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Ati-atihan Cosplay Coverage Revisited



Had a great time the first time I cosplayed and did a coverage of the Ati-atihan Festival in Kalibo, Aklan last year, with my brother Bryan taking photos.  The streets were colorful, noisy and alive, and I can just walk around in my ANBU cosplay without feeling out of place.  Had people take pictures with me, had fun dancing around to the maddeningly festive beat of the drums, and had a great time seeing people just being friendly with each other.


ati costume native tribal kalibo aklan festival

Imaginative bird-inspired costume on this cheerful girl.


For this special occasion, I customized one of my masks into a special black tribal ANBU Ati-atihan version.  As for the rest of my costume, it was the first time I used it so the fitting and the design … wasn’t quite there yet but it was enough to at least have some people recognize me as an ANBU.  Had fun as people took pictures of me and with me.  It was an exhilarating experience, one I doubt I’ll ever forget.




Sadly, even though I had vowed to come back this year, I wasn’t able to do so because of many things.  Hopefully I can go back next year so I can feel the excitement again.  Will need to go now, but I hope you’ll take some time to look at my brother’s photos.











ati costume native tribal kalibo aklan festival float Impressive floats with moving parts.

Impressive floats with moving parts.



ati costume native tribal kalibo aklan festival Outlandish tribal designs fashioned from native materials.

Outlandish tribal designs fashioned from native materials.








Festive and happy faces all around


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Cosplay Challenge 4



It was a great weekend for cosplay as people trooped to Marikina Riverbanks for Cosplay Challenge 4. Hundreds of cosplayers, participants and visitors came to take part, have fun and witness this spectacle which was organized by Cosplay.ph.  Everyone young and old had a great time with the many games, booths and attractions at the events, with lots freebies and prizes given away.




The highlight was the cosplay competition where cosplayers got to show their talents to a very appreciative and lively crowd. Among the many competitors, three stood out and were chosen as the best for the competition. Iziah Luke Buelos claimed first place, Ashley Misaki in second and Eury Hagonoy third.




It was a fun, well-organized event where everyone had a great time and we look forward to the next one. Many thanks to Reiku Nyan Eishi for his debut photography work and commission for arkadymac.com. Thank you.






Thank you for dropping by, and please visit again for more features here at arkadymac.com.















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Cosplayers Bring Smiles to the National Children’s Hospital



Nyanbu was happy to be able to join a handful of cosplayers in helping out at the National Children’s Hospital in Quezon City.  Naruto Cosplayers of the Philippines headed by Sir Dave has had this program of making these visits for a long time already, so Nyanbu was more than grateful to tag along and document this event.  The idea was to bring cosplayers into the hospital in the hopes of making the children smile and be with characters as if they came straight out from TV, movies and comics.




After dressing up and preparing, the cosplayers made their way to the children’s ward where a short program was started by Sir Dave as Master Pogi featuring the cosplayers that had assembled there.  The children and their parents who got to watch the show had an enjoyable time, thanks in part to Sir Dave’s creative storytelling and hilarious wit and sense of humor.




After the program, the cosplayers went to visit the patients in their rooms and beds and talked and played with them for a while.  Stories were exchanged, patients and cosplayers curious to learn more about each other.  Photos were taken with each other to remember each other by.




Toys that were brought along by the cosplayers were handed out to the children, as well as some snacks and treats that were shared as everyone continued to enjoy each other’s company.







We were moved by the silent resilience and courage that the children there had in the face of their pain and suffering, so it was humbling to know that, in our little way, cosplayers can help out in their own special way by making these children smile, even if just for a short while.




We would like to thatk Sir Dave and NCPH for this wonderful opportunity, as well as to the staff of the National Children’s Hospital for allowing us to be of help. We would like to thank the children and their parents for allowing us to share some time with them.




For everyone that had been involved, this will be a pleasant memory that will stay with them for a long time.






















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Cosplay Model Czyrah

Czyrah: Sunshine on a Cloudy Day



 Czyrah as Vocaloid IA.

