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Joe Inoue Meets Filipino Fans at Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center


Joe Inoue Fanmeet at Wldlife_0001


International musician and artist Joe Inoue took time off his vacation to meet his ardent fans at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center in Quezon City.  “Wildlife” is widely known to cosplayers as a place to do photoshoots, but this afternoon it became an unlikely but very accommodating place for the popular singer to get up close and personal with those who have been nothing but supportive of him.


Joe Inoue Fanmeet at Wldlife_0003

Anime Meets Live: A Rurouni Kenshin Cosplay Group Shoot


Anime Meets Live Rurouni Kenshin Cosplay Group Shoot_0005


Some dedicated Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X) fans and cosplayers got to organize a fun group shoot a while back at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center in Quezon City.  Calling it “Anime Meets Live,” this group of cosplayers got to show their love and appreciation of the Rurouni Kenshin  franchise by portraying characters from both the original anime series as well as characters from the more recent live action movies.  The result was an enjoyable afternoon with feels and fun in abundance, and we at arkadymac.com were there to share and document the moment with them.

Kill la Kill Cosplay Group Shoot


Kill la Kill cosplay group shoot_0001


We chanced upon a group of cosplayers having fun one warm Sunday at Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center in Quezon City.  Every so often, small cosplay groups take it upon themselves to organize simple photoshoots at familiar places.  As cosplay events and conventions may be far in between sometimes, these photoshoots present rare opportunities for some bonding time among friends and present chances to meet new ones.

Aishiteru Anime Open Photoshoot



A group called Aishiteru Anime had an open photoshoot last Saturday.  It was a simple day of bonding with friends, catching up on each others lives, sharing stories, and getting the chance to cosplay again before school starts.




With the theme of Anime versus Sentai characters, participants took the opportunity to have a great time posing for the cameras while getting to know new friends.




I was only able to drop by for a while to take a few shots.  It’s always great of course to see people enjoying cosplay no matter how simple the gathering may be.




I got to see these cosplayers and their friends having fun and goofing around with each other at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center one Saturday afternoon.  For other people, it may not seem much but these small events do indeed foster closeness within communities that strive to keep cosplay alive and enjoyable.




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1st Pitik Photography Photoshoot: New Year Special


Most people would think that photography is a solitary or lonesome activity, something seemingly best enjoyed by one’s self or with a few.  This is not entirely true, of course, as every once in a while like-minded folks with a passion for their craft would get together to share in something a lot of people can take part in and enjoy.  And for a group called Pitik Photography, all the pieces fell into place and they were able to band together to host an event participants truly appreciated.


The  1st Pitik Photography Photoshoot: New Year Special was held on a Sunday, January 5 amid fairly mild weather at the scenic and ever-dependable Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center.  Over a hundred participants came and took part in this event, a group that featured a fascinating mix of models, cosplayers, photographers, hair and makeup artists, and enthusiasts, all coming together to have great photographs and videos taken amid the unique setting the park had to offer.


It wasn’t all business, of course.  The event was intended to be a chance for folk of like minds to be able to share each other’s company in a relaxed environment.  Participants were encouraged to get to know each other, and indeed many new friendships were made that day.  Attendees had plenty of time to have fun in between shoots, goofing around, interacting while in character, taking pictures with each other, and then having their pictures taken by the other visitors of the park who admired their delightful cosplays.


Pitik Photography is a group of enthusiasts comprised of of professionals, newbies, regulars, veterans, and everything in between in the world of photography, folks who share the simple joys this craft and hobby brings.  What started out as a small group of friends who enjoyed covering events and conventions, they have since branched out into other endeavors, all the while never forgetting to help each other out when it comes to skill, expertise, and time.  At events, they manage to get their work done through teamwork even though they seemingly always have enough time to play pranks on each other and take stolen shots of each other.


Pitik is slang that can be the noun for a shutter click, also a verb that denotes the act of taking a shot.  After considering many other names, the founders decided on this name as it aptly describes something they really enjoy doing, and is something that many models and cosplayers have greatly appreciated over the many months of existence of the group.


After the last of the individual and group photoshoots were over and as the sun had already long set, the 1st Pitik Photography Photoshoot drew to a close.  Everyone had a great time and anticipated the great photos taken that day, so congratulations are in order to Pitik for hosting a successful event, and everyone is already looking forward to the next one.


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Cultural Cosplay Fest Photoshoot



Helping out to promote cosplay and anime in the country, Anime Corner Philippines organized Cultural Cosplay Fest Photoshoot, a social event for cosplayers, photographers and enthusiasts at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife last weekend.  More than a hundred participants were at the event to have fun and take photos of each other at the venue.




