the event.  These then will be made available to Filipinos online through www.hallohallomall.com.


Marble Wonderland Show


The event will also feature our website’s particular interest, live cosplay shows of anime, something we are really looking forward to.  There is also a competition and launch for “Alodia’s Sisters,” the newest Filipino idol girl group.  A fundraising campaign for Yolanda victims will also be held in partnership with the Girl Meets Girl project, creators of the Charity Pinkie Ring.


With all this and more in store this Friday, Marble Wonderland will definitely be a unique experience that should not be missed.  Tickets are now on sale and may be purchased at www.hallohallomall.com and at the Movie Star Cafe website at http://moviestarscafe.com.  There are only a limited number of spots so it’s best to get them early.  Tickets are priced P777, which includes a packed meal, unlimited sodas and juices and Kawaii souvenirs, then at Php333 without the packed meals. Children below 9 years old are free of charge but exclusive of food and souvenirs.


Movie Stars Cafe


Cosplay Network Philippines will be supporting this event, and arkadymac.com will also be working with them to bring you a great coverage of the event.  Hope to see you there.


Ashley: Sky High


We have always been fascinated by this talented little lady for her fierce performances in cosplay competitions, which is why we are glad to have Ashley Misaki as our newest Cosplay Model here at arkadymac.com and publish her first ever online feature.  Photos and post-editing by Bryan, Bless as Executive Producer, Xtian as Writer/Director.


Ashley Misaki is a familiar face in and around the cosplay circuit.  She started cosplaying 2012 and has since made quite an impact in competitions here and abroad.  Even at her young age she’s never been afraid to go head to head with older, more experienced competitors, never afraid of jumping off the stage and charging through the crowd to do her routine, never afraid to perform in front of hundreds of people, all eyes on her every move.  Her performances never fail to impress and astound, and these have brought her many awards in competitions all around the country.


Ashley’s appeal and charm has made her a cosplay celebrity in her own right.  She has become an endorser for companies like Red Fox Technologies and several cosplay shops.  She also helps promote cosplay events as well, and she even has a convention named after her.


At events, people can’t get enough of her and Ashley enjoys taking pictures with her adoring supporters.   Before and after competitions, she can be seen acting her age, running around event halls with her friends, especially other chibi cosplayers.


Outside cosplaying, Ashley says she’s a normal 7-year-old who enjoys watching shows from Cartoon Network.  After school work, she likes playing games on her Xbox, but admits she loves Dance Central most of all.  She also enjoys the company of her friends who she often gets to see at events, and she has fun playing with them as much as she can.


Surprisingly, Ashley tells us she wants to be a pilot in the future.  Something about being the sky and clouds appeals to her, and for now, perhaps, flying with all its freedom will be her dream.  But until that time comes, she’ll continue cosplaying because she says it’s something that she really loves doing and that it makes her family really proud of her.


Ashley would like to personally thank everyone who has supported her throughout the years and promises more exciting cosplays and performances in the future.


Thank you all for visiting, and do drop by again soon for more features on Ashley here at arkadymac.com.



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Arkadymac.com Christmas Cosplay Photo Shoot



And before we knew it, it was almost Christmas already.  We at arkadymac.com want to spread some cosplay Christmas cheer so we invited some really amazing cosplayers to do a promotional Christmas photoshoot for us.  The drizzly weather that first day of December didn’t stop us from making the most of this rare opportunity.  We’re really happy to present our Christmas offering.  Photos and post-editing by Bryan, Blessma as Executive Producer, Xtian as Writer/Director.


We originally planned to just shoot all of them separately for their own features on the website, but since they got along so well we took shots of them as a group.  The result was a morning of fun despite the otherwise cloudy and drizzly day at an undisclosed location in Ortigas.


On the roster of our newest cosplay models are Ashley, Ianah, Yanna and Gabby.  All of them are talented cosplayers in their own right and are quite known in and around the cosplay circuit.  Most importantly, they have been ardent supporters of the website for quite a while so we’ve been dreaming of this shoot for the longest time.


Ashley is a sweet young lady who has already won numerous competitions thanks to her amazing cosplays and fierce performances.  When not cosplaying, she simply enjoys being her age, playing with her friends and family on and off event locations.


Ianah is a celebrity cosplayer and creative digital artist, blogger, dance troupe member, Nihongo-jin, and an otaku.  She has landed many endorsement and promotion deals from prominent companies but admits that she just loves cosplaying wherever she can squeeze it into her very hectic schedule.


Yanna is relatively new but her cosplays leave quite an impression, so much so that we just had to invite her for a shoot with us. She’s been holding her own with costumes she has made herself and loves being onthe creative side of things.


