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Happy Father’s Day to Cosplay Dads Everywhere


A big shout out from all of us here at arkadymac.com to all the dads out there who support their children’s talents and passion for cosplay. Happy Father’s Day to Cosplay Dads everywhere!  We salute you for your all your love, dedication, support and effort.

A Public High School Supports Cosplay as a Hobby for Students


Public High School Supports Cosplay as Hobby for Students_0001


Cosplay has been around in the Philippines since the early 2000s, and although the general populace still has some apprehension or resistance towards this hobby, times have been changing and we are happy that public perception toward cosplay has been improving over the years.  We were then pleasantly  surprised to have found a public high school in Las Pinas that supports cosplay as a hobby for its students.

Cultural Cosplay Fest Photoshoot



Helping out to promote cosplay and anime in the country, Anime Corner Philippines organized Cultural Cosplay Fest Photoshoot, a social event for cosplayers, photographers and enthusiasts at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife last weekend.  More than a hundred participants were at the event to have fun and take photos of each other at the venue.




Luckily, the event had very few hitches.  The weather was cloudy but otherwise cooperated as it did not rain, much to the relief of the participants and organizers.




Pictorials were done throughout the grounds and everyone had a great time and establishing good ties with each other.




The day ended without much incident and everyone left with great memories, looking forward to another event like this one.  Many thanks to Sir Gerum for taking the time and effort to help me improve my skills.  I am truly grateful.




Thank you for dropping by, and please visit us again for more features on the hottest cosplay events in town.



















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I’m 36 and still alive. Thank you, everyone.

cosplay costume anbu mask cloak kunai wig naruto konoha ninja xtian mack shinobi japan anime

Thank you.

I’m turning 36 on December 31.  If I were asked a year ago what was the best thing about turning 36, I could only think of one thing and one thing only:

I can now legally marry someone half my age!

Well, not that I tried in previous years, but let’s get off that train of thought before this post takes an unpleasant turn, shall we?

As I turn 36, I look back to a year of adversity.  My hypertension took a turn for the worse and had palpitations that feel like heart attacks each and every day, and because of that, I was able to do something I once thought impossible: change.

1. Finally quit smoking after 18 years. (I used to consume at least a pack a day and now I wonder how.)
2. Lost 23 pounds.  (My body is constantly looking for all that weight it lost so I’m constantly hungry.)
3. Lost 6 inches off my waistline.  (My pants don’t fit no more.  Was surprised when one day I wore my briefs but it slipped down my legs.)
4. Exercise at least an hour a day.  (Mostly walking while listening to the coolest classic 90s hits like Jabongga, Bring Dat Booty(Over Here), Stars(I Hope you Comprehend), Boom-Shak-A-Lak, and Informer. Repeat all and loop.)
5. Cook simple, healthy meals by myself.  (I now love cooking with red bell pepper.)
6. Write creatively again by having this blog.  (I majored in English: Creative Writing, but it has been a decade since I last wrote something entirely creative, imaginative and fictional. Oh wait.  That was my resume.  Make that 15 years.)
7. Be more spontaneous, social and outgoing through cosplaying.  (From Mr. Antisocial to  strange fellow who can now make a few new friends every cosplay event.)

I have always resisted change because I thought I could just get by as I have always done.  When I meet friends and former students again and they ask me what’s new with me, I can only say, “Same old, same old,” and somehow found that comforting.  I was constantly afraid that change was too difficult to achieve.  It’s quite unfortunate that it took a serious medical condition to get me started changing myself for the better.  Don’t get me wrong.  I was entirely content living my life up to a year ago, but now I discovered that by changing just a little, I can appreciate my life just a little bit more.

One year of healthy changes may not be enough to overcome two decades of unhealthy, careless living, and I might die anyway this year, but at least I went down fighting.  But for now, I’ll be turning 36 and I’m still alive. I have a lot to be grateful for.  I thank my family and friends who have been nothing but supportive despite my difficult personality.   I now realize, more than ever, that I am lucky to have all of you.

Continue supporting me because I realized that just being positive is hard enough when you’re alone.  It just takes one bad day alone to set you back down that slippery slope of depression.  So please help me by visiting my blog daily, reading my posts, browsing through the pictures, liking it on the page or on Facebook, or by leaving a comment.  Any comment.  It won’t cost you a cent.  I really don’t make money from this blog, but knowing that people read my work makes me really happy and makes my heart pound with delight.  Oh wait.  Those are palpitations.

Thank you, everyone.  I am 36 and alive because of your support.

So in conclusion, please allow me to marry an 18-year-old girl.  Thank you.

Because its mean to kick them while they’re down

starscream kicks megatron bad day at work

What’s the matter, Megatron? Iron deficiency?

Much to our dread, there are days when nothing right goes our way.  All of us have shitty days (see Megatron above).  We trip for no apparent reason, forget to push the right floor button on the elevator to work,  suddenly run out of cellphone credits or battery, accidentally pour cold or lukewarm water from a broken dispenser on your cup of instant ramen, send kinky texts/emails to our bosses originally intended for a hubby (lapit na me, ligo na u/me close so shower now), or accidentally sneeze on a girls face while having a romantic dinner.

When the heavens (or hells) conspire against us, we could only wish that people would be kinder.  However, this is not usually the case.  Somehow people relish in others’ misfortune.  A few friends would be more sympathetic but generally people take the chance to rub salt on wounds, as it were, simply because it is easy and that it requires very little effort on their part. And, oh, some perverse pleasure too.

So the next time someone gets their share of misfortune, be more understanding.  Some kindness really goes a long way.  If not, you may find yourself on the other end of a terrible vengeful rampage, or, in Starscream’s case (see above), a good beating after each episode.