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Halloween 2015




People would be surprised that just several years ago, Filipinos didn’t pay much attention to Halloween.   Now it’s near mandatory for offices, malls and other establishments to have some form of event or attraction or party for it. Now nearly everyone knows about Trick or Treat and Jack-o-lanterns as October 31 draws near.  Well, we guess that any occasion where kids (and adults of course) can get dressed up as scary or strange costumes and get free candy can’t be so bad.

The Best of Anime / BOA 2015: Day 2


Best of Anime BOA 2015 Day 2_0001


With even more people coming in by the thousands to Function Rooms 2, 3, and 4 of the SMX Convention Center at SM Mall of Asia on its second day, The Best of Anime 2015 continues to stake its claim as one of the biggest anime conventions in the Philippines.  Already on its sixth straight year, BoA delighted its loyal fans by providing an exciting lineup of attractions and activities all weekend long, with an impressive roster of international guest cosplayers and performers to ensure that attendees have a memorable experience.

The Best of Anime / BOA 2015: Day 1


Best of Anime BOA 2015 Day 1_0001


On its sixth straight year of being one of the biggest anime conventions in the Philippines, The Best of Anime continued to exceed fan expectations as it rolled out an exciting lineup of attractions and activities and flew in an impressive roster of international cosplayers and performers to ensure that attendees have a memorable experience at this year’s edition.

Queenie and Deric



arkadymac.com’s cosplay models Queenie and Deric return to do the cover of our website this week’s with this exclusive double feature.  Photography and post-editing: BryMac, Executive Producer: Blessma, Director/Writer: Xtian Mack.




It’s always wonderful when two people who share the same passion get to deepen their relationship over time.  Queenie and Deric started out as good friends hanging out and going to cosplay events together. Now a couple, the two of them agree that the time they spend together in and out of cosplaying has become doubly fun and enjoyable.




For this feature, Queenie cosplays Kurousagi, a rabbit-eared girl from the light novel Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sō Desu yo? (Problem Children are Coming from Another World, aren’t they?) a Japanese light novel series with an anime adaptation.  Kurousagi is a powerful being, though she is often easily distracted and is constantly  inconvenienced by the other main characters, like Sakamaki Izayoi, cosplayed by Deric.  Izayoi is one of the main characters who gladly left his old world for a new one in the hopes of finding more excitement and adventure.  He is overconfident and haughty, yet he is also shown to be caring and protective of the people around him.




Although their romance was not strongly established in the anime, the two characters had gotten along well as the story progressed.  Queenie and Deric tell us that this is their first pair cosplay, and that although they admit that it’s not quite there yet, they really have fun cosplaying this couple.




They tell us that they first met at IOP 5, a cosplay photoshoot way back May last year.  Since then they’ve become good friends who would go to cosplay events together and enjoy themselves as much as they can.  They’ve also become endorsers for Cosmic Bytes, a major cosplay goods shop, and say that they both enjoy spending time with the amazing folks there.  Outside cosplay, they both enjoy playing LOL (League of Legends), saying it’s fun playing it as champions who keep on fighting together.




How would Queenie describe Deric?  She says Deric is a really funny guy who enjoys making people laugh. What makes him fun to be with? She says she and Deric have many things in common and they both enjoy doing silly things.




And how would Deric describe Queenie?  “She’s really something,” he tells us.  What makes her fun to be with? Deric says they share lots of things in common and that he always sees her smiling and laughing whenever they’re spending time together.




Queenie says that pair cosplays are fun because you get to be comfortable knowing you have someone to enjoy it with.  Deric says it’s a great feeling to have someone to care about especially when they both understand what they do.




Queenie and Deric invite us to watch out for better cosplays from them in the very near future and say that they’ll keep enjoying cosplaying for as long as they can together.  arkadymac.com will continue to bring you great new features on this pair, so please continue supporting them in all their endeavors.  Thank you all very much for visiting.



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1st Pitik Photography Photoshoot: New Year Special


Most people would think that photography is a solitary or lonesome activity, something seemingly best enjoyed by one’s self or with a few.  This is not entirely true, of course, as every once in a while like-minded folks with a passion for their craft would get together to share in something a lot of people can take part in and enjoy.  And for a group called Pitik Photography, all the pieces fell into place and they were able to band together to host an event participants truly appreciated.


The  1st Pitik Photography Photoshoot: New Year Special was held on a Sunday, January 5 amid fairly mild weather at the scenic and ever-dependable Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center.  Over a hundred participants came and took part in this event, a group that featured a fascinating mix of models, cosplayers, photographers, hair and makeup artists, and enthusiasts, all coming together to have great photographs and videos taken amid the unique setting the park had to offer.


