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“Kiss that Kills” Episode in Hong Kong on GEM this Sunday


While Kento Yamazaki was in Hong Kong for the drama promotional event Kiss that Kills – Up Close and Personal with Kento Yamazaki , he filmed some scenes in Tsim Sha Tsui which will be aired on GEM on 11 Feb, Sun, 9.30PM.

Cosplay Mania ’15: Day 2 Cosplayer Gallery


Cosplay Mania 15 Day 2 Cosplayers_0001


The number of cosplayers that weekend alone was mind-blowing that you’d wonder where all of them came from.  And maybe that was just it: they came from everywhere.  One would be surprised at how many individuals of all walks of life make this yearly pilgrimage from all over the country and beyond.  Some you’d see at every event; some you’d get to see only once a year.  Cosplay Mania is a phenomenon, bringing together people who enjoy and love this unique hobby for a weekend of fun and camaraderie.

Cosplay Mania ’15: Day 2


Cosplay Mania 15- Day 2_0002


Expectations were exceeded as Cosplay Mania ’15, the biggest cosplay event of the year in the Philippines, stayed strong on its second day, continuing to draw in cosplayers and enthusiasts from all over the country and beyond last weekend at the SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia. Almost filling the second level of the SMX to capacity, Cosplay Mania, organized by cosplay.ph, has consistently been one of the most anticipated yearly conventions by the cosplay community. With an impressive lineup of international cosplayers and performers set to thrill and connect with their Filipino fans, it was definitely an exciting weekend for the community.

The Best of Anime / BOA 2015: Day 2


Best of Anime BOA 2015 Day 2_0001


With even more people coming in by the thousands to Function Rooms 2, 3, and 4 of the SMX Convention Center at SM Mall of Asia on its second day, The Best of Anime 2015 continues to stake its claim as one of the biggest anime conventions in the Philippines.  Already on its sixth straight year, BoA delighted its loyal fans by providing an exciting lineup of attractions and activities all weekend long, with an impressive roster of international guest cosplayers and performers to ensure that attendees have a memorable experience.

9th Christmas Toy Fair 2014: Day 3


The arkadymac.com team got to drop by the third day day of the 9th Christmas Toys and Collectibles Fair at SM Megatrade Hall 2, SM Megamall during  a very busy (and traffic-filled) weekend this side of the metro.  It’s a toy convention and a Christmas party venue for all hobbyists, geeks and otakus. 




The 9th Christmas Toys and Collectibles Fair is a three-day event running from December 12, 13 and 14, 2014, and showcases a lot of booths filled with all manner of toys, games, collectibles, and many other curiosities.




But we were there for the cosplayers of course, and we sure got to see a lot of them.  For most, it would be the last event before Christmas, so they went to get to see friends before the holidays and they got to spread some Christmas cheer to mallgoers too.




We got to see members of Enchantment PH on stage.




As well as our friends from Justice PH.




Caught sight of celebrity cosplayer Liui Aquino.




There was the presentation of donation of toys to PGH Kids Cancer Ward.




And a whole lot of our cosplayer friends as well.






Here’s a Video Montage of ToyFair Day 3:


This concludes our coverage for all three days of 9th Christmas Toy Fair 2014.  Please see our coverages of Day 1 and Day 2 as well.  Thank you for dropping by, and please visit us again for more features here at arkadymac.com.

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Otaku Expo 2014, Day 2


arkadymac.com went to SM Megamall last weekend to cover the first day Otaku Expo 2014, the first major cosplay event this year.  There were lots of attractions inside like a fun program, booths, stalls for all sorts of toys, collectibles and curiosities.  There was also the Animax area giving away freebies.  There was also a cosplay competition and a whole lot of other things going on that kept the event interesting.


We were there for the cosplayers, of course, and there were lots on the second day.  It was tough trying to take photos of as many of them as I can, but they were all great so I had my fill of fun. Some of the security guards were just plain rude though.


I need to rush off to work now, so I’m sorry but I’ll just update this post later.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy some of the photos I took.


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Because This Used to Be My Playground



Because of personal circumstances, I wasn’t able to attend a cosplay event this weekend.  Rather than start the week without something new, please just indulge me and let me present a feature about Luneta’s Children’s Playground, a quaint but marvelous place that engulfed me in nostalgia. I was on the way to cover an event one day at Chinese Gardens when I saw it again after so many years and couldn’t resist spending some time (actually two hours) and take a few shots here and there.




My parents would often bring my brother and I to Rizal park on weekends for picnics and just spend time together.  My childhood may have been just a hazy memory, but there was one place in particular that is still very vivid in my mind: the Children’s Playground.




Well, in particular, the colorful dinosaur statues that have been as much a part of my childhood as chocolate.  As I played there with my brother, I would imagine that they were alive and that I had the power to command them to do my bidding. I would ride on them and pretend they were my battle mounts going into was with the many other creatures in the park.









