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Red: On Target



Cosplaying since she was 8 years old, Red has been the consummate cosplayer, pursuing the hobby for as long as she can remember.    As admirers of her great cosplays, we are glad to have invited her for this week’s issue on our website.  Presenting Red as our latest cosplay model here at arkadymac.com.





For this feature, Red portrays Caitlyn, the Sheriff of Piltover, from the popular multiplayer online battle arena video game, League of Legends.  “She’s cool and she has an awesome personality,” she tells us as her reason for her choice of cosplay.  “It’s really challenging wearing that sexy outfit though,” she admits with a laugh.  She’s an avid fan and player of LOL, so she said cosplaying a legend just made sense, and most likely lots of fun too.

She recalls her first cosplay being an RFonline character her Dad wanted.  She started out in cosplaying because her dad wanted her to.  “Eventually it became my hobby and I fell in love with it,” she says.  “Now I cosplay because it’s like I can be someone else for a moment.”




Those who are not familiar with cosplaying have difficulty understanding what benefit there is from it.  For Red, the joys of cosplaying are no longer a mystery.  “When I cosplay, I get the chance to hang out with people who are just like me, she says.  “I get to make a lot of friends, and I have made lots of fond memories with them.”




“I am random,” Red replies when we ask her to describe herself.  Outside of cosplaying, Red is into modeling.  “I love motivating people,” she shares.




Even with her extensive stint in cosplaying, Red says it is still fascinating to her.  “Cosplay is very challenging, but it’s very fun as well.  I’ll continue to cosplay as long as I am alive, I guess.”




Red would like to thank her mom and dad for supporting her.  We then would like to thank Red for giving us this opportunity to do a feature on her.  Do expect to see more of her here on the website again soon.




Thank you for dropping by, and do visit us again for new features here at arkadymac.com.

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Julia: Cutting Edge



She’s not shy to admit that she’s new to cosplaying, but what Julia lacks in experience she makes up for with enthusiasm and determination.  It’s her feisty spirit that made us choose her as our newest cosplay model.  Presenting Julia in her first-ever online feature for arkadymac.com.  Lending his skills for this feature is photographer Christopher Prince Mortell of  CLICK Concept Photography.  Additional images by arkadymac.




As a big fan of the hit anime series Kill la Kill, Julia insisted on cosplaying the heroine, RyukoMatoi, for this feature.  “Ryuko inspires me with her iron-hard will to avenge her father,” she tells us.  “She has proven that with love, one can grow in strength to save, protect, or avenge their love ones.Others may view her as a rough and chaotic woman, but for me she is the symbol of how love makes impossible things possible.”




Although she had all the enthusiasm to cosplay her, Julia admits it was quite a challenge.  “Even though we share some traits, I am not as rough-looking as she is. Also, it was quite a feat to look for, assemble, fashion and customize everything needed in bringing her to life.”




It was only last year when Julia discovered cosplaying.  “I got into it when a friend of mine introduced the cosplay world to me and invited me to attend a convention last May 2013,” she says.  “As far as I can remember, since I was a newbie cosplayer that time, I’ve costripped as a maid girl. I cosplayed Luka Megurine Sandplay Version, my first cosplay character, at a major event last year.”




And why does Julia continue to cosplay?  “I cosplay to express the things I really love,” she shares, ” to make my favorite fictional characters came into life, and to inspire little kids.”    She has one particular fond memory of cosplaying.  “I met this kid who was excited to meet me, took a picture with me and kept calling me not by my real name, but of the character’s name that I had been cosplaying.”





For the most part, Julia describes herself to be a simple person who wants to share happiness with other people.  Outside of cosplay, she tells us she has many varied pursuits.  “I am a frustrated singer,” she says with a laugh.  “I love reading books and stories from wattpad, preferably those from sci-fi, teen fiction and fantasy genres.”  She loves rewatching her favorite anime series like Kill la Kill, Soul Eater, and Sword Art Online.  She says she also plays Crossfire, Counter Strike, and DOTA 2 whenever she has the time.




Cosplaying has become a part of Julia’s life, and she says it’s always challenging for her.  “I always need to consider the source material and the need to resemble the character I am cosplaying.” “However,” she points out, “I find the process fun as well. I feel the need to portray not only the appearance, but the personality which the character possesses as well. Behind my cosplaying are values gained each and every time such as patience in making the cosplay as faithful possible.  I feel like I can only stop from cosplaying when I feel satisfied with my work and what have I done for the cosplay community.




