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Nicolette: Shades of Blue



With quite a number of cosplays in her arsenal, from the sweet, to the striking, to the sunny, to the sexy, she’s quite a hit with everyone as we have had the great pleasure of meeting Nicolette at conventions and events.  She admits to being quite new to cosplaying, but she makes up for it with her diligent portrayals of her favorite characters, one of many reasons why we are glad to have Nicolette as arkadymac.com’s newest cosplay model.




For this special feature, Nicolette chooses to cosplay the Vocaloid Aoki Lapis.  “I love blue!” she tells us with a wide smile.  Aoki means “Blue Princess,” much of the reason why Nicolette has fallen in love with the character, with her lovely blue hair to the blue motif of her costumes.    She says she likes all the other Vocaloids too because of the wonderful songs from their unique voices.




“Anime is my first love, so I’ve always  I want to cosplay all my favorite characters,” she says when asked why she cosplays as much as she can.  “I think cosplaying is a very good hobby.  It makes me really happy.  It’s a great way to meet new friends who share the same interests as me,” she tell us.




Nicolette recalls taking her first step into cosplaying august of last year.    “I cosplayed Misa Amane of Death Note. Misa is my first cosplay because I think we share the same feelings for Light Yagami. I’m a big fan of Light Yagami! Haha.” she explains gleefully.  “I’ve been a congoer even longer, so I already had an idea about cosplaying. I studied about how it was done before trying it so it won’t end up in vain.”




“I usually like cosplaying an anime character who’s a tsundere since I feel that’s my personality too: a bit rough but with a caring side,” she shares.    “I can also be quite stubborn.  I love insisting,” she describes herself.  Outside of cosplay, Nicolette enjoys reading a whole lot of things and has recently started learning how to play the electric guitar.




“I love it when everyone takes a picture with me, when we do photoshoots, and when we go bonding with my cosplay friends,”  Nicolette tells us.  She tells us that cosplay has given her many fond memories.  “The best part  of it I guess is when other people appreciate my cosplays and when they take pictures together with me.”




Nicolette would like to thank all of her friends who kept on supporting her cosplays.   “I love you all, minna,”  she wants to tell everyone.  We in turn would like to thank her for doing us the pleasure of agreeing to be in this feature.


Thank you for dropping by, and do visit us again for new features here at arkadymac.com

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Katherine Louize as Aoki Lapis, by Keru Beru



We at arkadymac.com hope to show the vibrant and dynamic community that has emerged from cosplaying here in the Philippines, which is why with our new segment, Cosplay Community, we will be featuring the cosplayers, photographers, craftsmen, organizers, and other people and groups that have, in their own way, kept cosplay alive and well throughout the years.  The community itself is far from perfect or organized, but we want to show everyone how dynamic and  energetic it has become.  It is our hope that someday, more people will be more understanding and more appreciative of this hobby, this art, this passion for cosplay.


For our first few features on the Cosplay Community, we want to present great cosplayer-photographer collaborations.  In the community, there has long been a special and symbiotic relationship between the people in front and behind the camera.  Both are essential to bringing a character being portrayed to life, and their efforts are nothing short of works of art.   For our initial offering, we present Katherine Louize as Aoki Lapis, photography by Keru Beru.  




As an anime, manga and game enthusiast,  Katherine Louize has had a lot of inspiration for her cosplays.  She says she particularly loves tsundere and yandere characters though.  Starting out in 2010, Kat says cosplay changed everything about her.  “Even my biggest weakness turned into strength,” she shares.  “I wasn’t good at expressing myself, but now I can show everyone what I can do.”  It was never easy and she found it challenging.  “Before, I lacked confidence.  I doubted myself on whether I can do things.  Cosplay has changed my personality and outlook on life,” she says.  “Being positive in all ways and pushing things beyond limits are things we should share.”  Kat has since been happy to discover that she had become a positive force to the people around her.   “People around me are telling that they got inspired by my work that they tried cosplay and photography too,” she tells us.





