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Comic Con Asia 2018 Press Conference


It’s barely the start of the year and yet pop culture fans around the country are already ecstatic as an unbelievable line-up of guests was announced by the people behind Comic Con Asia 2018 at their press conference recently.  No less than legendary comic book icon Stan Lee will be gracing the event, slated for March 24 and 25 at the SMX Convention Center, along with a bewildering cast of pop culture personalities, cosplayers, artists and creatives.  The announced special guests, activities and features have made Comic Con Asia 2018, brought together by PSL Entertainment and Nam Entertainment Group, one of the most anticipated pop culture events of the year almost overnight.  arkadymac.com is a media partner for the event, and we’re glad to bring you great news from the press conference.

Best of Anime (BoA) Summer Live 2014 Primer



arkadymac.com is proud to be an official media partner for Best of Anime (BoA) Summer LIVE, guaranteed to be the hottest event this season.  We at the website personally enjoyed their event last year: fun attractions, amazing guests, wonderful performances, a spacious and comfortable venue, courteous and organized staff, all of which made BOA a well-liked and enjoyable experience for all attendees.


As we rate BoA as one of the best cosplay events in the country, we are of course excited and looking forward to attending this convention.  Also, being accepted as an official media partner, we promise to all of our dear readers hat we will do the best we can to give an equally exciting and comprehensive coverage of the event.




BoA Summer LIVE! is the new project of the team of The Best of Anime.  From one of the biggest cosplay conventions in the country, “The Best of Anime (BoA),” comes a new project that is sure to make your summer even more exciting! Primetrade Asia, Inc. and Hero TV brings you “BoA Summer LIVE!”  Set on May 1 (Manila) and May 4 (Davao), “BoA Summer LIVE!” is guaranteed to give you two rockin’ days of creativity, music and friendship.


The event will feature a lot of interesting attractions, including performances by J-Pop idol group, Starmarie.   All these and more highlight an exciting program with the schedule as follows:




The event will feature BoA’s first ever Japanese guest performer, UchuSentai:NOIZ. Uchuusentai:NOIZ rose to fame with their own version of Kamikaze’s Narda, accumulating more than 600,000 views in just a week, and was warmly welcomed during their guesting at Best of Anime 2012. Now back in the Philippines, the well-loved Uchuusentai:NOIZ is set to rock the country’s major cities, Manila and Davao.

UchuSentai:NOIZ is a five-member band composed of Angel Taka (vocals), Kotaro (guitar), Kyo (bass), Masato (guitar/vocals), and Yamato (drums). Formed in 1999, the band claims to hail from outer-space and is here on earth for a mission to protect peace through live performances and tours. The band is identified with the “visual kei” genre, a type of fashion characterized by heavy make-up as well as flashy hairstyles and costumes, passionate live shows and on-stage antics. Their music is very eclectic and has many different elements from genres such as punk, pop, metal, and hip-hop.

But more than an introduction, NOIZ has proven sincere to their pledge since the beginning of their career! In the Philippines, where their popularity is steadily growing since 2006 when lead vocal Angel-Taka first had the chance to visit the country. Upon learning about the poor conditions, he traveled to the Philippines and visited an orphanage called the House of Joy. He promised the children to come back with the band and to help them out. Since then, he and the rest of the members went to the Philippines on numerous times, not only for music, but for charity as well. They first performed in Davao and awed the public with their first performance, creating a strong fan base in the country. They performed in the capital city Manila, during The Best of Anime 2012, and came back to rock the stage and consolidated their presence in the Philippines in different events after that. As a sign of respect for the local rock music scene and as a gift to their Filipino fans, NOIZ also made a cover of the song Narda from the very popular local rock band Kamikazee.

Amazed by the resilience of the Filipinos in the face of adversity, the band released a series of OPM covers called “Tacloban Trilogy”, which consists of songs in particular, “Liwanag sa Dilim” by Rivermaya, “Superhero” by Rocksteddy, and “Pinoy Ako” by Orange & Lemons, to tell the story of how the Yolanda tragedy has shown Filipino optimism and how fellow countrymen can be the beacon of hope that the survivors are longing for, hence the tagline: “Ikaw ang Liwanag sa Dilim, Ikaw ang Superhero, Ikaw ang Pinoy, Kailangan pa rin ng Tacloban ang iyong tulong, (You are the Light in the Dark, You are the Superhero, You are the Pinoy, Tacloban still needs your help)”

This May 1 and 4, UchuSentai:NOIZ will be back in the Philippines to perform live for their Filipino fans during BoA Summer LIVE! Fans can get a chance to watch them on May 1 at Metrotent Convention Center, Metrowalk Plaza, Ortigas Pasig City, and on May 4 at SMX Convention Center Davao, SM Lanang Premier, J.P. Laurel Ave., Davao City.

For more information about the said event, you may check out www.facebook.com/BestOfAnime.  As for the guidelines:





Everyone is invited to join the many exciting competitions where great prizes are just waiting to be given away.     We hope to see you there.