The cloudy days of June are seldom ideal for photoshoots. For one thing, the lighting can be difficult to work with. Then there is that chance of rain that ruins the entire purpose of shooting outdoors.  Luckily, we had Czyrah as our cosplay model for the week, our sunshine on a cloudy day, a lady with a bright smile amid dark skies.  Photography, editing and effects by Brymac.


Czyrah has been cosplaying for quite a while, although she had to stop for other pursuits. Now she finds herself drawn back to the cosplay scene, rediscovering the joy that comes with bringing a fictional character to life,  the same feeling she had the first time she decided to cosplay.


And why does she cosplay? “Cosplaying is not just a hobby for me,” Czyrah tells us.  “I can express myself through it. I can show to people who I am through my chosen characters.”


Czyrah claims to have alter egos:  Kleo, her boyish side, and Tera, her girly side. These two aspects of herself have allowed her to portray a wide range of characters, from the sweet to the brash, from the shy to the brave, from the frail to the strong.  Characters she had cosplayed include Vocaloids Megurine Luka and IA, Nami (LCD’O), Sephiroth from Advent Children, Killua from Hunter X Hunter, Mei Misaki from Another, and Tifa from Crisis Core.


She admits to being quite the gamer. “I love playing the Final Fantasy series, Kingdom Hearts, Parasite Eve, Third Birthday, God Eater Burst, Resident Evil series, Tekken, Children of Mana, Ragnarok, and most of all, Pokemon. ” Czyrah also enjoys watching anime of all kinds, although she prefers the gory, bloody ones that only the horror genre can provide.  These games and anime provide much of the inspiration for her many cosplays.



Although already cosplaying for quite a while, Czyrah says it’s still challenging.  She takes pride in making her own costumes, props and accessories, usually from scratch, because she really wants to give justice to the characters she portray.  She’ll also have a hard time sleeping when she gets excited for an event and when preparing the details of her cosplay, but probably the biggest challenge she faces, she admits, is saving up enough funds for a costume she’s yearning for.


Czyrah as Si from Dream of Doll

Czyrah says her cosplaying has been one amazing journey, and she would like to thank God for the blessings, and her parents who have brought her up and continued supporting her.  She also thanks the people who never supported her, never believed in her, because in trying to prove them wrong, she had become a tougher, stronger person.


Czyrah as Mei Misaki from Another

Although she may still have a lot to go through, she wishes to share something from her own experience regarding life and cosplay: “Never ever stop conquering your fears. You can only learn from something when you’re done with it. Never be afraid of failing.  Failures will make you stronger. Always think that the world is your runway.  You walk by yourself and stand by your own feet. It is your choice to be what you want to be, not the choice of those who keep hating you.”


Czyrah tells us that she’ll never stop cosplaying, because it is already a part of who she is.  it is our sincerest hope that you’ll join us in supporting her on her journey.














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My World, My Game Expo Coverage




It’s Philippine Independence Day and there are colorful Philippine flags flying everywhere.   It’s a legal holiday yet I still have to go work first before I can run off to a special cosplay event today.  The venue is quite a distance from where I live, but that has never stopped me from bringing you the hottest cosplays this side of the planet.




And here I am at the My World, My Game Expo at SM Marikina.  It is an event sponsored by Red Fox Technologies and Lean and Mean Machines, as well as some other tech outfits. It is open and free to the public and there were lots of entertainment, freebies, and special guests to keep everyone excited.  Our wonderful friends, Ianah Otaku and Ashley Misaki, co-host the event with a special kawaii charm that can’t be beat in this plane of existence or the next.




The main event of the expo is the cosplay competition, with emphasis on the mecha category as the day was much about tech.  The competitors wowed their crowd as they performed on stage at the Activity Center.  Great prizes were handed out to the winners and consolation prizes were given out to the participants as well.  Aside from the competitors, lots of costrippers were also in attendance, posing for the adoring crowds in varied and eye-catching costumes.




My World, My Game Expo was a fun and exciting event on a holiday and we commend the organizers for a job well done.  i personally got what i came for: lots of cosplayers having fun. Getting a few freebies from the booths didn’t hurt either.