It wasn’t all business, of course.  The event was intended to be a chance for folk of like minds to be able to share each other’s company in a relaxed environment.  Participants were encouraged to get to know each other, and indeed many new friendships were made that day.  Attendees had plenty of time to have fun in between shoots, goofing around, interacting while in character, taking pictures with each other, and then having their pictures taken by the other visitors of the park who admired their delightful cosplays.


Pitik Photography is a group of enthusiasts comprised of of professionals, newbies, regulars, veterans, and everything in between in the world of photography, folks who share the simple joys this craft and hobby brings.  What started out as a small group of friends who enjoyed covering events and conventions, they have since branched out into other endeavors, all the while never forgetting to help each other out when it comes to skill, expertise, and time.  At events, they manage to get their work done through teamwork even though they seemingly always have enough time to play pranks on each other and take stolen shots of each other.


Pitik is slang that can be the noun for a shutter click, also a verb that denotes the act of taking a shot.  After considering many other names, the founders decided on this name as it aptly describes something they really enjoy doing, and is something that many models and cosplayers have greatly appreciated over the many months of existence of the group.


After the last of the individual and group photoshoots were over and as the sun had already long set, the 1st Pitik Photography Photoshoot drew to a close.  Everyone had a great time and anticipated the great photos taken that day, so congratulations are in order to Pitik for hosting a successful event, and everyone is already looking forward to the next one.


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Ianah: Chasing Rainbows

eIMG_0387 Her warm smile and cheery disposition are enough reasons for us to attend an event, and indeed Ianah is a welcome sight whenever we do a coverage.  She is as bright, bubbly and friendly as they come and she simply loves cosplaying wherever she can squeeze it into her very hectic schedule.  We have always admired her for her great cosplays, which is why we are happy to have Ianah as our newest Cosplay Model here at arkadymac.com in her first ever online feature.  Photos and post-editing by Bryan, Bless as Executive Producer, Xtian as Writer/Director. eIMG_0347 There are days when our coverages of events are not complete without a glimpse of Ianah, a familiar yet refreshing face in the cosplay circuit.  She is a celebrity cosplayer besides being a creative digital artist, blogger, dance troupe member, Nihongo-jin, and an otaku.  She has landed many endorsement and promotion deals from prominent companies and she has hosted a number of cosplay events as well.  These she all takes in stride as she says she just loves cosplaying whenever she can. eIMG_5803 Ianah tells us that she got into cosplaying sometime after the Japan tsunami when their school organized a “Cosplay for a Cause” event organized by her Nihongo Sensei.  There she cosplayed Kyou Fujibayashi from Clannad.  She was eventually invited to join a cosplay event at Eton City with the Laguna Cosplay Team where she cosplayed Vocaloid Rin Kagamine. eIMG_0137ianah Despite describing herself as quite a shy and simple person, the people who do know her see her as a bubbly and cheerful sister, especially to the many chibi cosplayers she are friends with at events.  She says cosplaying has allowed her to be a little more confident in herself.  She has also made a lot of friends through cosplaying, something that she is very grateful for. eIMG_0104 Creativity is something Ianah truly values and is something she strives for as she loves drawing, making kiri-e arts and dancing in her spare time.  She says cosplaying is doubly fun because she is able to put her creativity to use when she portrays her favorite anime characters and she is humbled when people appreciate her cosplays. eIMG_0558 Of all the characters she has portrayed, Ianah admits she loves Vocaloid Rin Kagamine most.  She says she shares her cheerfulness and her role as a loving sister to all.  What excites her the most at cosplay events is the chance to meet other cosplayers and having fun with her cosplay family and friends. eIMG_0550 Ianah admits that cosplay is challenging because the competition is getting better and that trying to fit cosplaying into her busy schedule can be quite tough.  She says her studies will always be her first priority and that she’ll continue to cosplay as long as she’s free and available. eIMG_5902 As for those she is grateful to, Ianah has this to say:  “First I want to thank God, secondly my family who supports and never gets tired of attending cons with me, my LaCosTe family, Lean and Mean Machines, Redfox Technologies and Mundo ko Game ko family, Dragon Nest family, my extended family in cosplay community, and my old and new friends. I will be forever grateful for all your support and for believing in me. I love you all.” eIMG_0350 Ianah will be taking up Multimedia Arts and says she has many aspirations and plans for the future where she can make use of her creativity to the fullest.  We hope we can all be part of her journey as she earnestly chases after her dreams. eIMG_5799 Thank you all for visiting, and do drop by again soon for more features on Ianah here at arkadymac.com. eIMG_0386   Please click on an image to view slideshow.