Cosplayer Compendium: Cosplayer #0016 Anthony Olan


Anthony Olan, a.k.a. Tobi Madara

Reward for Capture: 1 million tokiyaki stock


Cosplay Characters:  Tobi Madara

Finisher/Limit Break/Special Move/Jutsu:  (Amaterasu, Jigen jutsu, Susanoo, eating tokiyaki on the eye )

Crimes:  (making Deidara angry, bullying other cosplayer with the words “TIWALA Lang” )

Biography:  (Tobi initially appeared clumsy and was very polite in his speech. After Sasori was killed in battle, he took over Sasori’s position in the group. He was then partnered with Deidara. After Deidara’s death, it was revealed Tobi gave direction to Pain as the real Akatsuki leader Uchiha Madara. The full nature of Tobi and Madara’s full identity is unknown, however he has acted in ways which seem to confirm his nature as Madara. Madara’s ultimate goal being to collect the 9 Bijuu and re-create the Juubi, which he will then use to cast a mind-controlling Genjutsu on the moon, which he can use to control the world.) just joking am just clumsy and funny that all

Message to the youth: Be happy, enjoy your life.