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Wargods Shares Love for Gaming at Rampage 2017

Sharing the love of gaming at the biggest one-day one-game event in the Philippines, Wargods Pro Gaming Arena made another successful return to Rampage 2017 and having avid League of Legends from all over country flock over to their booth from start to finish. arkadymac.com is privileged to have been asked to cover this occasion for the gaming and cosplay community for Wargods, the most awarded internet cafe franchises in the industry.

SM Cyberzone Cosplay Craze 2.0 Launch at SM City BF Paranaque


Setting a record last year for being the biggest  nationwide series of cosplay competitions ever with 12 legs all over the country and giving away more than 20,000 pesos in cash at each leg,  Cosplay Craze comes back even bigger and better than before, with even bigger cash prizes and more attractions in store for everyone as it had its official launch at upscale SM City BF Parañaque.  With competitors and casual cosplayers making their way to the venue from all over the metro, the first of many legs of Cosplay Craze events all around the country turned out to be an exciting, fun and competitive afternoon for the cosplay community.  And best of all, every Cosplay Craze event is FREE.

Pinoy Gaming Festival Summer Assembly 2016


Pinoy Gaming Festival Summer Assembly 2016_0001


It was a huge and exciting weekend for the local gaming community as one of the biggest and longest-running eSport events in the Philippines touched down at Cyberzone SM North EDSA last May 6-8, 2014.  Touted as the eSport Event Of The Summer, Pinoy Gaming Festival Summer Assembly 2016 was an extravaganza of the great games and hobbies and the groups, teams and communities that have grown around them.


Pinoy Gaming Festival Summer Assembly 2016_0003

Wargods Gaming Expo 1.5 at Playland Fisher Mall


Wargods Gaming Expo Cosplay Showdown Playland Fisher Mall 0001


Gaming and cosplay excitement all in one great event at the Wargods Gaming Expo 1.5 last July 12,2015 .  Set in the fresh and unique venue of Playland, Fisher Mall in Quezon City, thousands of gamers, cosplayers and enthusiasts got to experience an event like no other with lots of activities, contests, attractions and performances from start to finish, all organized by Wargods Gaming Arena in cooperation with Otaku U Rule.  arkadymac.com is an official media partner for Wargods Gaming Expo 1.5, so we are glad to bring you the highlights of this exciting event.

Upcoming Event: Cosplay Showdown at Wargods Gaming Expo 1.5


Wargods Gaming Expo_0001


Gaming and cosplay excitement all in one great event at the Wargods Gaming Expo 1.5 at July 12,2015 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM Playland, Fishermall.  This fresh new event is brought to us by Wargods Gaming Arena in cooperation with Otaku U Rule!

Cosplay Competition at ICT Roadshow 2015 Kickoff

Cosplay Competition at ICT Roadshow 2015 Kickoff_0001


It was a fun weekend for cosplaying as the ICT Roadshow 2015 Kickoff held a cosplay competition at the Cyberzone of SM Annex North EDSA.  I was invited to be one of the judges so it was a doubly interesting (and challenging) time for me as I had to do coverage at the same time and as the competitors at this event were among the best around.

Red: On Target



Cosplaying since she was 8 years old, Red has been the consummate cosplayer, pursuing the hobby for as long as she can remember.    As admirers of her great cosplays, we are glad to have invited her for this week’s issue on our website.  Presenting Red as our latest cosplay model here at arkadymac.com.





For this feature, Red portrays Caitlyn, the Sheriff of Piltover, from the popular multiplayer online battle arena video game, League of Legends.  “She’s cool and she has an awesome personality,” she tells us as her reason for her choice of cosplay.  “It’s really challenging wearing that sexy outfit though,” she admits with a laugh.  She’s an avid fan and player of LOL, so she said cosplaying a legend just made sense, and most likely lots of fun too.

She recalls her first cosplay being an RFonline character her Dad wanted.  She started out in cosplaying because her dad wanted her to.  “Eventually it became my hobby and I fell in love with it,” she says.  “Now I cosplay because it’s like I can be someone else for a moment.”




Those who are not familiar with cosplaying have difficulty understanding what benefit there is from it.  For Red, the joys of cosplaying are no longer a mystery.  “When I cosplay, I get the chance to hang out with people who are just like me, she says.  “I get to make a lot of friends, and I have made lots of fond memories with them.”




“I am random,” Red replies when we ask her to describe herself.  Outside of cosplaying, Red is into modeling.  “I love motivating people,” she shares.




Even with her extensive stint in cosplaying, Red says it is still fascinating to her.  “Cosplay is very challenging, but it’s very fun as well.  I’ll continue to cosplay as long as I am alive, I guess.”




Red would like to thank her mom and dad for supporting her.  We then would like to thank Red for giving us this opportunity to do a feature on her.  Do expect to see more of her here on the website again soon.




Thank you for dropping by, and do visit us again for new features here at arkadymac.com.

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League of Legends Roadshow Coverage



A unique but nonetheless amazing mix of cosplay and cars was the theme of the League of Legends Roadshow  held at Robinsons Place Novaliches last weekend. A handful of cosplayers showed what they were made of in the event’s cosplay competition even under the searing midday sun.  The event also featured a car show where lots of fancy cars were on display to the public and the cosplayers certainly did not forgo the opportunity to pose with them and in them, Nyanbu included.




The event took the whole day with the awarding of all winners held around 10pm.  Claiming top honors are our friends, Christian Umali as War Machine for First Place, Ashley Misaki as General Lu Bu for Second, Kimberly as Vi for Third, and Louise as Darius as the Roadshow Pick. It was along, tiring day for the winning cosplayers and the cosplay correspondent (Nyanbu). Sure it was fun but the event needlessly made the cosplayers stay for a needlessly long amount of time, as call time was registration was 8am but the event starting around noon with the winners awarded around 9:30pm.




Many thanks to Aya Fujimiya for being my lead photographer for this event.  His efforts of taking snapshots for the blog under the brutal heat is very much appreciated.  Gratitude as well to Aie for his support and being a support photographer.  Many thanks as well to my new friends Kimberly and Louise, for their wonderful company during the unnecessarily long wait.




Thank you for visiting and we hope you can all drop by again soon for another cosplay event coverage.