Cosplayers help bring early Christmas to street children



Christmas is truly for the children and it started early this year for more than 300 lucky street children and students of San Juan with a great party at Greenhills Shopping Center.  The children were treated to a great show, lots of fun game, amazing attractions, plenty of gifts, and they got to have front row seats to witness the first night of the much-awaited Christmas on Display (COD) presentation.








Cosplayers from the Nakama Cosplay Group were invited to help out in making sure that the children had a fun and memorable afternoon.  They assisted in the games, danced with them, had their photos taken, chased them around and just had a fun time with each other.  Everyone had great food and refreshments and had nice gifts and prizes for taking part in games.






There were also amazing attractions as well like the dragon and lion dances, which brought awe to the children.  Their athleticism and skill were really remarkable.






And as night came, the children were brought to the Christmas on Display grounds as special guests to witness the first night of the beloved lights and mannequin show, now on its 11th anniversary.  The children could not help but be amazed at the spectacular presentation, which had the theme: Oriental Christmas.












After the show, all the children were given Christmas presents of bags with lots of goodies inside.  Christmas came early indeed.







The program ended around 8pm, and as the children were about to go home, we bade them goodbye and I was touched how they smiled back, waved, high-fived, hugged and even kissed my masked face as we were about to part ways.  They all knew I was ust some guy in a mask and costume but I felt that they appreciated our efforts in making them happy that day.  I commend all the organizers of the event for this wonderful project and hope more people and organizations can make more children happy this Christmas.





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Xtian Mack

Xtian Mack

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