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Hottest Asian Dramas on GEM this September: My Lover’s Secret, Le Sacrifice, and Pretty Proofreader Deluxe

Get only the hottest and freshest shows this September as GEM continues to keep your heart racing with the best of Asian entertainment! Turn up the heat with Japanese drama My Lover’s Secret and Chinese period drama Le Sacrifice. Then cool down with the comedy special Pretty Proofreader Deluxe, which premieres same time as Japan!

My Lover’s Secret

Burdened with a dark family secret that he has been hiding for 11 years, law student Rei Okumori (Fukushi Sota) is unable to maintain relationships with anyone. But when he falls in love with a fellow law student, Sawa Tachibana (Kawaguchi Haruna), he finds happiness for the first time in over a decade. As the couple plans their marriage, a stranger threatens to reveal everything about his darkest secret. How far will Sawa go to accept Rei after his secret is exposed?

My Lover’s Secret premieres 7 September, every Wednesday and Thursday at 9pm, first and exclusively on GEM. 

8th Philippine Cosplay Convention ( PCC 2015 )

8th Philippine Cosplay Convention 2015_0001


The Philippine Cosplay Convention had been my favorite yearly event since I began cosplaying and blogging, so even if we had never been asked to be their media partners I made sure to make time to drop by to, more than anything, just enjoy myself as a cosplayer with many others who share the same passion. Sharing this sentiment were thousands of other cosplayers who look forward to PCC because it had consistently been one of the most exciting events each year.