Luckily, the event had very few hitches.  The weather was cloudy but otherwise cooperated as it did not rain, much to the relief of the participants and organizers.




Pictorials were done throughout the grounds and everyone had a great time and establishing good ties with each other.




The day ended without much incident and everyone left with great memories, looking forward to another event like this one.  Many thanks to Sir Gerum for taking the time and effort to help me improve my skills.  I am truly grateful.




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Jeff Ricalde’s Free Photoshoot Coverage



For some, photography is not just a mere hobby. There are people who see it as an art, a passion, a way of life.  Jeff Ricalde is one such person who has come to appreciate the many fascinating aspects of photography, so much that in his first year as a professional photographer has graciously organized a free photoshoot at the scenic Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife in Quezon City.




Top-caliber photographers have been invited to participate in the event,  bringing along their cameras and a wealth of skills for individual and group photoshoots around the many fascinating locales that the Parks and Wildlife has to offer.  The unique aspect of this particular photoshoot is the invitation of both commercial/pro models and cosplayers as the subjects of this event. This arrangement was a unique but welcome learning experience as there are photographers who got to work with cosplayers for the first time, and they got to try creative shots and techniques they don’t use with their usual models.  Cosplayers in turn were taught more standard ways of posing and projecting in front of the camera, ones different from the poses they are used to. Also, Sir Jeff had told everyone beforehand that everyone should just enjoy themselves at the event.




Sir Jeff encouraged me to take on several of the gorgeous pro models for a shoot. It was a refreshing yet daunting experience for me as I have come to realize that I have only taken pictures of cosplayers in my short and shaky career as a very amateur photographer. Nevertheless I still gave it a shot with the expressed apology that I am next to clueless about photography. Luckily, I have had the pleasure of taking a few photographs of the lovely Esperanza Alcazar which admittedly made my day.




After a whole morning of sunny weather, a downpour by the afternoon had everyone running for shelter.  Even then photographers set up their equipment on the covered stage and at the amphitheater and continued their shoots despite the rain.  Come late afternoon the rain stopped and photographers and models and cosplayers alike scrambled to get some last good shots in before the sun set. At the end of the day, Jeff shared some parting words thanking everyone for their participation, their presence, and support for his first anniversary photoshoot.




The event was a success as everyone did get to enjoy themselves and got many really splendid shots while they were at it.  Everyone benefited from the experience and will certainly have many stories to tell and photos to share in the days and weeks to come.  We would like to thank Sir Jeff Ricalde for inviting us to participate in this unbelievably enjoyable event. We hope that he’ll get to set one again real soon. Our thanks also to the handful of outstanding photographers present as we have learned much from them and had fun working with them.  They truly are an amazing bunch.  Our thanks to the models for lending us their talents and fantastic poses.  And of course, lastly, to the cosplayers from N2P Cosplayers and Shonen Jump PH for doing what they do best: cosplay, have fun, and be really, reall, really noisy.  We all hope to eperience this much fun again in the very near future.




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Invitational Otaku URule Photoshoot 4 (IOP4)


The group Cosplay Famiglia with their take of the Black Rock Shooter game characters.


Outdoor photoshoots are great opportunities to get really great shots with lots of action amid great scenery.  However, one must contend with nature’s less convenient side. like the heat, sudden rain, humidity, mud, and lots of bugs.   Of course, the reliable senior field correspondents of arkadymac.com, Nyanbu and Obito-kun, will never mind going head-on against such perils and just laugh in the face of discomfort as they bring you our special coverage of the Invitational Otaku URule Photoshoot 4, or IOP4.  It is a photo marathon where cosplayers are paired with photographers and have photoshoots inside the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife in Quezon City.



Obito-kun and Nyanbu report for duty despite almost going mad from the summer heat.


The theme for this particular event was “groups,” so cosplayers whose characters are from the same anime, manga, game, comic, or cartoon had a chance to show their stuff and had fun with their fellows.   Despite the intense heat and humidity and even a strong, sudden rain shower in the afternoon, those who participated in the even had a blast as another successful cosplay event came to an end.

Here are some of the photos we took at the event.  Thank you for dropping by and please do visit us again soon.

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Nyanbu and his ANBU crew pose for the cameras.




The Six Paths of Pain.



BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger cosplayers.





Nagato, konan and Yahiko.



Yamato and Tenten from Naruto.



Bleach cosplayers.


More from the ANBU crew.



The Black Rock Shooter cosplayers having some fun.






 Tenten with a giant summoning scroll.





Eiri Mina as Yuno Gasai posing with the Six paths of Pain.











Please keep in mind that the IOP 4 event did not exactly end like this.


Catch you all again at the next cosplay event. Thank you for visiting.