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Enjoy the Holidays this December with Animax


Lots of ways to have fun this December over the holidays with your favorite anime channel, Animax.  Follow three friends bound together by destiny in the romantic musical series Anonymous Noise, then experience the festive fun at Cosplay Matsuri 2017, where Animax will be taking part as the Official Channel Partner!

Hottest Asian Dramas on GEM this September: My Lover’s Secret, Le Sacrifice, and Pretty Proofreader Deluxe

Get only the hottest and freshest shows this September as GEM continues to keep your heart racing with the best of Asian entertainment! Turn up the heat with Japanese drama My Lover’s Secret and Chinese period drama Le Sacrifice. Then cool down with the comedy special Pretty Proofreader Deluxe, which premieres same time as Japan!

My Lover’s Secret

Burdened with a dark family secret that he has been hiding for 11 years, law student Rei Okumori (Fukushi Sota) is unable to maintain relationships with anyone. But when he falls in love with a fellow law student, Sawa Tachibana (Kawaguchi Haruna), he finds happiness for the first time in over a decade. As the couple plans their marriage, a stranger threatens to reveal everything about his darkest secret. How far will Sawa go to accept Rei after his secret is exposed?

My Lover’s Secret premieres 7 September, every Wednesday and Thursday at 9pm, first and exclusively on GEM. 

Animax Bloggers’ Night: Hanami!


Our good friends at Animax got to hold a special evening for us bloggers to keep us updated on the new and exciting things the leading anime cable channel has in store for their audience for the next couple of weeks.  The were fun games, lots of nice food and great updates regarding the amazing lineup of current and upcoming shows on Animax.

Action-filled May on Animax with My Hero Academia and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure


A whole lot of action and adventure, blended with fantasy and mystery are in store for anime fans everywhere as Animax airs the hottest anime series this month of May with My Hero Academia, Alice and Zuroku, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and
Chain Chronicle -The Light of Haecceitas.

My Hero Academia (All New Episodes)

Animax Asia to Air Charlotte on the Same Day as Japan




An original anime production by prolific writer Jun Maeda is premiering first and exclusively on Animax – Asia’s first 24-hour Japanese anime channel.

8th Philippine Cosplay Convention ( PCC 2015 )

8th Philippine Cosplay Convention 2015_0001


The Philippine Cosplay Convention had been my favorite yearly event since I began cosplaying and blogging, so even if we had never been asked to be their media partners I made sure to make time to drop by to, more than anything, just enjoy myself as a cosplayer with many others who share the same passion. Sharing this sentiment were thousands of other cosplayers who look forward to PCC because it had consistently been one of the most exciting events each year.

Cosplay Competition at ICT Roadshow 2015 Kickoff

Cosplay Competition at ICT Roadshow 2015 Kickoff_0001


It was a fun weekend for cosplaying as the ICT Roadshow 2015 Kickoff held a cosplay competition at the Cyberzone of SM Annex North EDSA.  I was invited to be one of the judges so it was a doubly interesting (and challenging) time for me as I had to do coverage at the same time and as the competitors at this event were among the best around.

Lolita Fashion Show and Contest at MATA Expo 2015 Philippines

Lolita Fashion Show and Contest at Mata Expo 2015_0001


The best in local Lolita fashion figured prominently in the spotlights of an international event as  MATA Expo 2015 Philippines featured the Lolita Fashion Show and Contest last weekend at One Esplanade SM Central Business Park.  Mata Expo has been a multicultural trade show that promotes many worthy causes, in particular, fostering awareness for issues regarding deaf and hard-of-hearing people and raising funds for breast cancer cure research. Mata Expo has toured all over the world, spreading the message of multiculturalism in the US and Canada, and now in the Philippines.  For our complete coverage of MATA Expo 2015  itself, click here.

Cosplay Planet by Otaku URule at Lucky Chinatown Mall



At the fresh new venue of Lucky Chinatown Mall in Binondo, Manila, the official launch of the Otaku U Rule Cosplay program was well underway with Cosplay Planet, an event that hopes to revitalize the cosplay community. arkadymac.com is an official media partner for this event and we are happy to be able to bring the highlights to you.




