Outreach and Charities



Cosplayers recognize that they are part of a bigger community where they are given the opportunity to use their talents, time and resources to bring out change and to do good for the other members of society.  Indeed many individuals and cosplay groups have already held events and programs that allow the community to help out in their own special way.




It is our hope that by featuring these outreach and charity events, we can inspire cosplayers, photographers and enthusiasts alike to have more of these in the future so that cosplaying can be seen not only as a fun hobby,but also as a means to help others and to change the world one cosplay at a time.




Here are just some of the events and articles we have on  outreach and charity work by cosplayers and groups.  Click on the images or captions to view the individual articles.  Thank you very much.


Cosplay Photoshoot for a Cause, where cosplayers and photogaphers alike donated what they can for the victims of Yolanda Cosplayers help bring an early Merry Christmas to street children
An Unexpected Orphanage Visit, where cosplayers spent a fun time with kids
Cosplayers Bring Smiles to the National Children’s Hospital
Photoshoot for a Cause, where participants helped out to donate much needed school supplies for poor school children
Cosplay for a Cause, having fun with street children at a feeding program