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Japanese Football Club Shonan Bellmare Holds Football Clinics for Kids in PH


In an act of strengthening friendship and cultural exchange through football, The Japan Foundation Asia Center and the Japan Professional Football League (J. League) will be holding football clinics for kids in the Philippines on February 3 to 5, 2017, welcoming three coaches from J. League club Shonan Bellmare.  The Japan Foundation Asia Center, J. League and the Japan Football Association have taken this initiative to encourage various exchange programs in the field of football since November 2014. Its aim is to provide opportunities for people-to-people exchange in the area of football to further strengthen friendship between Japan and other countries and develop the football culture in the Asian region.

Cosplayers and Donors Bring Early Christmas to Mangyan Children of Mindoro



Helping out in their own small but special way to give back to the community, cosplayers and some very kind people got to make a difference as they brought some cheer to the Mangyan children of Bongabong, Oriental Mindoro just recently.  With gifts of school supplies and treats from various individuals and organizations, it certainly was a concerted effort to bring out the goodness in people this close to Christmas.


UST Photoshoot for a Cause: Larawan Tulong sa Pamarawan



Historic University of Santo Tomas became the scenic setting for UST Photoshoot for a Cause: Larawan Tulong sa Pamarawan, as cosplayers, photographers, and enthusiasts show that they are always eager to lend a helping hand.  A good number of them got to take part in the event, and more importantly, got to give back to the broader community they belong to.  arkadymac.com is the official media partner of the event and we are happy to being you the highlights from last weekend.


Cosplayers and Costumers Bring Early Christmas to Children of East Ave MC


Cosplayers and Costumers Bring Early Christmas to Children of East Ave MC_0001


Beyond the intricate helmets and armor and gaudy outfits, costumers and cosplayers wish to bring their unique talents and skills to bring happiness to the ones who need it the most.  More than just a hobby they are passionate about, they have sought to make a difference in society as they banded together with altruistic groups to bring an early Christmas to the children confined at the East Avenue Medical Center in Quezon City.

Photoshoot For A Cause – Pizza Party



While majority opted to watch the Pacquio-Mayweather fight or attend Animetics, a brave few chose to eat pizza and shoot/cosplay for a cause. Despite the humidity, heat and unpredictable weather, the activity pushed through and was held at Mama Dees Pizza Plus in Retiro, Quezon City.

Cosplayers and Volunteers Bring Early Christmas to the Children of PGH Cancer Institute



We were fortunate to have taken part in an event that brought Christmas early to the ones who need it the most.  Cosplayers and volunteers alike got to join hands and bring smiles to children with cancer at the Philippine General Hospital last week.  arkadymac.com is glad to have been entrusted with the coverage so we can share with everyone.  The hospital has a policy of keeping the faces and identities of the children discreet, especially from the media, so we hope everyone understands the limitations of our coverage.




Organized by our Cosplay Model Keileen with the help of her friends and some cosplay groups and school organizations, Cosplay For a Cause: Sharing Happiness to PGH’s Cancer Patients had cosplayers and volunteers join hands and share whatever they can share with young cancer patients: toys, books, school supplies, clothes, trinkets, accessories, among many others.









Aside from gifts, others got to share their talents too in front of the children.  The program included performances from student volunteers from UP and UST who sang mostly Christmas songs for the kids, who got into the spirit and sang along as well.








Also there to share their talents were special volunteers.  Ricky Quinsay as “Jestler the Magician”  wowed the crowd with his unbelievable magic act.  Mark Cagas, a clown, magician and balloon shaper, amused the children with his diverse talents in making people smile.  Cornel Bongco, also known as the Gospel Yoyo Man, shared his great skills with a yoyo while sharing stories of Christ with the audience.




Cosplayers got to showcase their talents too by performing skits with their characters to the amazement of the children.  Prizes were given to the kids who could name their characters, and surprisingly, some were indeed familiar with them.  After the program, the children were free to have their photos taken with the cosplayers as souvenirs from this day.