Even back then, around the 80s, the park was already in disrepair, which is why I was glad to hear that the playground was renovated last year with the help of some UP fine arts students, a truly admirable act on their part.   Now the playground is as colorful as ever, well, sometimes too colorful.  I saw the kids having old-fashioned, simple fun with their family and friends, running around, playing on the swings and slides and going i and out of the many attractions there.






At just 10 pesos per person, one can enjoy the many attractions in the playground for the entire day, with reasonable restrooms and places to eat.  One can also find it to be a place to just rest and relax under the many trees in and around the playground.  Security is quite adequate with CCTVs and roving guards to protect the public.






For most, Luneta and our other parks have fallen out of favor against malls as a place to take the family, which is sad since these public areas are still enjoyable and fascinating places to take the family.  Hopefully more people will get to rediscover places like the Children’s Playground and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.









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Happy Easter Bunnies


Probably the most frequently asked question during Easter is: Do Easter bunnies lay Easter eggs?  The answer to that question is yes, of course, although they are a bit small and black and don’t taste too good.  That’s probably why they need to paint them in bright, enticing colors.


Well, Easter is probably the only time I get to feature my wonderful bunnies, Dice and Domino.  The names can be misleading as they are both does, or females, sisters in fact. They are both doing quite well and are healthy at 2 years old.  Their parents were quite prolific and that taught me a lesson to be very careful in letting rabbits breed. They can start reproducing from three to four months of age,  produce four to seven litters/batches of babies per year.  A grown female can be pregnant continuously for up to eight months. One single pair of mature rabbits is able to produce 30-40 offspring per year.  Well, you get the idea.


Dice is the mostly white one with black and gray spots.  Her coat pattern is called magpie, and she has really thick, fluffy fur. We were told that her father was of a French lop breed.   She has gray spots over both eyes, so we usually just call her “Eyeliner.” Dice is most adorable when she begs for food, even though she was fed just a minute ago. She can get quite temperamental and I describe her as a tsundere, a girl who pretends not to like you but actually secretly enjoys your affection. Or could just be my imagination.


Domino has a shiny brown coat with black streaks and a light brown underside.  She is a classic example of the European rabbit, and in pet stores she is labelled as Ordinary Rabbit.  How dare they call Domino ordinary when she’s such an adorable creature!  Most people don’t really like Domino’s color compared to Dice’s, but I still love her the most.  Unfortunately, her right leg got injured from an accident when she was younger.  I learned through research that their bones are not as sturdy as we would think of jumping, active creatures.  She manages fine and is normal notwithstanding.  Domino is the more endearing of the two as she shows affection more readily than her sister.


They both love having their cheeks scratched as that part is sensitive from all the whiskers and fur in that area. They also like it when you stroke or brush their fur.  Domino likes being brushed in only one direction while Dice loves being brushed forwards and backwards.


What do these adorable creatures feed on?  Though Bugs Bunny seemingly eats nothing else but carrots, the bunnies usually eat any kind of plant matter: grass, leaves, vegetables, fruit, and the like.  They usually have pellets bought from a pet store for their regular meals and are supplemented by any vegetable we have on hand, like kangkong, talbos ng kamote, cabbage and pechay.  For treats, they strangely love banana peels and papaya peels.  Come to think of it, they are still plant-based.  They like peels more than the fruits themselves. Apparently, they like crunchy things more.


It’s not really hard to take care of the bunnies; all they need is some quiet place to run around in and rest, feed them twice or thrice a day and provide clean water whenever you can. You’ll need to clean their area once or twice a day.  Their poop are just small pellets that are easily swept and are not soft or yucky or smelly like those of other creatures.  Their pee smells like that of any other creature, but that’s about the worst part of their care.  They are VERY quiet creatures who almost never make sounds.   They NEVER need to take a bath because they clean themselves quite well, ever better than cats. I should know since I also have a cat, and quite frankly, our cat Elizabeth is ALWAYS the dirtier pet.


Why aren’t bunnies more popular as pets then?  Probably because they’re not as responsive to affection as cats or dogs.   The difference lies in the fact that rabbits are prey animals: food for other animals.  They are always afraid of other creatures because nature made them to be cautious and alert and distrustful; otherwise they’ll be dead and eaten more often. I’ve been taking care of bunnies for almost three years and I have yet to catch them sleeping at any time of the day because they ALWAYS hear you coming.  This is why they will always be cautious of you, and usually do not like to be touched, and especially carried, unlike cats or dogs.


That doesn’t mean bunnies are totally devoid of love for you.  It takes time for them to learn to trust you, and when they do, I assure you, the feeling is ten times better than the trust afforded by a dog or cat.  The most rewarding thing you can get from a rabbit is the sight of their wagging tails when they’re really happy.  Their tails wag? Why yes.  Those small, cute tails wag from side to side when they’re happy. It’s really quite a rare sight, and probably the most rewarding sight of all.


Wow.  Looks like I wrote a lot.  I hope it wasn’t obvious I love my bunnies too much, but hopefully you got to know more about the mysterious lives of bunnies. Happy Easter everyone, and do visit us again.