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Rampage 2016


Rampage 2016_0001

It was another tremendous milestone for Filipino eSports and gaming as 10,000 gamers and enthusiasts from all over the country converged upon the World Trade Center in Pasay City for Rampage 2016.  Already its fifth exciting edition as the biggest one day one game event in the Philippines, it surpassed all other years as an event with relentless eSports action, an innovative cosplay experience and non-stop stage and venue events and attractions that have caught the attenetion and imagination of League of Legends enthusiasts everywhere.

Rampage 2016_0002

Upcoming Event: Rampage 2016


Upcoming Event Rampage 2016_0027

Just less than a week to go before the biggest one day one game event in the Philippines returns for already its fifth exciting edition as Rampage 2016 hits World Trade Center Pasay City.  An even bigger event with relentless eSports action, an innovative cosplay experience and non-stop stage and venue events and attractions has been promised as Rampage 2016 brings League of Legends enthusiasts from all over the country.  arkadymac.com has been an official media partner for the third straight year, and our coverage team will again be there live to bring the highlights of this much-anticipated yearly spectacle.

Upcoming Event Rampage 2016_0001


Japanese Cosplayer Usagi Meet & Greet at Hobby Japan Booth at Cosplay Mania




Cosplay fans will be in for a big treat on October 3-4 as sensational Japanese cosplayer Usagi will be having her very own Meet and Greet Session at the Hobby Japan booth at Cosplay Mania ’15.  See her live as she visits Manila to be with her avid Filipino fans.


No need to buy additional tickets for her meet and greet.  Just visit the Hobby Japan booth!  She will have an autograph session and her exclusive merchandise will be put on display and sale at the booth. She will also have a wig styling session for all to see at the booth.  She will then be having an exclusive free makeup tutorial for three lucky people who support their booth.  Details to follow.  She will also be putting in a stage appearance to have a life-size poster of her auctioned.

Rampage 2015


Rampage 2015_0001


A phenomenal event from start to finish, Rampage 2015 lived up to expectations of being the biggest one-day, one-game event of the year, filling the World Trade Center in Pasay City to capacity with League of Legends players, fans, cosplayers and enthusiasts from all over the country.  Garena in cooperation with SMART Prepaid and GameX presented Rampage to the public for its fourth year, and with tournaments, cosplay contests, games, booths, attractions and sidelights going on at any given time, Rampage had attendees enjoying themselves the whole of August 22, 2015.

Upcoming Event: Rampage 2015




The biggest one day-one game event of the year happens this Saturday, August 22, as Rampage 2015 invades World Trade Center Metro Manila (WTCMM) in Pasay City.  On its fourth year of being one of the most anticipated annual gaming events, Rampage has been the biggest gathering of  League of Legends players, gamers, cosplayers, and enthusiasts alike, and it just keeps getting bigger and better each year.  arkadymac.com is an official media partner for Rampage, and count on our team to cover it and bring you highlights of this exciting event.

Animax Asia to Air Charlotte on the Same Day as Japan




An original anime production by prolific writer Jun Maeda is premiering first and exclusively on Animax – Asia’s first 24-hour Japanese anime channel.

Over The L’Arc-en-Ciel Manila Screening

Larc en Ciel Sceening _0001


Cosplay.ph and Live Viewing Japan  teamed up to bring the much awaited L’Arc-en-Ciel documentary film “Over The L’Arc-en-Ciel” to Philippine shores.  This exciting event was held at 2PM,  February 28, 2015 at the SM North EDSA Cinema 2 in Quezon City.  Lots of the band’s Filipino fans gathered to take part in this unique experience.

Upcoming Event: Over The L’Arc-en-Ciel Manila Screening



Fans have been waiting for it, and now they have the chance to see their favorite band L’Arc-en-Ciel in an insightful documentary film on the big screen and get to watch it with friends and others who feel the same way they do about this outstanding group.

Cosplay.ph and Live Viewing Japan (English) are teaming up to bring you the much awaited L’Arc-en-Ciel documentary film “Over The L’Arc-en-Ciel”! This exciting event will be held at 2PM on 28th February 2015, at the SM North EDSA Cinema 2 in Quezon City.

Starmarie Live Performance at UP Diliman

Starmarie_performs_at UP_Dliman_0001

Japanese fantasy idol group Starmarie showed why they remain one of the best artists in Japan and all over the world as they gave a rousing performance yesterday evening at the Aldaba Recital Hall at UP Diliman.  Performing live on stage not long after arriving at the airport, Starmarie truly is a class act that had left their fans awestruck amidst that rainy evening.

Starmarie_performs_at UP_Dliman_0030

Bibo Global Opportunity, Inc., an online language school producing effective speakers and writers of the English language using fun, innovative and interactive ways of language learning, organized the event to promote Japanese culture here and foster better ties among our people.  The folks at Bibo really were generous as they made this a free event and even had lots of freebies and giveaways to the fans who came to watch and support Starmarie.  Helping out with organizing the event was UP Anime and Manga Enthusiasts, throwing their full support into the affair.