She fondly remembers her collaboration with photographer  Keru Beru in her Aoki Lapis cosplay.  It is a fruitful project, as the photo above, Shine Bright Like a Diamond, got featured on the Cosplay Gen website, Best on DA: volume 35.  Here she cosplays Aoki Lapis, a Japanese Vocaloid.  She is portrayed as a fairy who has no memory of who she is.  She belongs to a race of fairies capable of transforming the music into power and her voice is said to have the power to give life when she sings. “When Aoki Lapis had her exposure and released her first song, I ended up hearing all of her songs,” she admits. “She’s cute and jolly but a little stubborn like me. I like her upbringing, her voice and how she projects herself.  Vocaloids are wonderful because they evolve and they keep growing like their cosplays do.


Katherine_Louize _aoki_lapis_0001


She tells us of Keru Beru, the photographer for this project.   “Keru Beru and I have been friends for almost a year.  For me he’s a nice cosplay photographer partner, a nice friend, easy going and a perfectionist.  Yes, a perfectionist photographer, because he keeps his time and schedule settled before the shoot.  He keeps informing me regarding the location, poses to make, and the weather.  When we are on a shoot we even collaborate to make things smooth and enjoyable.  Even when the poses are hard to make, it’s nice to see that we still manage to pull them off.  He wants thing as perfect as possible and I like him for being so dedicated to his passion.”
To her photographer, she has this to say:  “To my grandson Keru (I usually call him by that), thank you for being a nice and epic photographer partner.  Thank you  for the trust during and after the shoots and what I like most is that positive aura you project and even now I still feel it.  I’m happy that one of your shots has been chosen  and included in top 20 of Cosplay Snapshot.  Thanks for everything, and I hope things will never change as time goes by.  I’ll keep on supporting you on more projects to come.”


Many thanks to Kat and Keru Beru for allowing us to share their work.  See more of them at Nice(1) Photography.  Thank you for dropping by, and do visit us again for more cosplay features here at arkadymac.com.



Kyle: Rhapsody in Red



We met Kyle at an event some months ago and we loved her cosplay so much we just had to have her as arkadymac.com’s next cosplay model.  We’re fortunate to have her agree, and the planning took quite a while but we got it set, so here we go:  presenting Kyle, next on our cosplay summer series.




This is the first time we’ve had four photographers collaborating on a feature.  Photography provided by Christopher Prince Mortell of  CLICK Concept Photography, Alphard Penetrante of  Snapshot Fantasy, Bryan and Xtian Mack of arkadymac.com, with Bless and Alice as Executive Producers.





For her first-ever online feature, Kyle  cosplays Meiko, one of the first VOCALOID characters ever released.  “I see a lot of myself in her,” she tells us as the reason why she has chosen to portray her.  “Meiko is not as well-known nor as popular as other vocaloid characters, but she can be as lovable and endearing as anyone else.”  She says that her voice can be difficult to work with, but with the right tone, pitch and melody, her voice produces the best songs.




Even though vocaloids do not have any “official” personality, Kyle feels she has an affinity with Meiko and how people think of her.  She’s often seen as an understanding, mature and energetic big sister.  “And like her,” she says, “I can also be crazy and scary.”  Kyle admits to being unpredictable and random: quiet and shy one moment then explosive and crazy the next.  This quirk extends to her choice of characters to cosplay.  “I like cosplaying characters who are weird, insane, violent, strong-willed, and badass,” she says, “especially the ones who are skilled with blades, swords, katanas, and also at melee.”





Kyle likes cosplaying mostly because of her fascination with anime. “I’d like to see myself as my favorite character and bring it to life, she tells us.  “The process involved in being that character makes me happy and overwhelmed. It’s like a work of art.”  She also says that it’s fun when she has her character mingle and interact with those of others.




As to how she got into cosplaying, Kyle says that she enjoyed the time when she costripped with her friends at her first convention back in 2011.   The first character she cosplayed was Konata Izumi of Lucky Star, OVA version.  Kyle shares that cosplaying has improved her confidence, that it has allowed her to discover more of herself.  She also says that cosplaying has given her the chance to meet new friends and have fun with them at events without being judged.





