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Upcoming Event: ITamGameCon ’17 at FEU


Experience the latest in technology and gaming this March 23 to 24 as Far Eastern University Institute of Technology presents iTamGameCon17, a two-day convention to raise funds for an outreach event in Cavite.  Organized by the Computer Engineering Organization in coordination with the Junior Philippine Computer Society and the Alliance of Information Technology Students, iTamGameCon17 will serve as a venue for rising indie game developers, current trend of gaming peripherals, aspiring home grown cosplayers, FEU IT’s finest LoL players, exclusive game releases, seminars, and exhibits from various companies that made gaming in the Philippines a boom.

Rampage 2016


Rampage 2016_0001

It was another tremendous milestone for Filipino eSports and gaming as 10,000 gamers and enthusiasts from all over the country converged upon the World Trade Center in Pasay City for Rampage 2016.  Already its fifth exciting edition as the biggest one day one game event in the Philippines, it surpassed all other years as an event with relentless eSports action, an innovative cosplay experience and non-stop stage and venue events and attractions that have caught the attenetion and imagination of League of Legends enthusiasts everywhere.

Rampage 2016_0002

Upcoming Event: Rampage 2016


Upcoming Event Rampage 2016_0027

Just less than a week to go before the biggest one day one game event in the Philippines returns for already its fifth exciting edition as Rampage 2016 hits World Trade Center Pasay City.  An even bigger event with relentless eSports action, an innovative cosplay experience and non-stop stage and venue events and attractions has been promised as Rampage 2016 brings League of Legends enthusiasts from all over the country.  arkadymac.com has been an official media partner for the third straight year, and our coverage team will again be there live to bring the highlights of this much-anticipated yearly spectacle.

Upcoming Event Rampage 2016_0001


Pinoy Gaming Festival Summer Assembly 2016


Pinoy Gaming Festival Summer Assembly 2016_0001


It was a huge and exciting weekend for the local gaming community as one of the biggest and longest-running eSport events in the Philippines touched down at Cyberzone SM North EDSA last May 6-8, 2014.  Touted as the eSport Event Of The Summer, Pinoy Gaming Festival Summer Assembly 2016 was an extravaganza of the great games and hobbies and the groups, teams and communities that have grown around them.


Pinoy Gaming Festival Summer Assembly 2016_0003

Rampage 2015


Rampage 2015_0001


A phenomenal event from start to finish, Rampage 2015 lived up to expectations of being the biggest one-day, one-game event of the year, filling the World Trade Center in Pasay City to capacity with League of Legends players, fans, cosplayers and enthusiasts from all over the country.  Garena in cooperation with SMART Prepaid and GameX presented Rampage to the public for its fourth year, and with tournaments, cosplay contests, games, booths, attractions and sidelights going on at any given time, Rampage had attendees enjoying themselves the whole of August 22, 2015.

Upcoming Event: Rampage 2015




The biggest one day-one game event of the year happens this Saturday, August 22, as Rampage 2015 invades World Trade Center Metro Manila (WTCMM) in Pasay City.  On its fourth year of being one of the most anticipated annual gaming events, Rampage has been the biggest gathering of  League of Legends players, gamers, cosplayers, and enthusiasts alike, and it just keeps getting bigger and better each year.  arkadymac.com is an official media partner for Rampage, and count on our team to cover it and bring you highlights of this exciting event.

Wargods Gaming Expo 1.5 at Playland Fisher Mall


Wargods Gaming Expo Cosplay Showdown Playland Fisher Mall 0001


Gaming and cosplay excitement all in one great event at the Wargods Gaming Expo 1.5 last July 12,2015 .  Set in the fresh and unique venue of Playland, Fisher Mall in Quezon City, thousands of gamers, cosplayers and enthusiasts got to experience an event like no other with lots of activities, contests, attractions and performances from start to finish, all organized by Wargods Gaming Arena in cooperation with Otaku U Rule.  arkadymac.com is an official media partner for Wargods Gaming Expo 1.5, so we are glad to bring you the highlights of this exciting event.

Upcoming Event: Cosplay Showdown at Wargods Gaming Expo 1.5


Wargods Gaming Expo_0001


Gaming and cosplay excitement all in one great event at the Wargods Gaming Expo 1.5 at July 12,2015 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM Playland, Fishermall.  This fresh new event is brought to us by Wargods Gaming Arena in cooperation with Otaku U Rule!

Cosplay Competition at ICT Roadshow 2015 Kickoff

Cosplay Competition at ICT Roadshow 2015 Kickoff_0001


It was a fun weekend for cosplaying as the ICT Roadshow 2015 Kickoff held a cosplay competition at the Cyberzone of SM Annex North EDSA.  I was invited to be one of the judges so it was a doubly interesting (and challenging) time for me as I had to do coverage at the same time and as the competitors at this event were among the best around.

ESGS 2014: Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit: Day 2



ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0001


We don’t often go to gaming events as much as we do cosplay and otaku ones, but I really have to say ESGS 2014 is personally one of the best events this year:.  arkadymac.com is a part of the media team for ESGS 2014: Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit, the biggest two-day video game convention and E-Sports competition this year, and we are glad to be able to bring you highlights of the second and last day of this exciting event.


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0009



Smart GameX and Smart Communications Inc., the leading network solutions provider in the Philippines, had brought one of the most anticipated gaming events this year. Electronic Sports & Gaming Summit (ESGS) 2014 last November15-16, 2014 at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City.


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0148


This massive two-day event featured gaming at its finest with no less than nine major gaming tournaments on various stages around the venue along with tons of gaming related activities across all gaming platforms from featured sponsors, partners, and game developers, highlighting tournaments, exhibits, demonstrations, contests, and other gaming related activities aimed to please the gamer in everyone.


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0169


ESGS 2014 showcased tons of activities from partners and sponsors, as well as proudly showcasing multi-platform games from various game developers. Exhibits of all shapes and sizes are there, as well as yet to be seen games suitable for all gamers.



ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0086


There was the Open Floor Cosplay Competition where our friend Izaiah as Black Dragon from the online game Dragon Nest was named Champion. He got lots of great prizes like a heavy trophy, Razer earphones, cash, and a cheque/plaque even bigger than him.


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0005



There were cosplayers all around the event too, most of them part of the exhibitors at the booths, like our Cosplay Model Mina Kim and her friends for Dragon Nest.


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0004


Different tournaments of different games were going on at any given time and all throughout the day, with players, fans, and the curious alike watching intently over giant screens with live games showing, and you can hear oohs and ahhs, and cheers and jeers as their favorite teams and players battled for top places and big prizes.


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0167


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0151


Cubizone had a dance competition where many great groups competed in, like our friends from Raindrop.  Also of note were GEMS who gave a great performance in front of an appreciative crowd.



ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0108


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0103


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0002


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0113



Jillian and I had fun going around and trying out the many games and demos. It’s been a while since we can just relax and play games while actually doing coverage. Not just us, we were sure everyone of all ages were enjoying themselves indulging the gamer inside them. Of course we had time to do the rounds too with our Cosplay Model, Mikki Nyan, and our PRO, Karlo, and helped out with the coverages with ur partner otaku blogs.


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0006


With these and more, ESGS 2014: Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit, already gets my vote for one of the best events this year.  Many thanks to the organizers for accommodating us and congratulations on having a successful, enjoyable event that attendees will be talking about for quite a while.  For our coverage of ESGS 2014: Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit: Day 1, click here.


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0008


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0003


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0007


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0030


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0033


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0063


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0164


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0176


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