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Cosplay Tournament of Champions 3: Third Impact!

Cosplay Tournament of Champions 3: Third Impact! poster


A preliminary leg of this tournament was held at SM City North Edsa’s Annex Cyberzone Activity Area Saturday, August 25, 2012.  Quite a number of cosplayers turned up and were very enthusiastic.  Onlookers wanted to take part in the action as well and just had to take snapshots with the cosplayers they fancied.  All in all a relaxed, friendly and accommodating atmosphere for everyone.  Participants and onlookers alike had plenty of fun.


Our correspondent Tobi risks peril being able to see only with one eye just to report from the field.


As my Anbu costume was still in the works after much deliberation and feet-dragging, our mysterious friend Tobi was commissioned to be our correspondent for this assignment since he was already in his costume when we found him. His equally mysterious girlfriend was also commissioned to be the photographer for this assignment.  Ain’t we lucky to have such great friends who’ll help you out of a pinch?

Check out some of the great pics Tobi made with his new-found cosplay friends.


Tobi with two too cute Hatsune Mikus


Tobi goofs off with the Great Saiyaman


Tobi makes a nice pair with the fiery Shana


Tobi with a cute female Naruto


Tobi posing with Tekken’s Ling Xiaoyu and her pretty Japanese friend (Fine! You got me. I have no idea who she’s supposed to be)



Tobi with Nekomimi Girl. Fine! Yet again I have no idea who she’s supposed to be. You’d think after watching 300+ anime I would know. By the way, the security guards in the background were beating up a random pervert. I swear it still hurts.


Tobi with One Piece’s Trafalgar law


No one dared get close to him on the escalator. Nurse Joker certainly knows how to make an entrance ,,, and a pose.


The Batman’s looney friends: Harley Quinn and Scarecrow.


What’s that pesky web crawler doing here? What? SM really means Spider Man?


These guys were my favorites to win: Kaede Rukawa and Hanamichi Sakuragi. A shocker they didn’t win.