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Hell Girl Fourth Twilight and Classroom of the Elite this November on Animax


At Animax this November, fear the supernatural as Ai Enma returns to drag your foes to hell in Hell Girl Fourth Twilight. Likewise, fear the mundane in Classroom of the Elite, where mediocre students are weeded out and only the elite survive!

Special Force is Back: Closed Beta Test to Hit Southeast Asia Nov 24



News of the return of wildly popular first person shooter Special Force was confirmed yesterday as Playpark Inc., the Philippines’ leading game publisher, held a special press conference at their main office in Makati announcing that Special Force will go on Closed Beta Test in Southeast Asia on November 24, 2016.  They also promised that the exciting gameplay and engaging graphics of Special Force will once again be a common sight in internet cafes and homes all over the region.


Maid and Butler Cafe at UP Diliman: Shiroshitsuji no Kissaten by UP Tomo-Kai



At UP Diliman, even if it were just for a day, guests became masters pampered and cared for by the ardent maids and butlers from UP Tomo-Kai at their Shiroshitsuji no Kissaten: Maid Special event.  Complete with good food, soothing music, fun games and great service from the hosts, its was definitely an enjoyable taste of Japanese pop culture right at the heart of the premier state university.


Shiroshitsuji no Kissaten: Maid Special by UP Tomo-Kai



Our friends at UP Tomo-Kai are offering a unique experience at their Shiroshitsuji no Kissaten: Maid Special event this Friday November 4, 2016 at PH 400, University of the Philippines, Diliman.  With successful cafes this year already accomplished, their ardent team of maid and butlers are very much ready to give great treats and service to attendees.


Celebrate the season of scares with UP Tomo-Kai as we bring you Shiroshitsuji no Kissaten: Maid Special!  Shiro (城) or “castle” is the setting for this year’s cafe, so feel your heart tremble in both fear and excitement as the gates to this seemingly haunted manor creak open, and be welcomed by our butlers and maids ready to serve you in their full costumes.  A unique crossover of cultures, Shiroshitsuji no Kissaten will be held on 4 November at PH 400, University of the Philippines, Diliman to serve thrill-seeking hime-sama and ouji-sama who will be indulged by their personal butlers and maids with delightful treats and tricks.

Extreme Moments: Castaways


Extreme Moments Castaways 2015_0001


A total of 61 intrepid souls sailed off to distant Fortune Island off the coast of Batangas for one of the most ambitious collaborative efforts the Philippine cosplay community has ever seen. Extreme Moments: Castaways pushed the limits of creativity, skill and imagination of cosplayers and photographers alike in an out-of-town outdoor adventure of a lifetime.

Halloween 2015




People would be surprised that just several years ago, Filipinos didn’t pay much attention to Halloween.   Now it’s near mandatory for offices, malls and other establishments to have some form of event or attraction or party for it. Now nearly everyone knows about Trick or Treat and Jack-o-lanterns as October 31 draws near.  Well, we guess that any occasion where kids (and adults of course) can get dressed up as scary or strange costumes and get free candy can’t be so bad.

Cosplay Planet by Otaku URule at Lucky Chinatown Mall



At the fresh new venue of Lucky Chinatown Mall in Binondo, Manila, the official launch of the Otaku U Rule Cosplay program was well underway with Cosplay Planet, an event that hopes to revitalize the cosplay community. arkadymac.com is an official media partner for this event and we are happy to be able to bring the highlights to you.




Otaku U Rule! is a network of campus based student organizations aimed to promote youth development through Japanese pop culture.  They have been active in creating and promoting events that really matter to the otaku and cosplay community.  As their latest project and carefully conceptualized and prepared for months beforehand, the Cosplay Planet Project Launch Mall Show aimed to reaffirm ties to the cosplay community and develop it further by providing the means to individual cosplayers to expand their knowledge, improve their skills, and hone their craft in cosplay as an art.




The Cosplay Planet Project Launch Mall Show was well-advertised with a huge billboard at the mall’s facade, featuring selected cosplayers.  There was a great turnout for the event which started 10 am up until early evening.  Cosplayers from all over the metro came to join in the event, and took part in the workshops given by prominent and able resource persons and speakers as part of their innovative  cosplay development program.  The OUR- Cosplay Planet program is a series of seminar workshops for aspiring cosplayers who are about to enter the cosplay community. Seminar-workshops will include the following: Character Research, Tailoring, Armor and Weapon Production, Wig Styling, Theater Workshops (For Competitions), Netiquette, Posing and Cosplay Modeling, Photography, and many more.  Cosplay Planet is particulary a academic-cultural event designed to improve the talent and skills of the students.




Along with those were the Otaku U Rule! – NCR Prime Recruitment Drive and Cosplay Planet Workshopper Recruitment, as well as the launch of JMedia, Otaku Urule’s official media team which would be bringing news of the latest developments in the otaku and cosplay community in the Philippines and we will be watching out for them.




With the day’s program were raffles, games and contests with great prizes given away, as well as song and dance performances that kept the event exciting.  One of the highlights of the event was the  open-house cosplay competition where cosplayers showed off their great costumes and exciting performances in front of a curious and appreciative audience.





At the closing, RG Gamurot, founder of Otaku U Rule!, thanked everyone for making Cosplay Planet a success, and invited everyone to watch out for more exciting future projects that will make an impact on the local otaku and cosplay scene.




Then of course we had fun with the cosplayers who were mixing it up with the crowd.  Mallgoers were quite appreciative and had their pictures taken with them.








