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Chinese New Year 2016 at Binondo


Chinese New Year 2016 at Binondo_0002


The arkadymac.com team went to Binondo, Manila to welcome the Year of the Fire Monkey amid frenetic dragon and lion dances, bright lanterns, loud firecrackers, spectacular fireworks, and, more importantly, Chinese delicacies you’d only get to enjoy on that particular day. So Happy New Year, everyone! 恭喜發財,身體健康!祝大家一個新年快樂。希望你們有一個很好的二0一六!  Please join us in the adventures as we took part in the festivities with our friends at what is thought to be the oldest Chinatown in the world.

Chinese New Year 2015 at Binondo

Chinese New Year 2015 Adventures_0001


A happy Chinese new year to everyone as the arkadymac.com team welcomed the year of the wooden sheep in Binondo, Manila.  No cosplay events to cover here (although there were some random cosplayers there), but we just set out to enjoy the sights and sounds that Chinatown happily offered on this occasion.

arkadymac.com Guesting at DZIQ Radyo Inquirer 990 AM



It was a big day for arkadymac.com as we got featured at DZIQ Radyo Inquirer 990 AM last weekend in celebration of our second anniversary.  The panelists were made up of Creative Director, Xtian Mack, along with our Cosplay Models Mina Kim, Keileen, Queenie and Deric.  The guesting was a first for most of us so were all as anxious as we were excited to be able to share our views on cosplaying on air with a wider audience.




It got a bit tense when the program started, but we eventually settled in to the topic at hand.  We all love cosplaying after all, so we didn’t have a problem expressing what we felt about the subject.  It turned out to be an hour of fun, entertaining, and enlightening talk about cosplaying in the Philippines and cosplaying as a hobby that people can enjoy and be passionate about.  Our Cosplay Models got to share their own experience about cosplaying, like their preference in characters and how they prepare their cosplays.




Thank goodness for commercials as they gave us brief breathers and some chance to goof off.



The program also touched on how cosplay changed the lives of our models, of how cosplay has helped them gain their self esteem and how cosplay has opened opportunities for them to have more friends and have a wonderful time with them.




We also got to discuss how cosplaying has contributed and has given back to the community through charity work. arkadymac.com has in its two years of existence participated in and helped with numerous fundraisers for charitable institutions. We have also covered and participated in feeding programs, hospital and orphanage visits where we got in touch with children and helped bring smiles to the people who need them the most.





After the program we had a short photoshoot for some memories from a particularly special day for our small arkadymac.com family.  We then had lunch at a nearby restaurant, all with a healthy appetite.




We couldn’t have gotten these opportunities if it weren’t for the love and support from you, our valued readers, in helping us through these two years.  We really, really appreciate it.  We are glad to have reached our second year of bringing the best of cosplaying in the Philippines, and we hope you can keep on supporting us for more years to come.



Thank you for dropping by, and please visit us again for more features here at arkadymac.com

Upcoming Event: arkadymac.com Guesting at DZIQ Radyo Inquirer 990 AM


We would like to invite our our friends and readers to tune in to their radios this Saturday, Nov 1, 10-11am on DZIQ Radyo Inquirer 990 AM for arkadymac.com’s guesting at DZIQ Radyo Inquirer 990 AM.  It will be an hour of fun,entertaining, and enlightening talk about cosplaying in the Philippines and cosplaying as a hobby that people can enjoy and be passionate about.


Our panelists will be made up of Creative Director, Xtian Mack, with Coverage Partner Jillian Rose, and Cosplay Models Mina Kim, Ai Chi, Queenie and Deric.  Expect the unexpected as we go all out to let  more people know about the fun of cosplaying.  Join in the discussion as well by phoning in your questions.  You can also catch the program via live streaming at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/dziq

We do hope you can support us by tuning inn this Saturday.  We at arkadymac.com are always trying our best to spread the fun that cosplaying brings to people.

Please spread the word.







Kami’s 18th Birthday Cosplay Party



We were fortunate to be part of an important day of a friend last week as Kami, a a young but talented photographer in her own right, celebrated her 18th birthday party.  For those in the Philippines, the debut is a young lady’s coming of age party, where she is presented to family and friend who have been a part of their young lives.   With debuts often being a formal suit-and-gown type of affair, Kami chose hers to be unique, one with a cosplay there surrounded by the cosplayers and photographers who have made a profound influence in her life.




Held at the lavish poolside of Mandarin Oriental in Makati, Kami’s 18th Birthday Cosplay Party started in the afternoon with everyone getting ready, donning their cosplays for the evening festivities.  Guest trickled in throughout the subsequent hours until everyone was gathered and formally welcomed.  After a splendid dinner the program began.




Of course, a debut wouldn’t be complete without the eighteen roses and candles.   The event hosts had their  own little twist into it with the 18 dances.   Friends and family danced the night with Kami, who was utterly enchanting in her Elsa cosplay.  Watching her dance with everyone was a delightful sight with the beautiful view of the moon and the lighted poolside.  After the dance, the debutante had a 5-minute break to freshen up and getting ready for the for the next part of the program.




Next was the 18 treasures. Friends from the cosplay community, family members, high school friends and chosen guests came up the stage and waited their turn to say what their gift to Kami was.  All the gifts are connected to Kami’s hobbies and interests. Some gave her makeup kits because they want to see her more of a lady as she would rather be seen in hoodies. Some gave gifts connected to anime and photography. She was indeed touched by the sincerity of the loving people around her.




Finally came the most emotional part of the program, the 18 candles. The most memorable part of the program was that Kami’s best friends were there.   It made her really tearful to hear them say their best wishes to Kami.  Strangely enough, I was invited to be part of it even though I was not a pretty lady.  I had the chance to tell her what a wonderful person she was, always kind, caring and friendly, and that she had made a significant impact in people’s lives with her smile.  I then invited everyone to sing the birthday song for her, with the song loud and clear that everyone really wished her the happiness she was feeling that moment.




There were other events like the cosplay catwalk, dance showdown, a photobooth, selfies, Kami’s cake-cutting, more selfies, then photoshoots with everyone.  It was indeed a magical night filled with fun, tears, and much happiness.  It was an event many won’t soon forget as Kami gets ready to face new challenges in life while knowing she has this many people supporting and wishing her well all the way.




We would like to thank Kami for inviting us to this splendid affair.  We really are happy for you.  Many thanks as well to the cosplayers and photographers who were there.  The event was really magical with all the cosplayers around that it was dubbed KamiCon.




Many thanks to our coverage partner and features writer Jillian Rose for covering the event, writing the article and taking photos for this coverage.  Many thanks as well to Alphard Penetrante of Snapshot Fantasy for sharing his photos of the event with us.











Thanks for dropping by, and do visit us again for more cosplay features here at arkadymac.com.



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