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MATA Expo 2017 Press Conference at Plantation Bar in Makati


Mata Expo will be coming back to the Philippines after three successful events in the country, the last one being in Cebu last year.  This unique event celebrates cultural diversity through a trade show with exciting features and attractions, and once again it will open its gates at One Esplanade SM Central Business Park this coming  weekend, February 4, 2017.  A press conference was held recently at The Plantation Bar in Makati to unveil the many great things in store for all attendees.

Halloween 2015




People would be surprised that just several years ago, Filipinos didn’t pay much attention to Halloween.   Now it’s near mandatory for offices, malls and other establishments to have some form of event or attraction or party for it. Now nearly everyone knows about Trick or Treat and Jack-o-lanterns as October 31 draws near.  Well, we guess that any occasion where kids (and adults of course) can get dressed up as scary or strange costumes and get free candy can’t be so bad.

Otaku Expo Reload 2015: Day 2


Otaku Expo Reload 2015 Day 2_0003


On its second day as one of the most awaited events of the later half of the year, Otaku Expo Reload 2015 continued to draw in a huge crowd of cosplayers, enthusiasts and curious folk alike looking forward to meet and greet sessions with international guest cosplayers, contests, booths, games, bands, a cosplay competition and many other surprises for attendees.

Otaku Expo Reload 2015: Day 1


Otaku Expo Reload 2015_0002


As one of the most awaited events for the later half of the year, Otaku Expo Reload 2015 didn’t fail to draw in huge crowds last weekend, opening with an exciting Day 1 with meet and greet sessions with  international guest cosplayers, art contests, booths, games, Battle of the Bands, and other surprises for attendees.  arkadymac.com is an official media partner, and our Cosplay Models and Photographers Jillian, Keileen, Kami, Mikki, Nicolette, Yanna, Queenie and Deric were all there to help us cover the event.

Hero Faceoff 2015


Hero Faceoff 2015_0001


It was an exciting and competitive weekend for Philippine cosplay as Hero Faceoff 2015 showcased some of the best cosplayers from all over the country across different categories at the Music Hall of SM Mall of Asia. The stakes were high as not only the biggest cash prizes were up for grabs: the coveted invitation for the World Cosplay Summit to represent the country in Nagoya, Japan was waiting for the best team to perform in front of a huge crowd gathered that day.  The arkadymac.com team was of course there to bring you all the action and highlights for the event.

Lolita Fashion Show and Contest at MATA Expo 2015 Philippines

Lolita Fashion Show and Contest at Mata Expo 2015_0001


The best in local Lolita fashion figured prominently in the spotlights of an international event as  MATA Expo 2015 Philippines featured the Lolita Fashion Show and Contest last weekend at One Esplanade SM Central Business Park.  Mata Expo has been a multicultural trade show that promotes many worthy causes, in particular, fostering awareness for issues regarding deaf and hard-of-hearing people and raising funds for breast cancer cure research. Mata Expo has toured all over the world, spreading the message of multiculturalism in the US and Canada, and now in the Philippines.  For our complete coverage of MATA Expo 2015  itself, click here.

Cosplay Runway 2 at MATA Expo 2015 Philippines

Cosplay Runway at Mata Expo 2015_0001


Great cosplay action became a part of an international event as Cosplay Runway 2 made its appearance at last weekend’s MATA Expo 2015 Philippines.  For our coverage of MATA Expo itself, click here.  Mata Expo has been a multicultural trade show that promotes many worthy causes, in particular, fostering awareness for issues regarding deaf and hard-of-hearing people and raising funds for breast cancer cure research.  MATA Expo has toured all over the world, spreading the message of multiculturalism in the US and Canada, and now in the Philippines.

MATA Expo 2015 Philippines

Mata Expo 2015 Manila_0000


Mata Expo 2015 comes back to the Philippines after two successful events in the country.  This unique event that celebrates cultural diversity through a trade show with exciting features and attractions once again opens its gates at One Esplanade SM Central Business Park last weekend.  It is a consistently anticipated event attended by thousands of people not only from Manila, but from all over the Philippines and all over the world, particularly those from the  deaf and hard-of-hearing people who are excited and proud in organizing and taking part in this unique occasion.

Collecticon 2014


A celebration of the many interesting hobbies people just cant get enough of, Collecticon 2013 was a fun two-day event at the Megatrade Hall 3 of SM Megamall last September 27-28, 2014. The event had a lot of displays featuring toys, model kits, comics, collectibles as well as tons of booths selling related merchandise.  The avid collector or even just the curious passerby certainly would have been delighted to browse through the thousands of varied items sold and displayed by the many exhibitors who supported the event.








Our friend Ms. Faith was there to host the event and did a great job keeping the audience entertained.  There were auctions and games as part of the event, keeping the audience upon their toes and clamoring for more great bargains offered.  Our friends from the Borealis dance group were there to perform on stage with a riveting dance number.  There was also the K-Zone K-pop event that saw many performers and their fans filling the hall with dance and music.









We were there for the cosplayers of course and there were quite a number of them at the event.  We saw them having a great time amongst themselves and having fun having their photos taken by mallgoers and taking photos with them as well.  No harm taking selfies and groupies with them of course.







Worthy of mention was a Guardians of the Galaxy cosplay group which included our friend Lyron.  The crowd just couldn’t get enough of them.








Oh, and Doraemon Philippines was there too, with some of the most adorable mascots ever,




Thank you for dropping by, and do visit us again for more features here at arkadymac.com.













Please click on an image to view slideshow.  If you are a cosplayer with your photo here, feel free to grab.  Thank you for posing for our cameras.










Mina and Ayu: Two of a Kind


This September marks arkadymac.com’s second anniversary, so we thought it appropriate by starting it off by bringing back our two wonderful cosplay models, Mina and Ayu, for a double feature.  Shooting from our headquarters in Ortigas, we are happy to present this great duo who have been friends for quite a while and who have enjoyed the world of cosplaying together.  Presenting Mina and Ayu for their second feature on our website as our arkadymac.com’s cosplay models.  Images and editing by our lead photographer, Bryan, with Bless as executive producer, written by Xtian.




“I was so shocked because I thought she was Korean like me,” Mina admits with a big, warm smile on her slender face, her eyes disappearing into two faint lines, when we asked her about the first time she met Ayu.   “We met through mutual friends at SM North EDSA,” Ayu adds, her eyes soft and glistening in reverie.   They didn’t think much of each other at first, but before the day ended they were already holding hands and chatting like old friends.  “I can’t remember what we even talked about,” Mina confesses, “but it was cute how we just kept coming up with topics so we can keep talking even after we became tired.”  “It may have been a bit awkward at first,” Ayu adds, “but I guess we became good friends after that.”




The two often get to spend time with each other at cosplay events and conventions where they simply enjoy hanging out with their other friends and, of course, cosplay together.   “Our first pair cosplay was me as Kagamine Len and Mina as Hatsune Miku,” Ayu recounts with a smile.  “It’s funny because we didn’t talk about it and never had plans of doing a pair cosplay,” Mina adds, “but it just so happened  that I was planning to cosplay Miku at the next event while she was planning to cosplay Len.  After that I would be Lili and she would be Xiao of Tekken.  I believe it was destiny.  God really wanted us to be friends,” Mina says.




They both agree that cosplaying as a pair is a fun and unique experience.   They say they get to prepare their costumes and accessories together, buying cloth, think about designs and go shop together.  At events they have a great time posing as a pair for the cameras and they especially like it when other people recognize their characters.




Mina remembers her schoolmate bringing her to the Best of Anime event where she felt like she was in a whole different world, seeing all those cosplayers in a myriad of colors, shapes and sizes.  She has always loved, but always been shy, to cosplay, but she was so taken by the experience that she decided to cosplay Kyou, a character from the manga, Kyou of Shinigami no Kyou, at the very next event she went to.  She has since become one of the most prominent cosplayers to date.


Ayu started cosplaying back in 2011, choosing Matsuri Shihou of Sola as her first character.  She has become many other characters since then, preferring loli and tsundere characters as she says those fit her personality best.  She tells us she has fun portraying them: lively, amazing, colorful characters she has admired from the shows she had watched.  She had always thought that it was a great feeling to be those characters if only for the brief moment she cosplays them and be appreciated for her efforts.




Asking her to describe Ayu, Mina says she looks so innocent.  “She really looks like Chii from Chobits,” Mina says without batting an eyelash.  “There’s no use resisting her charm,” she laughs.  “Ayu is fun to be with, and I’m happy when I’m with her. I just keep getting shy because you are just too pretty, Ayu!”


“Mina is an open, kind-hearted person,” Ayu says of Mina.  “She is always nice to me, always greets me with a wonderful smile.  I really like the way she smiles.  She’s always fun to be with and I’m comfortable with her.  I feel like she’s my sister.”




They don’t get to see each other as often anymore because of the many other things that keep them perpetually busy, but it just makes the time they spend together at cosplay events all the more special.  Mina and Ayu would like to thank the many friends who have supported their cosplaying throughout the years and invite everyone to share the joy of cosplay with them.  We hope you can support Mina and Ayu in all their future endeavors.





Like Mina and Ayu, we at arkadymac.com truly appreciate the fun and friendship that can be had with cosplay, and we are happy that for two years you, our readers, have visited our website, read our features, supported our cosplay models, and said hi to us at events.  We hope to have more years bringing you the best of Philippine cosplay with your endless and generous support.




Thank you for visiting, and we’ll be busy this September for our second anniversary month-long celebration, so drop by often for great cosplay features here at arkadymac.com.


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