Kyle gets all sorts of inspirations from the shows she watches and the games she plays.  “I have LOTS of favorite anime series,” she tells us with glee.  From The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya to Soul Eater, she says she also loves anime that has a lot of gore and action in it. What has her tuned in on TV is The Walking Dead series.  Though she doesn’t really consider herself a gamer, she loves playing zombie games, like her favorites, Resident Evil and Left 4 Dead. Besides though, she has also enjoyed playing Super Mario games since she was young.  She  also gets to play rhythm-touch games.





Besides cosplay, Kyle has many other interests. ” I love art,” she tells us with a smile.  ” I’d like to be a tattoo artist someday.  I just love tattoo designs.  It mesmerizes me.”  She also tells us that she likes to be active, as she loves to swim and play sports.





Just as much as her other hobbies, Kyle says cosplay isn’t any less exciting.  She loves seeing herself as the character she admires.  At events, she relishes the opportunity to meet and spend time with her friends.  She feels excitement when people walk up to her and want to take her photo.   As much as she gets to have fun and satisfaction, Kyle still admits that cosplay is challenging.  She says she and her mom have had difficulty with her costumes, but she enjoys making her own props.  She hasn’t made weapons yet but looks forward to the experience.





When we ask her until when she intends to cosplay, she replies “I’ll keep on cosplaying ’till I want to.  I hope.”  We’d like to end this feature with some words from Kyle:  “I’d like to thank my mom so much for helping and supporting me. She’s the best. Many thanks to my friends.  I’d like to thank Sir Bryan, Sir Chris, and Sir Alphard for the pictures and for my first photoshoot.  Many thanks to the people who took the time to view my feature.  Don’t take cosplaying TOO seriously, and remember to always have fun.”




We hope that you can all continue to support Kyle, and  you can all be sure that we’ll be more than happy to feature her here again at arkadymac.com.


Thank you for dropping by, and please visit us again for more cosplay features here at arkadymac.com.

Part 1 — Kyle: Rhapsody in Red
Part 2 — Kyle: Descent into Darkness
Part 3 — Kyle: Bloodstained

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Mikki Nyan: Summertime



We happily welcome the summer with a hot feature on Mikki Nyan, our newest cosplay model for arkadymac.com in her first online feature.  She has always amazed us at events with her striking cosplays and convincing portrayals, which is why we are excited to have her grace the cover of this special edition.




Photos by special guest photographer Chris Mortell of Click Concept, with Brymac of arkadymac.com, with Bless and Alice as Executive Producers.




For this feature, Mikki chose to cosplay Hatsune Miku, swimsuit version.  “I like Miku because she can be anyone,” she tells us.  “She can be a nurse, as school girl, a lover, a friend, a sister. She’s not caged by what others think.  Vocaloids might not be alive, they might not have certain traits, but their songs really leave an impression on people.”




Starting out in 2007, Mikki’s fascination with cosplay has never waned.   “Cosplaying is indeed fun,” she admits.  “I feel ecstatic when other people recognize my character, and sometimes, out of the blue, they spazz with me.”  With the wide breadth of characters she has portrayed over the years, we were curious about how she makes her selections.  “I choose the characters I cosplay based on how big their impact on me is, she says.”  “I might want to be or see myself in that character. Physical attributes are not that big of a deal.”




One fond memory she has of cosplaying is when she joined Otaku House last year and miraculously got into the finals. She says that it was her first time joining and she didn’t expect to even get in.  Even though in the end she didn’t win, she was still very happy for the tremendous outpouring of support for her by everyone.




Though she may make it look effortless, Mikki admits that cosplay is very challenging.  From choosing which fabric to use, to making her own props and accessories, to fixing her wig and deciding what kind of makeup to apply for each character, she says that cosplaying tests the limits of her ability and creativity.  She says she can’t even make her own costumes yet since she doesn’t own a sewing machine but she asks help from friends and from shops.




Of Chris Mortell, the photographer who helped take her shots for this feature, she says that he’s fun to work with. He wants to make sure that his model looks good in his photos. “Thanks for everything up until now, she’d like to tell him.  “I know you’ll keep getting better.”




Mikki would like to thank everyone who has kept on supporting her.  Special thanks go to Eissen Chan for lending her Miku wig, Bayo for my swimsuit, and Purpektion shop for her Miku lens.