Gaby is known mostly for her outlandish, sometimes outrageous cosplays at events and conventions.  She attracts lots of attention though she says she’s really in it for the sheer fun of being there in cos. We’d also like to thank her for coming up with some of the fun poses for this shoot.


We’ll be coming out with their individual features real soon so do watch out for them.  In the meantime, do enjoy our short Christmas feature.  Happy holidays everyone.


Thank you for dropping by, and do visit again soon for more cosplay features here at arkadymac.com.















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Happy Easter Bunnies


Probably the most frequently asked question during Easter is: Do Easter bunnies lay Easter eggs?  The answer to that question is yes, of course, although they are a bit small and black and don’t taste too good.  That’s probably why they need to paint them in bright, enticing colors.


Well, Easter is probably the only time I get to feature my wonderful bunnies, Dice and Domino.  The names can be misleading as they are both does, or females, sisters in fact. They are both doing quite well and are healthy at 2 years old.  Their parents were quite prolific and that taught me a lesson to be very careful in letting rabbits breed. They can start reproducing from three to four months of age,  produce four to seven litters/batches of babies per year.  A grown female can be pregnant continuously for up to eight months. One single pair of mature rabbits is able to produce 30-40 offspring per year.  Well, you get the idea.


Dice is the mostly white one with black and gray spots.  Her coat pattern is called magpie, and she has really thick, fluffy fur. We were told that her father was of a French lop breed.   She has gray spots over both eyes, so we usually just call her “Eyeliner.” Dice is most adorable when she begs for food, even though she was fed just a minute ago. She can get quite temperamental and I describe her as a tsundere, a girl who pretends not to like you but actually secretly enjoys your affection. Or could just be my imagination.


Domino has a shiny brown coat with black streaks and a light brown underside.  She is a classic example of the European rabbit, and in pet stores she is labelled as Ordinary Rabbit.  How dare they call Domino ordinary when she’s such an adorable creature!  Most people don’t really like Domino’s color compared to Dice’s, but I still love her the most.  Unfortunately, her right leg got injured from an accident when she was younger.  I learned through research that their bones are not as sturdy as we would think of jumping, active creatures.  She manages fine and is normal notwithstanding.  Domino is the more endearing of the two as she shows affection more readily than her sister.


They both love having their cheeks scratched as that part is sensitive from all the whiskers and fur in that area. They also like it when you stroke or brush their fur.  Domino likes being brushed in only one direction while Dice loves being brushed forwards and backwards.


What do these adorable creatures feed on?  Though Bugs Bunny seemingly eats nothing else but carrots, the bunnies usually eat any kind of plant matter: grass, leaves, vegetables, fruit, and the like.  They usually have pellets bought from a pet store for their regular meals and are supplemented by any vegetable we have on hand, like kangkong, talbos ng kamote, cabbage and pechay.  For treats, they strangely love banana peels and papaya peels.  Come to think of it, they are still plant-based.  They like peels more than the fruits themselves. Apparently, they like crunchy things more.


It’s not really hard to take care of the bunnies; all they need is some quiet place to run around in and rest, feed them twice or thrice a day and provide clean water whenever you can. You’ll need to clean their area once or twice a day.  Their poop are just small pellets that are easily swept and are not soft or yucky or smelly like those of other creatures.  Their pee smells like that of any other creature, but that’s about the worst part of their care.  They are VERY quiet creatures who almost never make sounds.   They NEVER need to take a bath because they clean themselves quite well, ever better than cats. I should know since I also have a cat, and quite frankly, our cat Elizabeth is ALWAYS the dirtier pet.


Why aren’t bunnies more popular as pets then?  Probably because they’re not as responsive to affection as cats or dogs.   The difference lies in the fact that rabbits are prey animals: food for other animals.  They are always afraid of other creatures because nature made them to be cautious and alert and distrustful; otherwise they’ll be dead and eaten more often. I’ve been taking care of bunnies for almost three years and I have yet to catch them sleeping at any time of the day because they ALWAYS hear you coming.  This is why they will always be cautious of you, and usually do not like to be touched, and especially carried, unlike cats or dogs.


That doesn’t mean bunnies are totally devoid of love for you.  It takes time for them to learn to trust you, and when they do, I assure you, the feeling is ten times better than the trust afforded by a dog or cat.  The most rewarding thing you can get from a rabbit is the sight of their wagging tails when they’re really happy.  Their tails wag? Why yes.  Those small, cute tails wag from side to side when they’re happy. It’s really quite a rare sight, and probably the most rewarding sight of all.


Wow.  Looks like I wrote a lot.  I hope it wasn’t obvious I love my bunnies too much, but hopefully you got to know more about the mysterious lives of bunnies. Happy Easter everyone, and do visit us again.