It was one big cosplay jamboree at Cash & Carry Mall in Makati last July 6 and 7, 2024 as the very first Cosplay Camp brought the fandom community together on an enjoyable journey. Filled with fascinating booths, attractions, contests and activities lined up for attendees, Cosplay Camp delivered a fun yet cozy experience to the hobby community.

Promoted as a more casual and cozy event for fans and con-goers alike, Cosplay Camp was a free, casual, and community-centric event where attendees and mall patrons could enjoy a variety of contests, games and auctions centered more on having fun rather than intense competition. 

Cosplay Camp allowed attendees to explore a remarkable number of exhibitors and booths, then scout for unique merchandise, captivating art, exclusive collectibles, cosplay and fashion accessories that were hard to find anywhere else, like from community clothing brand T-Tees.

With engaging activities like Ready Set Auction and Facepalm the Music led by the endlessly entertaining Kenkoy, attendees and mall patrons got to take part in the fun, all part of a laid-back yet enjoyable experience.

Cosplay Camp will also had music and entertainment for all campers as Sunny, Seushi and Clove of Mju:z Kiss will be delighted the fans with special exciting performances.

Cosplay Camp’s highlight was the Cosplay Crosswalk, a brand-new contest that focused more on having fun rather than intense competition.  The mechanics were simple. Instead of being required to do a skit onstage, cosplayers just needed to cross the stage in character. If the judge liked their cosplay, she will play the kazoo and that contestant automatically became a finalist. And serving as the judge was’s Correspondent Vanessa, who is a seasoned cosplayer who has won major awards at some of the biggest events in the country.

At the end of the Crosswalk, all the finalists got up on stage and the winner was be determined by loudest applause by the audience! All finalists got to take home some nice prizes while the Champion, a Chbi Moon cosplayer, won free entrance on a day of ACX 2024 among other great prizes.

And of course, was there for the beloved community of cosplayers who came to take part in the festivities at Cosplay Camp. They got to enjoy the event and had lots of pictures with mall goers, attendees, and fellow cosplayers.

Cosplay Camp was fun and cozy as promised and was a nice opportunity for fans, cosplayers , attendees and collectors to come together, know each other, take photos, and spend leisurely time together at a laid-back and friendly atmosphere.

Congratulations to all of the organizers who made Cosplay Camp possible and providing a fun event for everyone. Up next for them will be ACX 2024 on July 20-21, 2024 at the SMX Convention Center Manila. We also hope to see you there as we have a special coverage of the event. is proud to be the media partner for Cosplay Camp. Many thanks to our media correspondent Vanessa for serving a cosplay judge as well as helping us cover the event..

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