Otaku U Rule! is a network of campus based student organizations aimed to promote youth development through Japanese pop culture.  They have been active in creating and promoting events that really matter to the otaku and cosplay community.  As their latest project and carefully conceptualized and prepared for months beforehand, the Cosplay Planet Project Launch Mall Show aimed to reaffirm ties to the cosplay community and develop it further by providing the means to individual cosplayers to expand their knowledge, improve their skills, and hone their craft in cosplay as an art.




The Cosplay Planet Project Launch Mall Show was well-advertised with a huge billboard at the mall’s facade, featuring selected cosplayers.  There was a great turnout for the event which started 10 am up until early evening.  Cosplayers from all over the metro came to join in the event, and took part in the workshops given by prominent and able resource persons and speakers as part of their innovative  cosplay development program.  The OUR- Cosplay Planet program is a series of seminar workshops for aspiring cosplayers who are about to enter the cosplay community. Seminar-workshops will include the following: Character Research, Tailoring, Armor and Weapon Production, Wig Styling, Theater Workshops (For Competitions), Netiquette, Posing and Cosplay Modeling, Photography, and many more.  Cosplay Planet is particulary a academic-cultural event designed to improve the talent and skills of the students.




Along with those were the Otaku U Rule! – NCR Prime Recruitment Drive and Cosplay Planet Workshopper Recruitment, as well as the launch of JMedia, Otaku Urule’s official media team which would be bringing news of the latest developments in the otaku and cosplay community in the Philippines and we will be watching out for them.




With the day’s program were raffles, games and contests with great prizes given away, as well as song and dance performances that kept the event exciting.  One of the highlights of the event was the  open-house cosplay competition where cosplayers showed off their great costumes and exciting performances in front of a curious and appreciative audience.





At the closing, RG Gamurot, founder of Otaku U Rule!, thanked everyone for making Cosplay Planet a success, and invited everyone to watch out for more exciting future projects that will make an impact on the local otaku and cosplay scene.




Then of course we had fun with the cosplayers who were mixing it up with the crowd.  Mallgoers were quite appreciative and had their pictures taken with them.








Cosplay Planet  was a fun event of many firsts, and we look forward to the upcoming projects and events from our friends from Otaku Urule, like the re-launch of the Invitational Otaku Urule Photoshoot series next month, so please stay tuned for the latest developments.










Thank you for dropping by, and please visit us again for more cosplay features here at arkadymac.com.


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Upcoming Event: Cosplay Planet Project Launch Mall Show



It promises to be fresh, exciting weekend as our friends from Otaku Urule shake the cosplay community once again with up with the Cosplay Planet Project Launch Mall Show this Saturday, November 22, 2014, 12:00-6:oo PM at a great new venue: Lucky China Town Mall in Binondo, Manila.  arkadymac.com is an official media partner for this event, and we hope you can join us and be there to take part in the festivities.


Cosplay Planet is the official launch of the Otaku U Rule Cosplay program. This is a 1 day event highlighted by the open-house cosplay competition. This will be an afternoon of fun and excitement with raffle and prizes to given away.


Aside for the competition there will be singing and dance performances along with the Anime figure and manga booths co-located in the event area.

– Cosplay Competition
– Otaku U Rule! – NCR Prime Recruitment Drive
– Cosplay Planet Workshopper Recruitment
– Manga Booth
– Anime Figure Booth

Cosplay Competition Mechanics: http://goo.gl/fcCmVq
Cosplay Competition Registration: http://goo.gl/forms/xNEC7aFVzB




So what is the Otaku U Rule Cosplay Planet program?

– The OUR- Cosplay Planet program is a series of seminar workshops for aspiring cosplayers who are about to enter the cosplay community.  Seminar-workshops will include the following:

– Character Research
– Tailoring
– Armor and Weapon Production
– Wig Styling
– Theater Workshop (For Competition)
– Netiquette
– Posing and Cosplay Modeling (Posing)
– Photography
– and many more
– Cosplay Planet is particulary a academic-cultural event designed to improve the talent and skills of the  students.  With these and more, the weekend is shaping up to be a great one for the cosplay community, so we do hope to see you there as we cover Cosplay Planet for arkadymac.com.  Thank you very much.