Cosplayer Compendium: Cosplayer #0027 Carina Crisostomo


Carina Crisostomo

Reward for Capture: A truckload of fruits, a box of dark chocolates and boxes of wine


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Cosplay Characters:  Yuna(Summoner), Kurenai (Naruto), CC (Code Geass: black gown and prisoner outfit), Vincent Valentine (FF7), Rinoa Heartilly (FF8),  Khezu X (Monster Hunter), Medusa, Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer version), Yune (Ikoku no Meiro Croisse), Black Widow (Avengers), Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman New 52, Maid cos, Daenerys Targaryen (Dothraki, yunkai dress-Game of thrones), Princess Belle (Beauty and the Beast), Shampoo (Ranma 1/2), Merida (Brave), Sloane (La Deeda Dolls), Tinkerbell

Finishers:  Claw Death attack, Numbing Stare, Raining Bullets, Thunder Thigh Kick! Lasso of Truth

Crimes:  Laughing too loud, staring into the unknown, constantly talking

Biography:  I don’t know if u guys notice, but I’m a very transparent person.  I mean it’s always “what you is see is what you get.” Like any other girl I like to dress up and dress down. I love working out, being active, hiking, reading, playing video games, watchng anime, series and movies, I love food but I try to eat in moderation, baking, modelling and of course cosplaying. I like to think of myself as easy to approach and I love interacting and meeting people. Also my number one rule in choosing my cosplay character is I should know him or her and totally love the character or relate to them; I try to study them as much as I can.  I’m open to learning other charcters as well as long as I feel I can portray them and I have that connection with the character.  I’ll go with it no matter what and I always keep in mind to always have fun.

Message to the Youth:  

I have a lot of quotes in life but here are some that have always been a constant in my life (quotes from movies/tv series/books): “The only beautiful thing that nourishes is food.” ”Never doubt or hesitate, instead, always believe.” ”Let no one make you feel you’re less than who you want to be.” ”Always be up for a challenge.”

And my own personal quote: “Cosplaying is not just a hobby, it is a passion shared by many, a art of its own and a dedication that far exceeds expectations; an alternate life that is meant to be enjoyed, shared and help everyone.”


Credits to the photographers of the images featured here.  Copyrights and images belong to their respective owners. 




















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