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Kento Yamazaki to Star in “Kiss that Kills” Same Time as Japan on GEM

Japanese Actor Kento Yamazaki to Star in the Highly-Anticipated Drama Series “Kiss that Kills” Same Time as Japan on GEM, Exclusive Contest Offers Subscribers the Chance to Meet Kento in Hong Kong

The Japanese king of romantic films, Kento Yamazaki, will star in the highly-anticipated drama series, “Kiss that Kills”, which premieres same time as Japan on January 7, 2018 at 9:00pm (8:00pm JKT/BKK).

Kento Yamazaki plays the role of Otaro, the most sought-after host at a nightclub whose only passion is fearless pursuit of money and power. When Otaro is kissed by a mysterious woman, he dies but quickly comes back to life. What is the true identity of this mysterious woman? Can Otaro unravel the mystery behind the deadly kiss and the time loop?

Free! Cosplay Photo Shoot

Free! Cosplay Photo Shoot_0001


Cosplay brings like-minded people together, and some fans of the hit anime series Free! wanted to show their admiration by bringing their favorite characters to life.  The Splash Free! Cosplay Group had long been planning a photo shoot for months, and when it did happen, their group cosplay shoot became a fun and memorable experience for each and every on who took part in it, and we at arkadymac.com are glad to be able to share it with our readers as four of us got to cover it:  Photographers Xtian Mack and Kami, our coverage partner Jillian Rose, and our editor processed the photos here, Keileen.