By noon, volunteers brought in the food they had prepared for the children and their parents.  With appetites worked up from an exhausting but exciting morning. it was nice sharing a simple meal together with everyone.




After lunch, the Christmas gift giving commenced, with the cosplayers handing out the presents they have brought for the children.  They were well appreciated, of course, the the children smiling, opening wrappers, and playing immediately with their gifts.  It may have not have been much, but hopefully it can give them good memories of Christmas.




Cosplayers Michael and Dee Dulce were part of the cosplayers who went to the event.  They dropped by to share their blessings with the children on their 7th Wedding Anniversary.  They were thankful to everyone for making their special day a truly memorable and fulfilling one.





The time came for the program to end and for some, it was hard to part ways after sharing and spending time with each other.  Hopefully the children would have some smiles and memories to keep as they keep their hopes up despite their condition.




Before parting ways, the cosplayers and volunteers gathered around to listen to Keileen, who thanked everyone for their support of the project and the overwhelming love as the gifts and donations gathered were so many times more than what they had expected.  She related her own experience of being a patient at PGH when she was young, as she was sickly and had to stay there often and wished there were people whom could make her smile even just a little bit during her lonesome days there.  Now, she said she was happy being the one to make children smile with the help of the cosplay community who has been so supportive of her as well.




With that, the time came for everyone to say goodbye but the time they shared and the opportunity to give what they can would be part of memories they won’t soon forget.  We’d like to thank everyone for letting arkadymac.com be part of this event.  I apologize if there aren’t a lot of photos as I was a host for the program.  We also followed the policy of the hospital regarding taking photos with the children as we aren’t allowed to show the children’s faces on our coverage.




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Cirque XV Akimatsuri at Ateneo: Cosplay, Music, Outreach and a Lot More

cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0001


It was a festival of sights and sounds at Cirque XV: The Grand Finale held at Ateneo de Manila High School, an exciting end-of-semester experience showcasing lots of fun for everyone.  arkadymac.com was glad to be there to take part in the event as their media partner and equally glad to bring you scenes from our coverage.


cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0004


Organized by the class of B2015, Cirque XV: The Grand Finale was a  mini-fair where people can come and have a great time away from their usual mundane routine.  It’s also a charity and fund-raising event for the benefit of the Tulong Dunong Program which provides scholarships and assistance to those in need, so those taking part can just have a great time with their friends while supporting a good cause.


cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0014


There were fun attractions all throughout the venue, with parlor games, inflatables, a photo booth, folks on stilts, and a whole road  of food stalls and even food trucks.  There were colorful and unusual drinks on sale as well which we enjoyed tasting.



cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0015


Entertainment was never in short supply with the great performers lined up all throughout the night.  Home-grown and indie bands and singers rocked the people gathered at the promenade with cover and original hits.  Stef Aranas, Chairman Mouse, Stereoblind, Alyson, Ashley’s Kryptonite, Imelda and Sponge Cola had the crowd swinging, singing and pumping their fists, while off stage, the AA Dance Varsity and Indak wowed the crowd with amazing dance performances.


cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0042


cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0047


cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0100


cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0110


Within Cirque XV was Akimatsuri, a cosplay event showcasing cosplayers from Ateneo as well as guests from all over.  There was also a friendly competition where cosplayers got to go on stage to perform in front of an appreciative crowd.   After their performances, they were interviewed by host M.K. Morreaux, herself also in cosplay.  


cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0068


cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0075



cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0083



cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0089


After the competition the cosplayers got to mingle with the crowd and have fun at the fair like all the other guests.


cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0006


cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0035


Was nice to see our good friend M.K. Morreaux there as host for Akimatsuri.  We did a shoot a while back and it was fun(ny) how we got to re-introduced.  


cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0008


Later that night there was a rave party with DJ Ciscos on the turntable, and capping the great night off was Parokya ni Edgar who got to perform a lot of their hits in front of an ecstatic audience.  Particularly amazing for me was their performance of “Bagsakan” where vocalist Chito Miranda rapped the parts of Francis M. and Glock 9 all by himself, much to the amazement of the crowd.  Everyone was cheering, shouting, headbanging, and singing along with the band who have their roots in Ateneo High School.  Their performance ran on for quite a while and with their last song,  Cirque XV came to a close, with the organizers thanking each and every one who came to the event.


cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0122


cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0003


cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0124


cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0117


We had the chance to talk to the folks of B2015 who said it was just meant to be a small event.  From what I saw, it was properly organized and prepared for with an impressive lineup of performers, so I commend them for being able to pull it off without much trouble while providing the attendees a night to remember.


cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0113


cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0099



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Who RUN The World: Heroes vs Villains, Costumed Fun Run in UP Diliman



We at arkadymac.com are always on the lookout for the most imaginative, creative and, of course, most enjoyable events for our readers, so when we heard of Who RUN The World: Heroes vs Villains, we of course did not pass up the chance to take part in this affair and bring the action to all of you.  And thanks to UP Variates, the organizer of this event, arkadymac.com is an official media partner.  We were there of course last September 14, 2014 at the UP Academic Oval to cover the event and take part in this exciting affair.




Who RUN The World: Heroes vs Villains is a fun run event organized by the University of the Philippines Variates (UPV) to jump start its anniversary week.  Participants get to run in their most creative and resourceful hero or villain costumes to win prizes and just to have a great time.  This also serves as a charity event as part of the proceeds will go to our less fortunate brothers and sisters.  Preparations for the event had been carefully made months in advance with promotions and pre-registration well underway up to the day of the event.









Strong rains and winds marked the night before the event with a storm looming, but the organizers advised that the run would proceed rain or shine.  It happened to rain that morning so proceed it did with participants braving the darkness and rain as early as 4am.  Thankfully, nearing the start of the race, the rain weakened to a drizzle and it was a whole lot more workable.  Organizers got to set up the booths and the sound systems, and they had a wonderful duo from 99.5 Play FM serving as hosts for the event.   The participants, some in costume, some in regular running attire, continued to gather as the start of the race neared, all excited to take part in this unique event despite the gloomy weather.




After introductions from the hosts from 99.5 Play FM, there was the Oath of Sportsmanship followed by warm-up exercises for everyone competing.  Then sometime around 6am the race got underway, first for the 5km division then followed by the 3km run.  Participants had to run at designated courses around the UP Academic Oval, which has long been a delightful place where people enjoy walking, jogging, and running for health.  Seeing pro runners, hobbyists, enthusiasts, young kids, the elderly, and especially those in costume going around campus despite the rain was a fun and refreshing sight, with curious onlookers cheering them all on.






After a while, the fastest ones in each division arrived at the finish line and had their times recorded.  Participants all got to cross the finish line and received finisher’s medals for their achievement.  After the race proper, the program continued with games and contests keeping the crowd on their feet as everyone waited for the announcement of winners.  In the meanwhile, participants got to claim their loot bags from the generous sponsors of this event and had their nice souvenir shirts from UP Variates.  The winners for each category was soon announced and they got to take home great prizes from the organizers and sponsors.  Then the winners for the best costumes  were announced, the best hero going to Soldier and best villain going to Terrorist and best group went to the Minions.








From the smiles on their faces, it was certain that everyone got to have a great, fun time at this event that aimed to promote an active and healthy lifestyle for everyone and to raise funds for the less fortunate.  We would like to congratulate UP Variates for organizing this fun and exciting event and we hope to see more such events from them in the future.




On a personal note, it was fun for me to cover an event at my alma mater.  Once upon a time I was a student there in UP Diliman’s College of Arts and Letters taking up my degree in English Studies, Major in Creative Writing.  While of course I could just go visit on a regular day, getting to go around the campus and then Palma Hall while in cos was nostalgic for me, well, not that I ever got to cosplay there as a student. I think.


Thank you for dropping by, and please visit us again for more cosplay features here at arkadymac.com.











