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Gelo Grayson: Dedication

arkadymac.com highlights not only the best events in the Philippines but also its cosplayers. We are fortunate enough to get a small interview with him. Here is our feature on one of the most talented crafters in the Philippines and our dear friend, Gelo Grayson.

The New Adventures of Superman and Batman

The_New_Adventures_of Superman_and_Batman_0001


After making an appearance at the Batman 75th Anniversary Exhibit at the Activity Center of The Block, SM North EDSA, our super fiends from cosplay group Justice Ph stepped out a bit for a quick tour of the Sky Garden.  They figured it was a slow night in Gotham anyway and that Saturday nights should really be for a fun time out in the city.


The_New_Adventures_of Superman_and_Batman_0002


So Gerard, Tim and Gelo as Superman, Batman and Red Hood set out on a grand adventure that spanned a whole city (SM City), sharing greetings with mallgoers, taking photos, and just plain having fun with people who were also enjoying their Saturday night.


The_New_Adventures_of Superman_and_Batman_0003


The_New_Adventures_of Superman_and_Batman_0049


The_New_Adventures_of Superman_and_Batman_0052



The_New_Adventures_of Superman_and_Batman_0053


The_New_Adventures_of Superman_and_Batman_0006


The_New_Adventures_of Superman_and_Batman_0009


The_New_Adventures_of Superman_and_Batman_0004


The_New_Adventures_of Superman_and_Batman_0022


The_New_Adventures_of Superman_and_Batman_0020


The_New_Adventures_of Superman_and_Batman_0042


Oh, sorry for the quality of the photographs.  I still have much to learn.  Nonetheless, it was still a fun experience, and for our heroes, it’s still a job well done.  Catch more of them at their FB page, Justice Ph.

Thank you for dropping by, and do visit us again for more features here at arkadymac.com.


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Batman 75th Anniversary Exhibit at The Block, SM North EDSA



Three-quarters of a century since his first appearance in a comic book, the legend of Batman, the Caped Crusader, the Dark Knight, is still very much alive today, captivating the imagination of generations of readers and audiences with his struggles and quest for justice.  With fans and followers spanning 75 years in countless countries, the Philippines also gets to celebrate this milestone with the Batman 75th Anniversary Exhibit at the Activity Center of The Block, SM North EDSA.




Featured in the exhibit is a Bat Computer display with a full-scale statue of Batman.  Folks can’t get enough of it, of course.




Around it were numerous display cases of toys, figures, replica vehicles, and dioramas of anything and everything about the Batman universe.








There was also an art gallery featuring the various artwork with the different versions and reincarnations of the Batman franchise throughout the years.  They offer insight into the evolution an growth of Batman as a comic book and cartoon character throughout the years, rendered in stunning renditions by accomplished artists.






The centerpiece of the exhibit was the Batmobile Experience, where folks can get to try out a sleek Batmobile replica for any 500 peso purchase of Batman merchandise.  Unfortunately, picture-taking is not allowed inside so this was as far as we could go.




We were fortunate to catch up with some members of cosplay group Justice PH who made an appearance at the exhibit.  Batman was there, with Nightwing and Red Hood,and even Batman’s buddy Superman later on that night.  They said they just had to drop by to help celebrate 75 years of Batman, in cosplay, of course.  They then found themselves busy having their photos taken and taking photos with the crowd that had gathered for the exhibit.  The cosplayers tell us that they are glad that the mallgoers are appreciative of their cosplays, as they never run out of people asking them for a shot or two or ten.






It isjust a simple exhibit, but worth the time if you’re just nearby and if you’re a big Batman fan, like me.  Here’s to more years of the Caped Crusader.


















Thank you for dropping by, and do visit us again for more features here at arkadymac.com.


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Free Comic Book Day 2013 Coverage



I’m usually ambivalent and apathetic about holidays that don’t mean double pay at work, like Valentine’s Day, but this year’s first Saturday of May is a special exception as the whole world celebrates Free Comic Book Day. Unlike other holidays, this one means what it says and that is enough reason to be happy about. Yes! Free comic books at participating bookstores all around the world.  No ifs or buts.  It was started in the US in 2002 to promote comic book reading: to draw in new readers while calling back old ones and to thank all the people supporting the industry.  Since then, Free Comic Book Day has become a huge success and has spread to many countries.

In the Philippines, there were three different events where comics were given away last May 4.  The first one was at Fully Booked and Comic Odyssey at Bonifacio High Street, which gave away comics as well as sample editions from local artists.   Planet X in Glorietta also gave away free comics to the public.


The biggest event in terms of attractions and activities was held at the 4th floor of National Bookstore on Quezon Avenue, entitled Setting the Record, as invited artists aim to set the record for most number of sketches at a comic book event.  Luckily, this event was the closest so I was there around 8 in the morning with only about 40 people in line before me, some coming in as early as 6.  They started letting people in around 9.


Lots of things were in store for those who attended.  The biggest draw of all would of course was the free comic books, and each attendee got to take home three of them. THREE.  Three special edition comic books of popular titles published just for this very occasion.  Different titles are apparently made available at different locations.  I chose a rather flashy Superman, Last Son of Krypton comic, Aphrodite and Bleeding Cool.  There was no catch.  I didn’t need to buy anything to claim them.  I just got in line like the others and waited my turn to choose from among the twenty to thirty titles on display.  That unbelievably simple.


Besides the free comics, there are also many other booths that gave away freebies.  I got two pins/badges, stickers and a limited edition comic book created by local artists.  There were lots of comics on sale as well, most were on huge discounts including special covers and editions, signed copies, and back issues.  There were also comic book-themed merchandise, toys and collectibles on display or on sale.


Probably the most important aspect of the event was the presence of local comic book artists presenting their work to the public.  There are booths and sections dedicated to showing off locally-produced work, which can be viewed and purchased as well. I personally got to see and was amazed at the quantity and quality of work that our homegrown artists can do, as well as the creativity and hard work they have put in to their craft.  There was quite a number of these independent artists, creators, publishers  at the event, and their works were absolutely astounding.


There was a particular booth that caught my eye.  It was the Wacom booth, which had a really fancy pen tablet and interactive pen display, the kind of devices professional artists use.  They gave me a great demonstration and tried it briefly myself.  I can just imagine how easy my life would be with these babies helping me improve my site, but I guess I’d have to wait a while.  Wacom, by the way, is the world’s leading manufacturer of pen tablets, interactive pen displays and digital interface solutions.


It was quite unfortunate that I had to go to my regular job after just an hour at the event, so I was unable to stay to catch the part where famous artists working on US-based titles along with prominent local artists talk about the industry or about their work and do sketches and autographs.


Not much in the way of cosplay today, with only three individuals spotted in the event, but their efforts are well appreciated in this blog, of course.  I got to take snapshots of a father and son duo as a young Robin and the Red Hood, and there was Green Lantern as well.







It was a great day for me and all the others who participated. Got to go home with lots of freebies and was agreeably the most loot I’ve received at any event in quite a while.  Already looking forward to next year’s Free Comic Book Day, and I’ll make sure to bring more friends along.



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