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In Remembrance of Hana Chan


Hana was 15 years old and in the springtime of life when she passed away on October 28, succumbing to Japanese encephalitis. Despite the overwhelming grief, her family still had Hana’s wishes and happiness in mind up to her last moments, allowing her friends from the cosplay community to send her off with one last cosplay event at her wake.

Brothers Conflict Cosplay Group Photoshoot



Every so often, small cosplay groups take it upon themselves to organize simple photoshoots at familiar places.  As cosplay events and conventions may be few and far in between sometimes, these photoshoots present rare opportunities for some bonding time among friends and chances to meet new ones.  Last weekend arkadymac.com was invited by one such group to a Brothers Conflict themed photoshoot at the Quezon Memorial Circle.




Brothers Conflict or BroCon, is a Japanese novel series that was adapted into a video game and an anime television series.   The heroine, Ema Hinata, finds out that her dad is going to remarry with a successful apparel maker named Miwa Asahina, then discovers that she’ll be having 13 stepbrothers.  She moves in  to the Sunrise Residence complex where she has to deal with the affections of her newly-found family of siblings.




Because Brothers Conflict had a large cast, it was a challenge for the cosplayers to complete the characters.  There were some who weren’t able to make it but they pushed through with the shoot after weeks of planning.  I was invited along with a few other photographers to cover the event.  The shoot started in earnest early in the afternoon.  We all set out in groups and shot scenes and portraits at the many fascinating locations QC Circle had to offer.




The cosplayers knew much of the anime and of their characters so it was such a pleasure to shoot.  They were cheerful as they had fun and goofed off in between takes.  They were as colorful and quirky as the characters they have chosen and that made for a fun time together.




Our photographer friend Marinel was there to get shots as well.  She was very helpful to me as she patiently taught me techniques to improve my photography and was very unselfish in teaching me great angles so I can get better photos of my subjects.  I am really gratefulto her.  Also there were photographers Pef and Matthew who also took shots and made the event lively and interesting.




Cosplaying is about having fun and hanging out with people with the same  hobby as you.  Cosplayers, photographers and their friends had a day of conversation, play, and picture-taking all around the park.




Other people may find it strange but cosplayers and cosplay photographers know that it’s really a great feeling being able to just do what your heart wants and cosplay and take photos to your heart’s content.  And sometimes people, especially children, can appreciate cosplay too and share a photo or two with you.




All in all a small, cozy event where everyone had a great time.  We’d like to thank the members of the group for inviting us and sharing a great time.




Thanks for dropping by, and do visit us again soon for more cosplay features here at arkadymac.com.




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