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WPPP Photo & Video Congress 2013 Cosplay Coverage

Although I should just have spent a wonderfully warm Sunday at home recuperating from attending too many events and photoshoots the week before, I just could not say no to the invitation of our wonderful friend and cosplay associate correspondent Eiri Mina to attend a rather interesting event.
The WPPP Photo & Video Congress 2013 was held at the Megatrade Hall 3 of SM Megamall last June 7, 8 and 9 with much fanfare.  It was organized by the Wedding and Portrait Photographers of the Philippines (WPPP), an organization of professional photographers whose purpose is to promote and foster the goals and programs of wedding photographers.
The event featured lots of attractions for photographers and curious, visitors alike to enjoy. Booths of major camera and accessory  brands were there to give out freebies and interactive demonstration of their products.  Models were all over the place too, endorsing products, then posing for the crowd, as well as having fun interacting with each other.  There were also seminars about photography going on in different parts of the hall almost all the time where both pros and newbies alike get to learn and share their knowledge with their peers.
All these great things aside, I was really there for the cosplay. There weren’t a lot of cosplayers there as it was not really a cosplay event, but there was a pretty handful on hand to pose for the cameras as they added a bit of color and variety to the event. Photographers had a heyday taking their pictures in the many interesting backgrounds provided at the event.
It was a refreshing experience for the cosplayers as they got to interact with photographers in a different kind of setting as they promote cosplaying as an interesting subject for photography.
Thank you for dropping by and please visit us again for the latest cosplay events in the metro.
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League of Legends Roadshow Coverage



A unique but nonetheless amazing mix of cosplay and cars was the theme of the League of Legends Roadshow  held at Robinsons Place Novaliches last weekend. A handful of cosplayers showed what they were made of in the event’s cosplay competition even under the searing midday sun.  The event also featured a car show where lots of fancy cars were on display to the public and the cosplayers certainly did not forgo the opportunity to pose with them and in them, Nyanbu included.




The event took the whole day with the awarding of all winners held around 10pm.  Claiming top honors are our friends, Christian Umali as War Machine for First Place, Ashley Misaki as General Lu Bu for Second, Kimberly as Vi for Third, and Louise as Darius as the Roadshow Pick. It was along, tiring day for the winning cosplayers and the cosplay correspondent (Nyanbu). Sure it was fun but the event needlessly made the cosplayers stay for a needlessly long amount of time, as call time was registration was 8am but the event starting around noon with the winners awarded around 9:30pm.




Many thanks to Aya Fujimiya for being my lead photographer for this event.  His efforts of taking snapshots for the blog under the brutal heat is very much appreciated.  Gratitude as well to Aie for his support and being a support photographer.  Many thanks as well to my new friends Kimberly and Louise, for their wonderful company during the unnecessarily long wait.




Thank you for visiting and we hope you can all drop by again soon for another cosplay event coverage.






















Jeff Ricalde’s Free Photoshoot Coverage



For some, photography is not just a mere hobby. There are people who see it as an art, a passion, a way of life.  Jeff Ricalde is one such person who has come to appreciate the many fascinating aspects of photography, so much that in his first year as a professional photographer has graciously organized a free photoshoot at the scenic Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife in Quezon City.




Top-caliber photographers have been invited to participate in the event,  bringing along their cameras and a wealth of skills for individual and group photoshoots around the many fascinating locales that the Parks and Wildlife has to offer.  The unique aspect of this particular photoshoot is the invitation of both commercial/pro models and cosplayers as the subjects of this event. This arrangement was a unique but welcome learning experience as there are photographers who got to work with cosplayers for the first time, and they got to try creative shots and techniques they don’t use with their usual models.  Cosplayers in turn were taught more standard ways of posing and projecting in front of the camera, ones different from the poses they are used to. Also, Sir Jeff had told everyone beforehand that everyone should just enjoy themselves at the event.