Cosplay Planet  was a fun event of many firsts, and we look forward to the upcoming projects and events from our friends from Otaku Urule, like the re-launch of the Invitational Otaku Urule Photoshoot series next month, so please stay tuned for the latest developments.










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Upcoming Event: The Funko Pop! Roadshow at Resorts World Manila

Funko Roadshow Invite


Be a part of the festivities as the world’s #1 designer vinyl toy hits the road this weekend!

The Funko Pop! Roadshow happens at the Plaza, 2/F Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila this weekend, Nov. 29-30. Be a part of fun activities and games, awesome exhibits and special guests as we celebrate everything fun and collectible as only Funko Pop! can bring.

Also join the press and media launch conference on November 29 at 3:00 Pm to learn more about Funko Pop! and the joy of collecting them.

Get a chance to own the Dancing Groot Pop! figure to be launched exclusively at the event. And win awesome prizes from Funko by joining the Pop! Clicks Photography contest and the Customized Pop! contest

Upcoming Event: Vamps Live 2014: London Exclusive Screening by cosplay.ph





CPH and LVJ Bring VAMPS LIVE 2014: LONDON to Manila!

Cosplay.PH and Live Viewing Japan are excited to bring to Manila an exclusive screening of VAMPS LIVE 2014: LONDON! Slated for 7PM on 29th November 2014, at the SM Megamall Cinema 11 in Mandaluyong City, watch HYDE and K.A.Z bring their larger-than-life musical talents to the big screen!

VAMPS is a Japanese rock duo composed of HYDE (vocalist, L’ Arc~en~Ciel) and K.A.Z (lead guitarist, Oblivion Dust). The band is a massive success in their native Japan, and has also performed in sold-out gigs in the United States, Taiwan, Spain, France, England, China and Chile.

Pre-sold tickets to the VAMPS LIVE 2014: LONDONscreening are exclusively available via SM Tickets outlets or via smtickets.com.Seats are limited! Each exclusive ticket comes with a limited edition VAMPS poster and postcard set — so grab your slot today! For more information, visit http://jam.cosplaymania.ph
About Live Viewing Japan
Live Viewing Japan Inc. is an “Alternative Contents” Provider in Japan which distributes exciting Japanese Entertainment to movie theaters around the world. LVJ is in charge of distribution of live entertainment content such as concerts, events and theatrical productions, to movie theaters and playhouses.

About Cosplay.PH
Established in 2006, Cosplay.Ph is the premiere website and online community for Cosplay afficionados in the Philippines. Based in Makati City, the company has spearheaded some of the biggest cosplay events in the country, such as competitions, conventions and workshops. Cosplay.Ph has also provided avenues for hobbyists to come together, interact and share their passion to the world.

ESGS 2014: Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit: Day 2



ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0001


We don’t often go to gaming events as much as we do cosplay and otaku ones, but I really have to say ESGS 2014 is personally one of the best events this year:.  arkadymac.com is a part of the media team for ESGS 2014: Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit, the biggest two-day video game convention and E-Sports competition this year, and we are glad to be able to bring you highlights of the second and last day of this exciting event.


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0009



Smart GameX and Smart Communications Inc., the leading network solutions provider in the Philippines, had brought one of the most anticipated gaming events this year. Electronic Sports & Gaming Summit (ESGS) 2014 last November15-16, 2014 at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City.


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0148


This massive two-day event featured gaming at its finest with no less than nine major gaming tournaments on various stages around the venue along with tons of gaming related activities across all gaming platforms from featured sponsors, partners, and game developers, highlighting tournaments, exhibits, demonstrations, contests, and other gaming related activities aimed to please the gamer in everyone.


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0169


ESGS 2014 showcased tons of activities from partners and sponsors, as well as proudly showcasing multi-platform games from various game developers. Exhibits of all shapes and sizes are there, as well as yet to be seen games suitable for all gamers.



ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0086


There was the Open Floor Cosplay Competition where our friend Izaiah as Black Dragon from the online game Dragon Nest was named Champion. He got lots of great prizes like a heavy trophy, Razer earphones, cash, and a cheque/plaque even bigger than him.


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0005



There were cosplayers all around the event too, most of them part of the exhibitors at the booths, like our Cosplay Model Mina Kim and her friends for Dragon Nest.


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0004


Different tournaments of different games were going on at any given time and all throughout the day, with players, fans, and the curious alike watching intently over giant screens with live games showing, and you can hear oohs and ahhs, and cheers and jeers as their favorite teams and players battled for top places and big prizes.


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0167


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0151


Cubizone had a dance competition where many great groups competed in, like our friends from Raindrop.  Also of note were GEMS who gave a great performance in front of an appreciative crowd.



ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0108


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0103


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0002


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0113



Jillian and I had fun going around and trying out the many games and demos. It’s been a while since we can just relax and play games while actually doing coverage. Not just us, we were sure everyone of all ages were enjoying themselves indulging the gamer inside them. Of course we had time to do the rounds too with our Cosplay Model, Mikki Nyan, and our PRO, Karlo, and helped out with the coverages with ur partner otaku blogs.


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0006


With these and more, ESGS 2014: Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit, already gets my vote for one of the best events this year.  Many thanks to the organizers for accommodating us and congratulations on having a successful, enjoyable event that attendees will be talking about for quite a while.  For our coverage of ESGS 2014: Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit: Day 1, click here.


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0008


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0003


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0007


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0030


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0033


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0063


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0164


ESGS_2014_Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit_D2_0176


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