Below is a list of the cosplayers that I have had the pleasure of meeting in my forays into the world of cosplaying.  It has been an honor to have known all of them personally.  In the often-misunderstood world of cosplaying, it has been a pleasure having spent time with them, exchanged a story or two, competed against each other, and shared the pains and heartaches of this passion and subculture that has captured our dreams and imagination.

And if I have been so rude as to have forgotten to include you on this list, please, do send word so I may have the pleasure of creating your profile here.

Thank you all for your support.

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Xtian Mack,
a.k.a. Nyanbu
Kaloy Mix,
a.k.a. Obito-kun
a.k.a. Nekorocchi
a.k.a. Nhikki Akemi
Czyrah Sagara,
a.k.a. Akira
Ashley Misaki
Ianah Otaku
Carmae Fonte,
a.k.a. Kurenai Yugiri
VM Hernandez
a.k.a. Monster Hunter
Carina Crisostomo
Miko Rae Enriquez,
a.k.a. Razor
Lanz Grey
Cyrus Joshua
Maki Mizuki
Dianne Morales,
a.k.a. Dii
Kate Armea,
a.k.a. Naruko-chan
Joana Lascano
Darla Floresca,
a.k.a. Dara
Jillian Rose, a.k.a. Rose
Yanna, a.k.a.
Kristina, a.k.a. Tenten
Carla Denisse,
a.k.a. Angel Rioveros
Erika Lee, a.k.a. Erika
Vianca Santos,
a.k.a. Kanon-chan
Dennis Vicarth,
a.k.a. Snake Eyes
Marvin Tayong
Kurt Vidallo
a.k.a. Masky
Benz Cheng
a.k.a. Apollo
Anthony Olan,
a.k.a. Tobi Madara
Jhamesxz Yanjiro,
a.k.a. Nidaime Hokage
Jonathan Salazar,
a.k.a. Jon
Reginan Abang,
a.k.a. Kei-kun
Rianne, a.k.a. Rin

 *Images belong to their respective owners and their photographers. We do not own the rights to them and are posted here only through the consent of the cosplayers featured here.