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Free Japanese Film Screenings during the 2nd ASEAN – Japan TV Festival



The Japan Foundation, Manila and The Embassy of Japan in the Philippines are pleased to announce Free Japanese Film Screenings at Cinema 5 of Trinoma Mall from September 7 to 10, 2017.  This event coincides with the 2nd ASEAN – Japan TV Festival 2017 (AJTVF2) to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of ASEAN.

Wargods Gaming Expo 1.5 at Playland Fisher Mall


Wargods Gaming Expo Cosplay Showdown Playland Fisher Mall 0001


Gaming and cosplay excitement all in one great event at the Wargods Gaming Expo 1.5 last July 12,2015 .  Set in the fresh and unique venue of Playland, Fisher Mall in Quezon City, thousands of gamers, cosplayers and enthusiasts got to experience an event like no other with lots of activities, contests, attractions and performances from start to finish, all organized by Wargods Gaming Arena in cooperation with Otaku U Rule.  arkadymac.com is an official media partner for Wargods Gaming Expo 1.5, so we are glad to bring you the highlights of this exciting event.

Upcoming Event: Cosplay Showdown at Wargods Gaming Expo 1.5


Wargods Gaming Expo_0001


Gaming and cosplay excitement all in one great event at the Wargods Gaming Expo 1.5 at July 12,2015 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM Playland, Fishermall.  This fresh new event is brought to us by Wargods Gaming Arena in cooperation with Otaku U Rule!

Kill la Kill Cosplay Group Shoot


Kill la Kill cosplay group shoot_0001


We chanced upon a group of cosplayers having fun one warm Sunday at Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center in Quezon City.  Every so often, small cosplay groups take it upon themselves to organize simple photoshoots at familiar places.  As cosplay events and conventions may be far in between sometimes, these photoshoots present rare opportunities for some bonding time among friends and present chances to meet new ones.

Cosplay Fest 2014 at PSBA



We at arkadymac.com love cosplay at school events, which was why we were thrilled to have been invited to Cosplay Fest 2014 at PSBA, or the Philippine School of Business Administration, one fine weekday during their Foundation Week celebration.  I was asked to be a judge along with fellow blogger from Otakista, Richard, but truth be told we would rather shoot photos of cosplayers, so with our cameras we were on double duty covering the event.




Cosplay Fest 2014 was an event open to PSBA-QC for the students who enjoy cosplaying as well as the many endlessly fascinating aspects of Japanese or Western pop culture.  The contest actually started several weeks prior with a “liking” contest on Facebook, where people were asked to like the photos of the cosplayers.   It was then part of the score coming into the competition and the one with the most likes got a special prize.




It was late in the afternoon when the event started at the lower parking area of the school after another event that coincided with the school’s Foundation Week celebration.  A good-sized crowd of schoolmates and supporters were on hand to watch the event and cheer the cosplayers on.





After a few introductions and welcoming remarks about the event, the competition started with Angeline as Maka Albarn of Soul Eater.  She had the costume nailed good, and she got to show off decent moves with a scythe, a skill no longer popular with today’s generation, but I digress.





Next up was Gertraud as Merida from Brave.  She sure dressed the part and had a pretty amusing skit with an accomplice.  She had really hardcore fans and they never wavered in extending their support.




She was followed by Zain as Kaneki Ken of Tokyo Ghoul.  Barefoot for most of the afternoon, he gave a really strong portrayal of the good-natured but close-to-insane character, and left the audience with a particularly bloody performance.




Lady was up next as Lara Croft of Tomb Raider.  She gave an action-filled performance as the popular  game and movie heroine as she was cheered on by her friends.




Camille then took over the stage cosplaying as Haruhi Suzumiya.  She performed a (near perfect) Hare Hare Yukai dance.  I’ll be honest in saying that it was probably the best one I’ve seen in quite a while.  Sure its been done for ages, but its rare to see a good one nowadays.  Everyone can dress up as Haruhi but not everyone can catch Haruhi’s character as Camille did this afternoon.  She was quirky, bubbly and perky, and her performance was definitely my highlight for the week.