Starmarie_performs_at UP_Dliman_0025
Starmarie_performs_at UP_Dliman_0037

arkadymac.com was the exclusive media partner for this event, and we are of course more than glad to bring you the highlights of this rare and wonderful occasion.  Helping us with the coverage are Kaloy, our Public Relations Officer, and our friends Meiji Purin and Lex.

Starmarie_performs_at UP_Dliman_0039
Starmarie_performs_at UP_Dliman_0041

The program started about 6 pm, although fans have come way earlier in the afternoon, eager to be the first to be in line to enter UP’s Aldaba Recital Hall.  The event was free, and attendees just needed to register at the Bibo desk, where they got to receive shirts, fans, and other great giveaways.  Ms. Shine hosted the event, opening up by welcoming the fans who came as she introduced Bibo to the audience, letting them know of the many amazing opportunities that they can avail of by being part of their organization.  She also showed some clips and demos of how they conduct their tutorials as well as the many fun and interesting things of working in an international environment.

Starmarie_performs_at UP_Dliman_0051
Starmarie_performs_at UP_Dliman_0046
Starmarie_performs_at UP_Dliman_0044

Not long after, the special guests made their appearance to the warm and loud welcome of the audience.  Starmarie got to perform again in front of an ecstatic Filipino audience, and they responded in kind with dazzling choreography and showmanship that demonstrated why  they have a huge and loyal following in their native Japan and lots of fans all over the world even as they have had a roster change, now having five amazing members:  Nozomi Kishita, Shino Takamori, Matsuzaki Hiroka, Nakane Motoko, and Watanabe Kaede.  All were glowing and graceful in their white dance ensembles as they performed almost straight out of the airport as they did not want to disappoint their Filipino fans.

Starmarie_performs_at UP_Dliman_0060
Starmarie_performs_at UP_Dliman_0065

After their exciting set of dance numbers, they introduced themselves, much to the joy of the crowd, each fan clearly having a particular favorite.  The group members played a game with the audience where the winners got to take home autographed posters, and you can be pretty sure that these posters were hard-fought to the bitter end.

Starmarie_performs_at UP_Dliman_0062
Starmarie_performs_at UP_Dliman_0004
Starmarie_performs_at UP_Dliman_0008

Starmarie then got to mix it up with the crowd, taking photos with them, having selfies, shaking hands, and sharing a word or two with everyone.  Language was not a barrier as admiration was an emotion easily felt, more so here with their many new and old fans and friends.

Starmarie_performs_at UP_Dliman_0080

Then came time for the group to go, but not before thanking the audience profusely and inviting everyone to see them again that weekend at Movie Stars Cafe on Friday, September 19 at 8:00 pm, then both days of Best of Anime 2014 at the SMX Convention Center, September 20 and 21.  The audience left the hall with smiles on their faces as they got the rare chance to meet their idols in person.

Starmarie_performs_at UP_Dliman_0089

Many thanks to Bibo Global Opportunity, Inc. for organizing this successful event that made many people happy.  Get to know more about them at bibo.com.ph.  Many thanks as well to UP AME for helping bring this event to UP and accommodating us.   We really hope to attend more exciting events like this in the very near future.

Starmarie_performs_at UP_Dliman_0083

Thank you for dropping by and do visit again soon for more cosplay features here at arkadymac.com.


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Meet and Greet with Liui Aquino at Misaki CyberCon 2014



Fans were in for a treat at as celebrity cosplayer Liui Aquino made an appearance at this year’s Misaki CyberCon at the Activity Center of SM City Taytay in Rizal.  Having had much acclaim for his recent Hiccup of How to Train Your Dragon 2 cosplay, he has become even more known to the public and wanted to thank his fans at his special meet and greet session within CyberCon.








Set for early afternoon last August 31, 2014, the event had fans coming in as early as mall opening just to make sure they get the chance to meet their idol.  Everyone was ecstatic when they heard about it only the day before, so they eagerly awaited Liui’s appearance.  He then came out from the back stage cosplaying as Koushi “Suga” Sugawara of Haikyuu!! to the cheers of the audience.  He then addressed the crowd and thanked them for coming and extending their support.







With Kei of our partner, Cosmic Bytes, hosting the progam, they happily gave away tarps, posters, and other great merchandise in a series of games.




Then came the meet-and-greet proper at the side of the venue where a really long line of fans almost immediately appeared in front of the table set up for the event.  Fans eagerly awaited their turn as Liui graciously signed autographs on tarps, posters, magazines, had selfies, and had his photos taken with his fans.






Cosplayers look up to Liui, which was probably why their support for him was the warmest of all.  They of course did not pass up the opportunity to share a short chat with him, exchange cos cards, take selfies, and do signature poses with him in front of the camera.












Notwithstanding the long line and huge turnout of the meet and greet, Liui was able to accommodate everyone, and after giving away more prizes with Cosmic Bytes, it was time for him to leave, but not without the applause and appreciation of the crowd.  It was a fun and memorable encounter with everyone, with Liui the most grateful one of all.









Thank you very much for dropping by, and please stay tuned for our feature on Misaki CyberCon 2014.  Many thanks to our partners Kei and Cosmic Bytes for the opportunity.  Visit us again for more cosplay features here at arkadymac.com.





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