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RETIRE-MEN, a Collaborative Theater Play by Japan, Philippines and Thailand at the CCP


The Japan Foundation Manila invites everyone to watch RETIRE-MEN, a collaborative theater play by Japan, Philippines and Thailand on January 27 and 28, 2018 at the Tanghalang Jose Batute (Studio Theater) of the Cultural Center of the Philippines.  RETIRE-MEN is a humorous play about the trial and errors of Thai, Filipino and Japanese people who share their countries with one another.

TsuNAMICon 2017 at Philippine Normal University


Celebrating the local studentry’s love and admiration for Japanese culture, TsuNAMICon 2017, held at Philippine Normal University in Manila, got to showcase the colorful variety and burning passion of Filipinon enthusiasts from all over the metro earlier this year.  Organized by PNU NAMI, a university organization that bridges both Filipino and Japanese culture together, TsuNAMICon 2017 featured a festival of creativity and talent, highlighted by wonderful performances. attractions and contests.  arkadymac.com is their official media partner, and we are happy to bring you our coverage of their event.

Upcoming Event: Xtreme Paskuhan by Playpark XP



Light up your Christmas candles, ring the bells and prepare your hot cocoa because PLAYPARK XP is coming to town.  Join Playpark in celebrating in their year-ender event – the biggest Christmas party for gamers, PPXP. All are invited to be part of the Xtreme Paskuhan happening on December 17 at SKYDOME SM City North EDSA to experience Christmas the Playpark way.

BOA Interschool Cosplay Competition at PNU and Tanabata VII


BOA Interschool Cosplay Competition PNU and Tanabata_0001


We at arkadymac.com love school events that celebrate the studentry’s love and admiration for cosplay and Japanese culture, which was why we were pleasantly glad to take part in Tanabata VII at Philippine Normal University in Manila.  Organized by PNU NAMI, a university org that bridges both Filipino and Japanese culture together, Tanabata featured a festival of creativity and talent, highlighted by wonderful performances as well as the PNU leg of the Best of Anime Interschool Cosplay Competition.  arkadymac.com is their exclusive media partner, and we are happy to bring you our coverage of their event.

Because This Used to Be My Playground



Because of personal circumstances, I wasn’t able to attend a cosplay event this weekend.  Rather than start the week without something new, please just indulge me and let me present a feature about Luneta’s Children’s Playground, a quaint but marvelous place that engulfed me in nostalgia. I was on the way to cover an event one day at Chinese Gardens when I saw it again after so many years and couldn’t resist spending some time (actually two hours) and take a few shots here and there.




My parents would often bring my brother and I to Rizal park on weekends for picnics and just spend time together.  My childhood may have been just a hazy memory, but there was one place in particular that is still very vivid in my mind: the Children’s Playground.




Well, in particular, the colorful dinosaur statues that have been as much a part of my childhood as chocolate.  As I played there with my brother, I would imagine that they were alive and that I had the power to command them to do my bidding. I would ride on them and pretend they were my battle mounts going into was with the many other creatures in the park.









Even back then, around the 80s, the park was already in disrepair, which is why I was glad to hear that the playground was renovated last year with the help of some UP fine arts students, a truly admirable act on their part.   Now the playground is as colorful as ever, well, sometimes too colorful.  I saw the kids having old-fashioned, simple fun with their family and friends, running around, playing on the swings and slides and going i and out of the many attractions there.






At just 10 pesos per person, one can enjoy the many attractions in the playground for the entire day, with reasonable restrooms and places to eat.  One can also find it to be a place to just rest and relax under the many trees in and around the playground.  Security is quite adequate with CCTVs and roving guards to protect the public.






For most, Luneta and our other parks have fallen out of favor against malls as a place to take the family, which is sad since these public areas are still enjoyable and fascinating places to take the family.  Hopefully more people will get to rediscover places like the Children’s Playground and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.









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