After a very successful phtoshoot by the Magic Knight Rayearth Cosplay Group at scenic Paco Park, a lot of people have been asking for more footage of the event.  The response from our audience has been overwhelming, with lots of visits and likes on the first article we published, see Magic Knight Rayearth Cosplay Photoshoot.  It goes to show that many people still love the MKR series and that they admire the wonderful cosplays presented by this group.


We then humbly asked the truly talented photographers and videographers present then if we can post their great work on our website, and they have been really supportive.


Please click on the names of the photographers to view their Magic Knight Rayearth submissions.


Alphard Penetrante of Snapshot FantasyAldrin Kencey Sj of Lightning Photography
Christopher Mortell of CFMphotgraphy.Je Morerz of Jhetot Photoworks
Mark Pingol of Mapi PhotographyVideos: Ej Ayalde of Ayaldev

Leo Tagulao



Here are some of the samples of their work:







Video screenshot:








We’re still collecting more of the great work produced that day, so please visit again for updates.  Thank you all for supporting this group as they promise to bring you even better cosplays in the future.




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