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Upcoming Event: Natsu Matsuri, A Japanese Summer Festival at Ateneo on March 31


Summer is almost here, and what better way for lovers of Japanese culture to welcome the season than to enjoy a fun-filled festival.  Coming this March 31 is Hinomoto’s Natsu Matsuri: A Japanese Summer Festival at Ateneo de Manila University’s Bellarmine Field.  With free entrance to to the event, everyone can get to experience a traditional Japanese summer festival through fun games, great food, and exciting live performances.

UP Diliman Japanese Night 2016: Furusato


UP Diliman Japanese Night 2016 Furusato_0001


The Japanese exchange students from the UP International Center got to share fun, colorful and interesting aspects of their culture as they opened  Japanese Night 2016 to the public last weekend at their residence in UP Diliman Campus.  This year the students have chosen “furusato”(ふるさと) as their theme, literally meaning “hometown.” The word invokes a sense and feeling of nostalgia among the Japanese, as it brings to mind fond memories of family and friends there, and they wish to impart those feelings with their Filipino friends through unique activities, food and attractions.

Uli-Uli: A Cultural Night, Japanese Summer Festival-Style at UP Diliman


Uli Uli Cultural Night UP Diliman UP Tomo Lai_0001_tn


With the feel of a Japanese summer festival right at the heart of the UP-Diliman campus, UP Tomokai’s Uli-uli was indeed the rich and exciting cultural night it was envisioned to be, bringing together the best aspects of Filipino and Japanese culture by showcasing the talents of local and invited studentry, and having attendees enjoy a great time together.  arkadymac.com is glad to be an official media partner for Uli-uli, and we are pleased to bring you the highlights of this wonderful event.

Upcoming Event: AGCF Hanabi Festival 2014



Hanabi, or fireworks, figure prominently in anime, and often mark festivals or highlight romantic moments.  For avid fans and watchers of anime, hanabi evokes a whole range of feelings, so much so that they would wish to experience hanabi for themselves even once in their lives.


It’s fortunate then that the avid fan, otaku, or Japanophile can finally have the chance to experience firsthand here in the country with people like them at the AGCF Hanabi Festival 2014.  It may also be the chance to live out (or reenact) classic romance or rom-com (romantic comedy)moments from favorite and popular manga and anime.


The theme will be “Hanabi Festival,” an event where fireworks are the highlight.   Scheduled on November 29, 2014 at Taytay Club Manila East, this event is open for public and is for free.  The organizers, AGCF, or Anime Gaming Cultural Festival,  will be including booths,  live dance and band performances and of course a big fireworks display as the highlight of the event. arkadymac.com is an official media partner, so expect us to be there enjoying it with the crowd as we cover the event and bring the highlights to our readers.


To make the event more memorable and more special, attendees are encouraged to wear Japanese traditional clothes to the event, like yukatas, kimonos, hakama and others, although cosplay and costrips are just as welcome.


Truly a unique and groundbreaking event, we hope that everyone can support and attend and be part of history with the first Hanabi Festival in the Philippines.


For more info and details, visit the AGCF Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AGCFevents


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For a map to the venue from the Ortigas area: