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Bacchus concludes in Rampage ‘League of Legends’ 2017

Rampage 2017 was once again a huge success as the biggest Esports gaming in partnership with Bacchus, the number 1 energy drink in South Korea. Bacchus is a non-carbonated South Korean energy drink.

For the second consecutive year, Bacchus, the No. 1 Energy Drink of Korea, successf ully hosted the return of Rampage 2017, which is now on its sixth run and is touted as the biggest and grandest annual convention among LoL (League of Legends) community diehards.

The number one energy drink brand from Korea brought a whole new level of fully energized gaming experience to the more than 10,000 enthusiasts who came to the biggest one day one game event in the Philippines as Bacchus delivered great gifts and amazing news to one of the the biggest online gaming communities in the Philippines and in the world.

Filipino e-sports fans trooped in full force to take part in the ultimate gathering, which indeed brought a leveled-up interactive gaming experience like no other. Summoners of all ranks and specialties enjoyed the jam-packed, day-long event, which featured fun activities like the fan-favorite cosplay competition, a Merchandise Caravan (for limited edition and exclusive LoL items), a Celebrity Show Match that showcased the hottest stars namely cosplay queen Ashley Gosiengfiao, Jack Reid, Sam Concepcion, Riot Spiffy, and Sinio Cagasan, among the heavy hitters.

Mitchaki: Strength


arkadymac.com highlights not only the best events in the Phillipines but also its cosplayers. We are fortunate enough to get a small interview with her. Here is our feature on one of our members, our photographer Mitchaki.


Mitchaki was invented by a friend of hers. It’s a combination of her name Mitch and Yata Misaki, one of her favorite characters from K Project and the first male character that she cosplayed. Her real name is Mitchelle Jeung-Oh Doblada, she being half Korean.

League of Legends Roadshow Coverage



A unique but nonetheless amazing mix of cosplay and cars was the theme of the League of Legends Roadshow  held at Robinsons Place Novaliches last weekend. A handful of cosplayers showed what they were made of in the event’s cosplay competition even under the searing midday sun.  The event also featured a car show where lots of fancy cars were on display to the public and the cosplayers certainly did not forgo the opportunity to pose with them and in them, Nyanbu included.




The event took the whole day with the awarding of all winners held around 10pm.  Claiming top honors are our friends, Christian Umali as War Machine for First Place, Ashley Misaki as General Lu Bu for Second, Kimberly as Vi for Third, and Louise as Darius as the Roadshow Pick. It was along, tiring day for the winning cosplayers and the cosplay correspondent (Nyanbu). Sure it was fun but the event needlessly made the cosplayers stay for a needlessly long amount of time, as call time was registration was 8am but the event starting around noon with the winners awarded around 9:30pm.




Many thanks to Aya Fujimiya for being my lead photographer for this event.  His efforts of taking snapshots for the blog under the brutal heat is very much appreciated.  Gratitude as well to Aie for his support and being a support photographer.  Many thanks as well to my new friends Kimberly and Louise, for their wonderful company during the unnecessarily long wait.




Thank you for visiting and we hope you can all drop by again soon for another cosplay event coverage.