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Upcoming Event: Who RUN The World: Heroes vs Villains

heores and villains



We at arkadymac.com are always on the lookout for the most creative and, of course, most enjoyable events for our readers, so when we heard of Who RUN The World: Heroes vs Villains, we of course did not pass up the chance to take part in this affair and bring the action to all of you.  And thanks to UP Variates, the organizer of this event, arkadymac.com is an official media partner.  Expect us to be there to do a great coverage, and while you’re at it, why not join us there too?


Who RUN The World: Heroes vs Villains is a fun run event organized by the University of the Philippines Variates (UPV) to jump start its anniversary week.  Run in your most creative and resourceful hero or villain costumes on 14 September 2014 (Sunday) and win prizes! The run would take place at the University of the Philippines Academic Oval, Diliman Quezon City (4:30-8:30AM)


Runners would be divided into 2 categories by the distance run: 3km (Php 350) and 5km (Php 450).


At the end of the race, cash prizes and sponsored products are to be awarded to the best runner in the respective categories, best hero, best villain, and best Heroes vs Villains group costume.


The event aims to promote an active and healthy lifestyle and to raise funds for the less fortunate.


Visit the UP Variates’ FB page of the event at facebook.com/whoruntheworldrun2014 for further details.



Tambayan Reg







Souvenir Shirt Design



Curves Gym Membership Contest


Funcon 2014



Funcon was a departure of the usual conventions and events our community goes to.  It wasn’t held at a plush mall or an enormous convention center.  It was held at a small restaurant with attendees barely reaching the hundreds but that didn’t really matter.  It lived up to its name as its attendees had a great fun time with lots of games, music, and surprises from start to finish.




Organized by Mark Vibas and supported by his family and friends, Funcon was conceptualized as an event that made pleasant deviations to what people have been used to in otaku events.  Although quite knew to event organization and planning, they had thought things through and had done their homework in more in coming up with something innovative the community can look froward to.




Held at the Funky Monkey Bar & Grill in Fairview, Quezon City, the venue was favorable to the event, having an ample stage, space for booths, and space for the attendees to do their preparations, dressing up, congregating and photo taking.  Around the venue were Azalea’s Cosplay Shop, Serendipity Beauty Products, Loki’s Haven & Lyme Cosplay providing attendees the opportunity to browse through their products and learn more about them and cosplay in general.




Great music was provided by amazing indie bands: Zoryl, Kupita, Pikoy, Shigai Cake, Asterysk, Ikuzoiwa, Radyo, and the Mirage.  Playing a variety of songs from various genres, they kept the crowd up and alive from morning till night.






Funcon also had the debut of Kitsune Da~O, the Philippine’s first Baby Metal cover group.  Theirs was a much anticipated performance enjoyed by everyone in attendance.





There were games for everyone, like Low Cost Cosplay, where participants dress up one of their own members as a particular character using literally whatever they can find lying around.





Panel discussions and talks given by some of the most prominent cosplayers around about the many fascinating aspects of cosplay give Funcon its unique edge:  Naru discussed “Art of Choosing” for those new to cosplaying and their considerations when choosing their characters, RB Cheng shared “The Art of Mechas” with tips and techniques on building mecha and armored costumes, Shiela Millette discussed “The Art of Versatility” in cosplaing, and Ms. Loki Heart shared “The Art of the Trade” which dealt with being smart and frugal when it came to cosplay necessities.  Then there was Deadpoolicious, Mark Vibas himself, who talked about “The Art of Performance” in cosplay.




Everyone had a wonderful time partaking in the sight and sounds of this event, small but cozy enough for participants to make new friends, catch up on events, share opinion and ideas, and take lots of photos and videos from.  Best of all, everyone who attended got to help out as proceeds from the event help Colors and Doodles, the Funky Monkey Bar & Grill’s project to help the community through supporting the education of the less fortunate, as they now help send 365 children/scholars to school.




We congratulate everyone who was involved in organizing this event for a job well done and for boldly trying out something new for the community.  We eagerly look forward to the next installment.

















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