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Vietnamese Cosplayer and Illustrator Miu Meet and Greet at Red Monster


The love for art and cosplay transcends countries and nationalities, which is why it is always welcome news to have international cosplayers and artists visit the country to meet up and spend time with those of the same mind.  We were glad to catch up with prominent Vietnamese cosplayer and illustrator Miu a while back for a special Meet and Greet session at Red Monster Shop in Maginhawa, Quezon City, with our Cosplay Model and Correspondent Nicole helping us cover the event.

Extreme Moments: Castaways


Extreme Moments Castaways 2015_0001


A total of 61 intrepid souls sailed off to distant Fortune Island off the coast of Batangas for one of the most ambitious collaborative efforts the Philippine cosplay community has ever seen. Extreme Moments: Castaways pushed the limits of creativity, skill and imagination of cosplayers and photographers alike in an out-of-town outdoor adventure of a lifetime.

Date and Venue for Extreme Moments 3 Out-of-Town Cosplay Project Series Announced


Upcoming Event Extreme Moments 3 Promo_0002


Excitement and high expectations have been going around the community as the third edition of successful Extreme Moments Out-of-Town Cosplay Project Series has been announced. Filling entire buses of cosplayers and photographers for fun and amazing shoots in distant but spectacular locations outside the city, having shot at Capones Island in Zambales (click for our coverage of Day 1 and Day 2) and at Mt. Samat in Bataan (our coverage can be found here) for the first two editions both earlier this year, Extreme Moments has become a highly anticipated event for the community for its efforts to provide a refreshingly unique experience far different from the usual conventions people have gotten used to.


Extreme Moments Out-of-Town Cosplay Project Series 2: Mount Samat, Bataan


Extreme Moments 2 Mount Samat_0001


Pushing the limits of having a unique and exhilarating experience for cosplayers and photographers,  the Extreme Moments Out-of-Town Cosplay Project Series once again set off on another grand adventure after a wildly successful first installment in Capones Island, Zambales earlier this year (click for our coverage of Day 1 and Day 2).  Again filling an entire tourist bus with eager intrepid participants, the team set off to Mt. Samat in Bataan for yet another memorable trip.

Chinese New Year 2015 at Binondo

Chinese New Year 2015 Adventures_0001


A happy Chinese new year to everyone as the arkadymac.com team welcomed the year of the wooden sheep in Binondo, Manila.  No cosplay events to cover here (although there were some random cosplayers there), but we just set out to enjoy the sights and sounds that Chinatown happily offered on this occasion.

Grand Cosplay Runway 2014

Cosplay Runway_2014_0001


Cosplay meets fashion at a refreshing new event that showcased the best of local talents and creativity.  Grand Cosplay Runway 2014 was the first of its kind in the Philippines as it was quite a spectacle at SM City Baliwag last December, drawing in participants from near and far, and arkadymac.com is happy to be a media partner for this event.

Cosplay Model Nicole as Sonika

Nicole: Live and Loud



Our premier cosplay model Nicole returns to arkadymac.com, so please join us in welcoming her back.  Taking some time off from her busy schedule as an endorser for Red Fox Technologies and community manager for Mundo Ko, Game Ko, she delightfully poses for our cameras again as Sonika, a Vocaloid from Zero-G Ltd.  Photography and editing by BryMac.




Sonika is a Vocaloid, a character that personifies a voice synthesizing application made by Japanese company Yamaha.  Starting out as synthesized human vocals to make songs, Vocaloids have become a pop culture phenomenon over the world, with characters from different developers singing in Japanese, English, Spanish, Korean and Chinese, with their own albums, games, videos, even “live” concerts.




When asked what is it about Sonika that she likes, Nicole says she likes Sonika’s colorful appearance, with her vivid neon green hair and the bright sunny yellow theme on her costume.  She says Sonika is alluring and attractive.  In Hindi, Sonika means “Golden Beauty,” and her radiance makes her such an appealing character to portray.  Sonika’s voice is soft, cool, and innocent with her British accent, a voice that Nicole has come to admire and relate to.




Asked why she chose Sonika in particular to cosplay, she tells us that this vocaloid isn’t as popular yet as some others among fans, but, just like Sonika, she hopes that she too will become better known through effort in the future, something Nicole can very much relate to.




Nicole likes music a lot and likes to sing as well.  She admits that her voice isn’t as melodious as she hopes it could be, but she enjoys singing nevertheless.  Sonika, like most vocaloids, are virtual performers: adorable, captivating, radiant, pleasing, and glamorous characters with of course their enchanting voices, and Nicole hopes that one day she can also be up on stage to give a performance as Sonika, even if it may just be lip sync, because she earnestly wants to feel how it must be like to be in front of an audience.




As for cosplaying, Nicole says that it still gets her excited.  She is continually amazed with the great cosplayers that she meets with their amazing creations, and she aspires to be like them.  She says cosplaying is an exciting world with endless possibilities.





Nicole has learned a lot from cosplaying.  She says she has become more confident about herself, something she had some trouble with in the past. She has since learned to face and meet different kinds of people, and she has since found new friends who share her fascination and passion for cosplaying.  She says she continues to learn and discover more things each day, and that she has had no regrets at all.




For one so young, Nicole is faced with many challenges at the moment, but she now has the determination and the courage to face them, and has come to appreciate the support she has received from everyone.  Nicole would like to thank her many new friends who have helped her and gave her much encouragement.  She says her world has become bigger and more colorful now thanks to them.



She most definitely appreciates her family, who has guided and supported her all the way.  She thanks all those people who have encouraged her, and hopes that they will continue to support her whether she is in cosplay or not.




With all your support, Nicole looks forward to more exciting things in the future, so she hopes you’ll keep watching out or her.














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