Rounding up the contestants was Karen as Mio Akiyama of K-On.  She had a musical performance reflecting her character as the bassist of a high school band and afterward gave a song number for everyone.




The judges had a really hard time deciding the winners as the cosplayers all prepared well for the competition, but after the scores were tallied with the results from the liking contests, the winners were announced.  Lady as Lara Croft won first place overall with some special awards as well, followed by Angeline as Maka Albarn for second place while Camille as Haruhi Suzumiya took third place.  They received some really great prizes from the organizers.  It was a friendly competition as they knew each other and they were all happy to have participated in a cosplay event in their school.




After the awarding, head organizer Cherry gave some final remarks and thanked everyone for participating in and supporting the event, and that they look forward to a bigger and more exciting event next year.




Afterwards, even though it was already dusk, we took the opportunity to shoot some more as events like these don’t really come that often.  We were all a bit tired but we were all happy to get to celebrate a small but cozy cosplay event together.  Our thanks to the organizer for inviting us a judge as well as inviting us to cover the event.  We hope to see everyone again soon.













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Invitational Otaku Urule Photoshoot 9 (IOP9)


Invitational Otaku Photoshoot9,  or IOP 9, was originally held at the Best of Anime 2013 event at the SMX Convention Center at SM Mall of Asia and featured an Animarriage Booth where people, cosplayers in particular, can get “married,” complete with matching wedding rings and certificates.  This was line with the broader theme of couples for this month’s installment of this truly unique photoshoot series, which was carried over to a “Part 2” of sorts at the faithful and ever-dependable Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife in Quezon City.




Part 2 was inevitably cancelled due to bad weather, and Part 2.5 was held the week after, thankfully with clear weather that time around.  There was a drizzle when the event ended, but for those who have been to past installments know, IOPs aren’t complete without the rain.




IOPs have the simple rule of getting photographers, cosplayers, otakus and other enthusiasts together, have them know each other and be friendly with each other and respect one another as people who share the same or similar interests.  With this in mind, everyone had fun doing photoshoots thro9ughout the park.



Of course, special attention was given to couples, the theme for this month’s IOP.  There were famous anime couples like Yuno and Yuuki from Mirai Nikki, as well as some crazy crossover couples and odd pairings just for fun.




There was also the raffle for cool prizes as sort of a test run for the Japanime event at PUP on Oct 3, also organized by Otaku Urule.  Everyone enjoyed it though the winners of course had the bigger smiles.




Eventually the sun set again on another IOP behind the clouds and the drizzle but everyone got to enjoy another fun get-together and anticipating the next one, IOP 10 with a zombie apocalypse theme.  Our thanks and congratulations to Otaku Urule for another successful event and keeping the community together and alive.




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My personal apologies to some of the cosplayers whose photos did not turn out so well. I offer no excuse for my lack of skill and only promise to get better photos of you next time. Again my deepest, sincerest apology.


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Invitational Otaku Urule Photoshoot 8 (IOP8)



The cosplay community unites to help out those who have been affected by heavy flooding by participating at IOP 8,  or Invitational Otaku Urule Photoshoot 8, the latest in a long-running series of photoshoots for cosplayers and photographers alike.  Organized by Otaku Urule, a student-based organization which promotes Japanese pop culture in the country, more than a hundred cosplayers, photographers and enthusiasts alike once again trooped to the ever-scenic and ever-dependable Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife with earnest expectations of having a fun and memorable day with each other, with the only rule being: to have fun, meet friends, respect one another, and enjoy.




