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The Search for New Pinoy Superheroes is on with Project X with 150,000 php Top Prize


Cosplayers have always looked to superheroes for inspiration.  More than just their fabulous, colorful and flashy costumes, superheroes exude the many admirable qualities and aspirations of humanity, things that cosplayers also emulate when they portray their favorite heroes.  But this time, cosplayers and artists won’t be the one doing the imitating, they will be the ones creating their very own superheroes as DV Tech Media Corp., along with their partners, present Project X,  the search for new Pinoy superheroes with an astounding 150,000 php top prize.

Spinning Manila: Facebook Cosplay Photo Contest by The Japan Foundation, Manila




The Japan Foundation, Manila recognizes the Filipino’s passion, skill and love for cosplaying, which is why they wish to give coosplayers the chance to shine with the Japan Foundation, Manila’s first ever FACEBOOK COSPLAY PHOTO CONTEST as part of SPINNING MANILA: J-POP LIVE!  Join the Cosplay Photo Contest and get a chance to win a camera and printer plus an exclusive backstage VIP pass and cool prizes from Canon Marketing (Philippines)!