Ragnarok Origin reaches 2,000,000 Pre-registrations! Ambassador Yassi Pressman to make her debut appearance!

On March 11th 2023, Gravity Game Hub has officially announced the Philippines superstar – Yassi Pressman as the game ambassador for Ragnarok Origin! Ragnarok Origin has exceeded 2 million pre-registrations and more rewards will be unlocked when higher milestones are achieved!

2,000,000 Pre-registration milestone reached! Ragnarok Origin welcomes Yassi Pressman as an Ambassador

To celebrate the 2,000,000 pre-registration milestone has been achieved! Ambassador Yassi Pressman will be making her grand entrance! As a well known superstar loved by all, Yassi Pressman has won multiple Best Actress awards for her performances in films and TV series.

Commencement of the Ambassador Event in celebration of Ragnarok Origin Launch

Starting from March 12th, Ragnarok Origin official Facebook Page will hold a raffle event to welcome all adventurers to share their compliments or stories with the game ambassador, Yassi Pressman. Winners of the raffle will win exclusive gifts from the ambassador!

The Rascal Rabbit Is Back: SEAL-M Pre-Registration Opens Today!

Rascal Rabbit and other SEAL monsters are back — and they are
cuter than ever!

A new adventure awaits all gamers alike as SEAL-M, an MMORPG classic, returns —and is better than ever. Starting today, March 9, SEAL IP fans and MMORPG lovers can start pre-registering and wait to be transported to the amazing world of Shiltz. Players can explore new content, try out its unique upgraded “combo system,” and get hit by a wave of nostalgia with familiar faces and whimsical monsters such as Afro Tree and Rascal Rabbit.

Cosplay Re:Connect Masquerade

It’s not every day the cosplay community gets to enjoy a glamorous event where they can be formal and spectacular, which is why Cosplay Re:Connect Masquerade was a wonderful boon to adult cosplayers from all over.

Upcoming Event: The First Philippine GameDev Expo (PGDX)

An event that bring together the best and brightest in the game development community will be coming soon as CBZN Perspective, in cooperation with the Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP), presents the Philippine GameDev Expo, the Philippines’ first GAME DEVELOPMENT EXPO (PGDX).

It’s time to put our game developers on showcase as PGDX brings you the platform that solidifies the talent of Filipino and global developers to the world in the biggest gathering of games this 2023.

VictoryCon 2023: Cosplay, Airsoft, and More

It was a day dedicated to fandoms as Cosplay Unite held its first-ever event, VictoryCon 2023: Cosplay, Airsoft, and More, last February 18, 2023 at Victory Central Mall in Caloocan. As one of those rare cosplay events held north of the Metro, VictoryCon 2023, with its enjoyable variety of contests, performances, cosplay, games, music, hobbies, exhibitors and special guests, was definitely a fun community event.

POPTV Bento Lauded During the Platinum Stallion National Media Awards 2023

At the recent 8th Year Celebration of the 2023 Platinum Stallion National Media Awards on February 15, 2023, Trinity University of Asia recognizes POPTV Bento for its continuing efforts in educating the public through emerging media and arts. Awarded “Citation for Youth Oriented Program in the Emerging Media,” the university acknowledged POPTV Bento’s achievements in its “zeal for social service, inspiring accomplishments, and outstanding contribution to the growth and furtherance of the community and the media industry.” Jackeline Chua, COO of POPTV Pinas, accepted the Platinum Stallion National Media Award 2023 in the University Theater of Trinity University of Asia during the 60th Founding Anniversary of the said university.