Sir Jeff encouraged me to take on several of the gorgeous pro models for a shoot. It was a refreshing yet daunting experience for me as I have come to realize that I have only taken pictures of cosplayers in my short and shaky career as a very amateur photographer. Nevertheless I still gave it a shot with the expressed apology that I am next to clueless about photography. Luckily, I have had the pleasure of taking a few photographs of the lovely Esperanza Alcazar which admittedly made my day.




After a whole morning of sunny weather, a downpour by the afternoon had everyone running for shelter.  Even then photographers set up their equipment on the covered stage and at the amphitheater and continued their shoots despite the rain.  Come late afternoon the rain stopped and photographers and models and cosplayers alike scrambled to get some last good shots in before the sun set. At the end of the day, Jeff shared some parting words thanking everyone for their participation, their presence, and support for his first anniversary photoshoot.




The event was a success as everyone did get to enjoy themselves and got many really splendid shots while they were at it.  Everyone benefited from the experience and will certainly have many stories to tell and photos to share in the days and weeks to come.  We would like to thank Sir Jeff Ricalde for inviting us to participate in this unbelievably enjoyable event. We hope that he’ll get to set one again real soon. Our thanks also to the handful of outstanding photographers present as we have learned much from them and had fun working with them.  They truly are an amazing bunch.  Our thanks to the models for lending us their talents and fantastic poses.  And of course, lastly, to the cosplayers from N2P Cosplayers and Shonen Jump PH for doing what they do best: cosplay, have fun, and be really, reall, really noisy.  We all hope to eperience this much fun again in the very near future.




Thank you all for visiting and we hope you’ll drop by again soon for another great cosplay coverage.























Photoshoot for a Cause



Cosplayers show that they are always eager to  lend a helping hand as over a hundred of them were given the chance to do so at the Photoshoot for a Cause event last weekend.  This unique experience was organized by the National Cosplayers of the Philippines, an organization that has held many events since its inception in 2010 involving cosplay as a means to raise funds for charitable causes and institutions.  This time around, participants were asked to bring notebooks, pencils and other school supplies to be given to the children of House of Refuge Foundation in Parinas, Project 8, Quezon City, a group that strives to help the needy in our society, particularly abandoned and orphaned children.






Over a hundred cosplayers and photographers were on hand to take part in the occasion, where osplayers were paired with photographers as they took turns for individual and group photoshoots in the many different and fascinating locations inside the Ninoy Aquino parks and Wildlife in Quezon City.  Although the summer heat and humidity can be a little too much for anyone to bear, the cosplayers and photographers still persevered in making sure they have the best poses for the best photographs possible.






At day’s end, all the participants have had their fill and more of photographs and stories to share about the event. The National Cosplayers of the Philippines has always fostered the notion that cosplayers can have fun while helping others, and this was very evident from the enjoyment the participants had from joining.  We at arkadymac.com thank he National Cosplayers of the Philippines for a job well done in organizing this photoshoot and giving cosplayers the chance to make a difference in someone else’s life through this charity event.  We and many others look forward to attending and covering more such events in the future.

























Pinoy Otaku Festival 2013



Most likely the last major cosplay event for the summer, Pinoy Otaku Festival  did not disappoint as the two-day event gave local lovers of pop culture lots to be happy about.  Held last weekend at Starmall in Mandaluyong, this unique festival of all things otaku was organized by Naruto Cosplayers of the Philippines, one of the more active cosplay organizations around and it featured a variety of booths and attractions that the thousands of attendees definitely appreciated, like game demos, karaoke contests, and lots of entertainment with speciaal celebrity guests, like Ani-Mate Rhianna of Animax.




The highlight of the event was the cosplay competition and the Coplay Idol, a search for the best cosplayer chosen through several legs leading up to Pinoy Otaku Festival 2013.  Chibi cosplayer Bolen Lareza was named the first ever Cosplay Idol champion while her friend Ashley Misaki claimed first runner-up honors.  Our friend Miko also won as Best Cosplayer in the Games Category as Razor the Lightning Revenant.




We would like to congratulate Sir Dave and the whole group of Naruto Cosplayers of the Philippines for a successful event and we look forward to bigger events from them in the future. In the meantime, please enjoy some of the photos we took of the event. Thank you very much.