To our readers, Mikki has this to say:  “To everyone, if you love what you’re doing, don’t let others ruin it for you. You might get bashed and criticized, but remember that cosplaying should be for fun. The most important person you have to impress is YOU.”


Mikki recently found out that she has inspired some people with her cosplays, and that that has made her very happy.  We hope that you can continue on supporting her so she can inspire more people with her talents, and that you can be sure that we’ll be happy to feature her here again at arkadymac.com.



Thank you for dropping by, and please visit us again for more cosplay features here at arkadymac.com.



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Vocaloid Camellia Version Group Photoshoot



I volunteered to be a photographer for this Vocaloid photoshoot at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center last weekend.  Vocaloids are really fascinating to me, so cosplays of them really get my attention.  This particular group wanted to do the Camellia version of the Vocaloid characters, and we were all pleasantly surprised about the turnout for this one.




The models for this shoot found each other at an FB page, Wanted: Cosplayers.  Even though not really having met before the shoot, they got to be online friends, discussing their love for Vocaloids and planning this shoot for weeks on end.  Even though there were some who unfortunately couldn’t be there, the shoot nonetheless went on as planned.




Along with a small group of photographers, they went around the park in search for great locations to shoot in.  There was lots of time in between shots to have fun and get to know each other better despite the heat.




It was just a small get-together of folks who had the same interests and their efforts at organizing this shoot were modestly rewarded with a pleasant afternoon of new photos and new friends and new stories to tell others about.  Hopefully next time we can get other cosplayer tom join in on this little project.




Many thanks to everyone who participated in this shoot and shared their time with everyone.




Thanks for dropping by, and do visit us again soon for more cosplay features here at arkadymac.com.




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Prei: A Song and a Wish


Since it’s the holidays already, we want to bring some great Christmas cheer of the cosplay variety.  We then invited our newest cosplay model, Prei, to grace this week’s  special edition of arkadymac.com.  She may not cosplay as often as she would want to, but when she does, she’s sure to leave an impression.  Photography and Post-processing by Brymac, Blessma as Executive Producer and Xtian Mack as Director/Writer.


Prei tells us she got into cosplaying because of her love for anime.  The first character she ever cosplayed was Haruhi Suzumiya, as she insists she got so attached to the series.    She recalls she started in high school though wishes she had started sooner.  She continues to cosplay because she considers it a reward for herself for working hard and doing her best at home and at school.


For this feature, Prei cosplays Santa Miku, a Christmas version of the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku from Crypton Future Media.  Like the usual portrayal of Miku, Prei describes herself to be a genki girl:  quite cheerful and friendly.  This wasn’t always the case though, as she used to be a timid and shy person.


She says cosplaying has allowed her to become a more outgoing and a more sociable individual who can go out in public and enjoy herself.  She says that  thanks to cosplaying she has more friends now with whom she shares the many things she likes in common like anime, games, and making costumes and props.


Prei tells us she is at her happiest when the people around her appreciate her cosplays.  She does admit that cosplaying can be quite challenging since it can be hard to think of the next character to cosplay or coming up with many different poses at events.  Even so, she says she’ll continue cosplaying as long as she still feels young and as long as the people around her supports her passion.


Prei would like to thank her parents, Yhanie, her friends, her Bulacan Cosplay Family, her BSN 1B-1 classmates and dorm mates.  to all our readers, she has this to share:  “Just be yourself, do what you want if you have passion for something and strive to achieve it!”


We at arkadymac.com of course support her and invited you to see more of Prei in future features.  Thank you for dropping by and do visit us again for more coplay features here at arkadymac.com.











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Cosplay Model Nicole as Sonika

Nicole: Live and Loud



Our premier cosplay model Nicole returns to arkadymac.com, so please join us in welcoming her back.  Taking some time off from her busy schedule as an endorser for Red Fox Technologies and community manager for Mundo Ko, Game Ko, she delightfully poses for our cameras again as Sonika, a Vocaloid from Zero-G Ltd.  Photography and editing by BryMac.




Sonika is a Vocaloid, a character that personifies a voice synthesizing application made by Japanese company Yamaha.  Starting out as synthesized human vocals to make songs, Vocaloids have become a pop culture phenomenon over the world, with characters from different developers singing in Japanese, English, Spanish, Korean and Chinese, with their own albums, games, videos, even “live” concerts.




