Cosplayer Compendium: Cosplayer #0018 Marvin Tayong


Marvin Tayong

Reward for Capture: All-you-can-eat barbecue



Cosplay Characters:
Ichigo Kurosaki ( June 2007 )
Bankai Renji ( July 2007 )
Hitsugaya Toushiro ( August 2007 )
Sasori of the Red Sand: Release w/ Hiroku Puppet) ( 2007 )
Chouji Akimichi ( Dec 2007 )
Chouji Akimichi: Release Form/Chou Chouji ( 2008 )
Jun Yamamoto: Special A ( 2009 )
Ragna Bloodedge: Blazblue ( 2009 )
Gilbert Nightray: Pandora Hearts ( 2010 )
Franky: Strawhat Pirates ( 2011 )
Franky: Strong World ( 2011)
Ryuji Suguro: Ao no Exorcist ( Sept 2011 )
Rin Okumura: Ao no Exorcist ( Oct 2011 )
Pikachu Human Ver. Ozine Fest (Dec 2012)
Chouji Akimichi (Arm Expansion Jutsu) PCC ’13 (March 2013)
Chouji Akimichi (Calorie Control Jutsu) Cubicon ’13 (March 2013)

Finisher/Limit Break/Special Move/Jutsu: 
Arm Expansion Jutsu; Calorie Control Jutsu.
HTML, ASP, PHP, Java Programming no Jutsu…XD
Massive Shotgun Punch Barrage (Self Made Technique for bullies)
GIMP 2.8 Photo Editing.

Crimes: Too Many to Mention
Class D : 25+
Class C : 13
Class B : 2
Class A : 1
Class S : 3~!!

Biography: Loves anime and computer games since I was a Child. I’m a hikkikomori, a certified in-born otaku who is afraid of the outside world, so I was happy that cosplay existed.  That’s the time I enjoyed being an otaku/anime lover in the 3D world existing beyond the 4 corners of our house. I joined the cosplay community 2007, June 18, at the Toy Con held at SM Megamall, Philippines. My cosplay group was Samu-Rice, the name originating from the name of a rice product at Mini Stop during that said year..XD  We joined the cosplay group category and performed a skit.  I cosplayed as Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach.  I’m not that easily irritated. I usually count 1 to 10 when I’m annoyed.  I also like drama, tragedies, romance films.  I hate happy endings; they don’t exist. And I love watching horror a lot, specially when I’m alone in the dark. I love Asian horror films, specially Japanese and Korean ones. I love to play Asian-based horror games like Kuon, Project Zero, Siren, etc.

Message to the Youth: Hard work beats genius. So give everything you’ve got to all the things you do.