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Invitational Otaku URule Photoshoot 4 (IOP4)


The group Cosplay Famiglia with their take of the Black Rock Shooter game characters.


Outdoor photoshoots are great opportunities to get really great shots with lots of action amid great scenery.  However, one must contend with nature’s less convenient side. like the heat, sudden rain, humidity, mud, and lots of bugs.   Of course, the reliable senior field correspondents of arkadymac.com, Nyanbu and Obito-kun, will never mind going head-on against such perils and just laugh in the face of discomfort as they bring you our special coverage of the Invitational Otaku URule Photoshoot 4, or IOP4.  It is a photo marathon where cosplayers are paired with photographers and have photoshoots inside the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife in Quezon City.



Obito-kun and Nyanbu report for duty despite almost going mad from the summer heat.


The theme for this particular event was “groups,” so cosplayers whose characters are from the same anime, manga, game, comic, or cartoon had a chance to show their stuff and had fun with their fellows.   Despite the intense heat and humidity and even a strong, sudden rain shower in the afternoon, those who participated in the even had a blast as another successful cosplay event came to an end.

Here are some of the photos we took at the event.  Thank you for dropping by and please do visit us again soon.

Please click on a photo to view the slideshow.


Nyanbu and his ANBU crew pose for the cameras.




The Six Paths of Pain.



BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger cosplayers.





Nagato, konan and Yahiko.



Yamato and Tenten from Naruto.



Bleach cosplayers.


More from the ANBU crew.



The Black Rock Shooter cosplayers having some fun.






 Tenten with a giant summoning scroll.





Eiri Mina as Yuno Gasai posing with the Six paths of Pain.











Please keep in mind that the IOP 4 event did not exactly end like this.


Catch you all again at the next cosplay event. Thank you for visiting.


Because the world needs more love

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What?! Another blogger? What a shock.

Unlike an oppressive $10-per-year rent on a domain name, there are MANY, MANY things in this world that are absolutely free, like, uhm, air … and … herpes, and … other STDs.  And freedom of speech.  I think.  Is it?  Like free toilet paper at a public restroom, let’s all hope space for freedom of speech doesn’t run out.  And that’s what the Internet is really for: a venue to share and celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of all people.  That and porn.

Today marks a truly ground-breaking, sky-shattering, space-splitting occasion: Xtian Mack, age 35, has paid $8.17 for a domain name to officially become a blogger, and he henceforth vows to accomplish the following noble goals:

  1. To solve the mysteries of the universe, like withholding tax, fat-free ice cream, and metrosexuals.
  2. To guide the curious on a journey to the obnoxious, overrated, and obscene world of pop culture, anime, cosplaying, vocaloids and other eccentricities while trying to turn a profit.  Well, recoup $8.17 worth of investment, at least.

And why should I spend considerable time and money on such endeavors?

  1. Because the world is falling into ruin from human apathy, debauchery, and greed.
  2. Because I want my own harem.
  3. Because I need proof of my existence.
  4. Because the world needs more love.

And the world does need more love because it is a sad place as it is.  I have taken it upon myself to burn with this love, and I shall go forth and share my love of all things obnoxious, overrated, and obscene to change public opinion for the better one reader at a time.

And that’s why I need your help too.  Please visit this strange and obscure site daily. I need the company (and the traffic). When this site really starts kicking, then we move on to better things, like planning for retirement or making cupcakes.

Thanks for visiting, and may you continue supporting this site.