When asked what is it about Sonika that she likes, Nicole says she likes Sonika’s colorful appearance, with her vivid neon green hair and the bright sunny yellow theme on her costume.  She says Sonika is alluring and attractive.  In Hindi, Sonika means “Golden Beauty,” and her radiance makes her such an appealing character to portray.  Sonika’s voice is soft, cool, and innocent with her British accent, a voice that Nicole has come to admire and relate to.




Asked why she chose Sonika in particular to cosplay, she tells us that this vocaloid isn’t as popular yet as some others among fans, but, just like Sonika, she hopes that she too will become better known through effort in the future, something Nicole can very much relate to.




Nicole likes music a lot and likes to sing as well.  She admits that her voice isn’t as melodious as she hopes it could be, but she enjoys singing nevertheless.  Sonika, like most vocaloids, are virtual performers: adorable, captivating, radiant, pleasing, and glamorous characters with of course their enchanting voices, and Nicole hopes that one day she can also be up on stage to give a performance as Sonika, even if it may just be lip sync, because she earnestly wants to feel how it must be like to be in front of an audience.




As for cosplaying, Nicole says that it still gets her excited.  She is continually amazed with the great cosplayers that she meets with their amazing creations, and she aspires to be like them.  She says cosplaying is an exciting world with endless possibilities.





Nicole has learned a lot from cosplaying.  She says she has become more confident about herself, something she had some trouble with in the past. She has since learned to face and meet different kinds of people, and she has since found new friends who share her fascination and passion for cosplaying.  She says she continues to learn and discover more things each day, and that she has had no regrets at all.




For one so young, Nicole is faced with many challenges at the moment, but she now has the determination and the courage to face them, and has come to appreciate the support she has received from everyone.  Nicole would like to thank her many new friends who have helped her and gave her much encouragement.  She says her world has become bigger and more colorful now thanks to them.



She most definitely appreciates her family, who has guided and supported her all the way.  She thanks all those people who have encouraged her, and hopes that they will continue to support her whether she is in cosplay or not.




With all your support, Nicole looks forward to more exciting things in the future, so she hopes you’ll keep watching out or her.














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Oh-No! Manga Cosplay Camp 2 Coverage

Xtian Mack had a smashing great time covering Oh-No! Manga Cosplay Camp 2: The Coin & Flour Saga at the SMX Convention Center Hall 1, SM Mall of Asia last weekend.  Again enthusiasts of all kinds found their way to this event to celebrate the many enjoyable aspects of Japanese culture in a setting that was both festive and engaging. Helping us out on this assignment is the helpful and cheery Ghost Rider, who (unwittingly) finds himself as special guest correspondent for this special arcadymac.com coverage.
There were lots of booths and attractions that awaited all participants, with freebies generously given away by sponsors and exhibitors.  Stalls were open to cater to wide-ranging interests, from comics, to manga, to toys, to cosplay accessories.  Special guests were also on hand to give more flair to this already exciting affair.
There were great displays as well, like the giant Gundam model, the giant Mogu Mogu bottle and a wooden replica of Tokyo Tower, things that really made the entire experience of going to the Oh-No! Manga Cosplay Camp even more unique.
A great lineup of games, bands, video screenings, game demos kept the crowd entertained throughout most of the day, with the highlight being the cosplay competition that featured a variety of categories, from anime and manga, mecha, Western, games, and even a Vocaloid division.  Great prizes were given away to the deserving winners.
As with such grand events, costrippers of all kinds were in abundance in and around the event and photographers and the general pubic were treated to a spectacle of epic proportions, with literally hundreds of cosplayers posing for an appreciative audience.
We note that the venue was spacious enough to accommodate the large crowd that was in attendance, and the event went without much difficulty, so we commend the organizers of the event for a ob well done.
Thank you for visiting, and we hope that you drop by again soon for another great feature from arkadymac.com.
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Cosplay Model Czyrah

Czyrah: Sunshine on a Cloudy Day



 Czyrah as Vocaloid IA.