Of her photographer for this feature, Julia has this to say:  “Sir Chris Mortell of CLICK Concept Photography is one of the most talented and most awesome photographers I’ve ever met. To Sir Chris, DOMO ARIGATOU.  Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to have a photoshoot session with you. Thank you for sharing your talents with cosplayers like me. Your photography skills are so amazing, making me almost look like Matoi Ryuko. Thank you so much.




And to our readers, Julia has something to say.  “I want to thank my family for giving me full support, time and effort in cosplaying . I want to thank my friends, photographers, and my fellow cosplayers who didn’t make me feel like a loner at events.  To the readers, I would like to say that it takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. Explore, experience, make friends, be content and have fun with your life!




We look forward to great things from Julia, and we hope you can support her in her future endeavors.  Expect us to have her here again soon.




Thank you for dropping by, and do visit us again for more cosplay features here at arkadymac.com


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Shaider and Annie Cosplay by Bri and Kasumi



Bri and Kasumi are cosplayers hailing from Nueva Ecija.  As most cosplay events happen in Manila, it can be tough for cosplayers living  in other parts of the country to attend most conventions.  Even so, Bri and Kasumi do the best they can to keep their passion for cosplay alive: crafting costumes and props, congregating with other cosplayers in their area, doing simple photoshoots in their hometown, and bearing with long, tiring trips to attend events in Manila when the rare opportunity arises.




I get to see them during conventions and got to be friends with them online, so when I got to see their new cosplays I was quite excited.  They had a photoshoot of their new costumes  at their place in Nueva Ecija and I was thrilled when I saw them: Shaider and Annie.  It was pure nostalgia for me and I vowed to do a feature on them, and fortunately with their consent I was finally able to.  




Bri and Kasumi cosplay Dai and Annie, the main characters from Space Sheriff  Shaider or Uchū Keiji Shaidā , a Japanese hero television show that aired from 1984 to 1985. It was released in the Philippines as Shaider in the mid-1980s, where it became the first tokusatsu show to be dubbed in Filipino by TV station ABS-CBN.  Although not much of a hit in its homeland of Japan, it has gained a cult following here in the Philippines, particularly among those grew up watching the exploits of Alexis (Dai) and Annie battling the forces of an evil empire.  




Bri was among those who tuned in every week to watch the show.  Shaider was his childhood hero, and he earnestly dreamed of being a space sheriff when he grew up.  Though he realized his dream may remain just that, cosplay has allowed him to get some measure of what it would have felt like to be one.  When he finally got the hang of crafting armor costumes, creating Shaider was the first thing that came to mind as his big project.  Kasumi on the other hand says she feels an affinity to Annie being passionate and softhearted about helping those in need, something that she strives to do in real life.




Bri tells us that the Shaider costume took almost two weeks to make: the armor, helmet, sword, blaster and other weapons. The Annie costume meanwhile took a week of sewing, customizing boots and making the beam gun.  They say that this is their first-ever pair cosplay.  They both love the series so much and they say taking on the role felt right.




They both tell us that it is fun and enjoyable cosplaying as a pair.  They discovered that it makes them more passionate in their craft as they continue to work together.  They say that cosplaying as a pair brings out the best in them because they love each other in real life and that makes their characters come alive even more.  Outside of cosplay, they both love playing video games, reading books and comics, drawing manga, traveling, and going out on food trips.




The couple made their Shaider and Annie cosplay debut  at the 7th Philippine Cosplay Convention at Robinsons Manila.  Their cosplays were an instant hit.  Hundreds of people asked to have their pictures taken with them and photographer were all over them asking for a shoot.  We asked them how they felt when people took photos of them and with them.  “We feel happy and honored that people want to take pics of us because they also grew up watching Shaider and they share their memories with us how the series inspired their childhood.”




They tell us that the  greatest challenge in cosplay is bringing a character to life and giving justice to it. “When people can see only the character you cosplay and believe you are that character they love, then you can say that you have succeeded and have done it well.”  Despite the trials and difficulties they have had cosplaying, they are glad to have friends and group mates who have always been supportive of them. They admit that their parents can’t relate to their cosplaying most of the time, but they do try to let them enjoy their hobby once in a while as long as they don’t forget their responsibilities at home.  And to those who have helped them out over the years, they have this to say:   “We would like to thank  our group mates at Red Factor and NECC (Nueva Ecija Cosplay Club), who were always there to support and cheer for us. And most of all, we would like to thank the Lord for giving us talents and skills that allow us to be creative and artistic in our passion.”




Seeing their cosplays made me realize the power that cosplaying can have over people.  It can evoke so many emotions ad memories of a time long forgotten. More than just for nostalgia, cosplay presents endless possibilities to turn imagination into reality.


Thank you for dropping by.  Do visit us again for more cosplay features here at arkadymac.com.


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