Continuing where it left off from the first part at Fantasy Quest 3, IOP 8 was a campaign to raise funds for the benefit of those who have been affected by recent calamities.  It was everyone’s earnest desire to give back to the community while participating in something meaningful as well.  As with the long-line of IOPs, before it, this one was a truly fun event as the participants went on photoshoots all over the park.  Participants interacted with each other in new and meaningful ways, took pictures with the other visitors at the park, and for some it was simply an opportunity to goof off and have plain old fun.




Also, as with other IOPs, the weather was quite challenging to work with, and for the nth consecutive time it rained again.  The participants took shelter in a building under construction where they continued taking photos, with some taking the rainy lull to catch their breath, talk to each other, and make new friends.  Everyone was too busy and barely noticed that the rain had already ended.  Everyone then took the chance to take some more photos before the sun finally set again on another IOP.   As always, everyone went home tired but happy.  Some even didn’t want the day to end and they had to be shooed away by the park’s well-meaning guards just to get going.








Given the short notice made for the event, the turnout was still quite good and everyone’s help and donations made this IOP another successful one.  This wouldn’t have been possible if not for the able, courteous and experienced staff of Otaku Urule, who made sure the event ran as smoothly as possible for all the participants.  Looking forward to the next IOP. Many thanks to Sir Gerum Guamil for his invaluable tutelage and knowledge.



















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Cultural Cosplay Fest Photoshoot



Helping out to promote cosplay and anime in the country, Anime Corner Philippines organized Cultural Cosplay Fest Photoshoot, a social event for cosplayers, photographers and enthusiasts at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife last weekend.  More than a hundred participants were at the event to have fun and take photos of each other at the venue.




Luckily, the event had very few hitches.  The weather was cloudy but otherwise cooperated as it did not rain, much to the relief of the participants and organizers.




Pictorials were done throughout the grounds and everyone had a great time and establishing good ties with each other.




The day ended without much incident and everyone left with great memories, looking forward to another event like this one.  Many thanks to Sir Gerum for taking the time and effort to help me improve my skills.  I am truly grateful.




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Photoshoot for a Cause



Cosplayers show that they are always eager to  lend a helping hand as over a hundred of them were given the chance to do so at the Photoshoot for a Cause event last weekend.  This unique experience was organized by the National Cosplayers of the Philippines, an organization that has held many events since its inception in 2010 involving cosplay as a means to raise funds for charitable causes and institutions.  This time around, participants were asked to bring notebooks, pencils and other school supplies to be given to the children of House of Refuge Foundation in Parinas, Project 8, Quezon City, a group that strives to help the needy in our society, particularly abandoned and orphaned children.






Over a hundred cosplayers and photographers were on hand to take part in the occasion, where osplayers were paired with photographers as they took turns for individual and group photoshoots in the many different and fascinating locations inside the Ninoy Aquino parks and Wildlife in Quezon City.  Although the summer heat and humidity can be a little too much for anyone to bear, the cosplayers and photographers still persevered in making sure they have the best poses for the best photographs possible.






At day’s end, all the participants have had their fill and more of photographs and stories to share about the event. The National Cosplayers of the Philippines has always fostered the notion that cosplayers can have fun while helping others, and this was very evident from the enjoyment the participants had from joining.  We at arkadymac.com thank he National Cosplayers of the Philippines for a job well done in organizing this photoshoot and giving cosplayers the chance to make a difference in someone else’s life through this charity event.  We and many others look forward to attending and covering more such events in the future.

























Eiri’s Night Out


After an event that had horribly gone wrong (again), Eiri and Nyanbu tried to make the best out of it and had a pictorial.  Well, that’s how it ended up happening anyway.  I apologize for my very amateur photos.  We didn’t have our great photoman that night and I had to take them myself and I still have much to learn. Much.  Good thing Eiri is gorgeous enough for the two of us.  Will post more photos and higher res photos later, okay?  Just need to make this post for that Monday morning rush.  Thanks, and do visit us again.

To know more about Eiri, please do visit her official page at:  https://www.facebook.com/EiriMina?group_id=0

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