The cloudy days of June are seldom ideal for photoshoots. For one thing, the lighting can be difficult to work with. Then there is that chance of rain that ruins the entire purpose of shooting outdoors.  Luckily, we had Czyrah as our cosplay model for the week, our sunshine on a cloudy day, a lady with a bright smile amid dark skies.  Photography, editing and effects by Brymac.


Czyrah has been cosplaying for quite a while, although she had to stop for other pursuits. Now she finds herself drawn back to the cosplay scene, rediscovering the joy that comes with bringing a fictional character to life,  the same feeling she had the first time she decided to cosplay.


And why does she cosplay? “Cosplaying is not just a hobby for me,” Czyrah tells us.  “I can express myself through it. I can show to people who I am through my chosen characters.”


Czyrah claims to have alter egos:  Kleo, her boyish side, and Tera, her girly side. These two aspects of herself have allowed her to portray a wide range of characters, from the sweet to the brash, from the shy to the brave, from the frail to the strong.  Characters she had cosplayed include Vocaloids Megurine Luka and IA, Nami (LCD’O), Sephiroth from Advent Children, Killua from Hunter X Hunter, Mei Misaki from Another, and Tifa from Crisis Core.


She admits to being quite the gamer. “I love playing the Final Fantasy series, Kingdom Hearts, Parasite Eve, Third Birthday, God Eater Burst, Resident Evil series, Tekken, Children of Mana, Ragnarok, and most of all, Pokemon. ” Czyrah also enjoys watching anime of all kinds, although she prefers the gory, bloody ones that only the horror genre can provide.  These games and anime provide much of the inspiration for her many cosplays.



Although already cosplaying for quite a while, Czyrah says it’s still challenging.  She takes pride in making her own costumes, props and accessories, usually from scratch, because she really wants to give justice to the characters she portray.  She’ll also have a hard time sleeping when she gets excited for an event and when preparing the details of her cosplay, but probably the biggest challenge she faces, she admits, is saving up enough funds for a costume she’s yearning for.


Czyrah as Si from Dream of Doll

Czyrah says her cosplaying has been one amazing journey, and she would like to thank God for the blessings, and her parents who have brought her up and continued supporting her.  She also thanks the people who never supported her, never believed in her, because in trying to prove them wrong, she had become a tougher, stronger person.


Czyrah as Mei Misaki from Another

Although she may still have a lot to go through, she wishes to share something from her own experience regarding life and cosplay: “Never ever stop conquering your fears. You can only learn from something when you’re done with it. Never be afraid of failing.  Failures will make you stronger. Always think that the world is your runway.  You walk by yourself and stand by your own feet. It is your choice to be what you want to be, not the choice of those who keep hating you.”


Czyrah tells us that she’ll never stop cosplaying, because it is already a part of who she is.  it is our sincerest hope that you’ll join us in supporting her on her journey.














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My World, My Game Expo Coverage




It’s Philippine Independence Day and there are colorful Philippine flags flying everywhere.   It’s a legal holiday yet I still have to go work first before I can run off to a special cosplay event today.  The venue is quite a distance from where I live, but that has never stopped me from bringing you the hottest cosplays this side of the planet.




And here I am at the My World, My Game Expo at SM Marikina.  It is an event sponsored by Red Fox Technologies and Lean and Mean Machines, as well as some other tech outfits. It is open and free to the public and there were lots of entertainment, freebies, and special guests to keep everyone excited.  Our wonderful friends, Ianah Otaku and Ashley Misaki, co-host the event with a special kawaii charm that can’t be beat in this plane of existence or the next.




The main event of the expo is the cosplay competition, with emphasis on the mecha category as the day was much about tech.  The competitors wowed their crowd as they performed on stage at the Activity Center.  Great prizes were handed out to the winners and consolation prizes were given out to the participants as well.  Aside from the competitors, lots of costrippers were also in attendance, posing for the adoring crowds in varied and eye-catching costumes.




My World, My Game Expo was a fun and exciting event on a holiday and we commend the organizers for a job well done.  i personally got what i came for: lots of cosplayers having fun. Getting a few freebies from the booths didn’t hurt either.













Thanks for dropping by.  Please visit us again for more of the hottest cosplays in the metro. tune in soon for our coverage of ToyCon 2013, probably the biggest event this season.