Cosplayer Compendium: Cosplayer #0010 Ianah Otaku



Ianah Otaku

Reward for Capture: A Rin Kagamine plushie



Credits to the photographer of the image featured here.  Copyright and image belong to the owner. 


Cosplay Characters:  Rin Kagamine

Finisher/Limit Break/Special Move/Jutsu:  Scream-o and Road Roller Time!

Crimes:  Ate Len Kagamine’s bananas and killed Kaito Shion with a road roller.

Biograpy:  Ianah Otaku is a 15-year-old science high school student, creative digital artist, blogger, dance troupe member, Nihongo-jin, and an otaku. She got into cosplay through an invitation from a former schoolmate, Guia, to join a cosplay event hosted by Laguna Cosplay Team “LaCosTe,” which later adopted her as one of their own through Mommy Sam, founder of LaCosTe. Since then she immediately fell in love with cosplay. Driven by this passion, she gained confidence and joined different cosplay conventions, which later landed her an endorsement job with Lean & Mean Machines, Red Fox Technologies, and as the community manager of Mundo ko Game ko (My World, My Game) through the trust and confidence of Mund and Voltaire. She cosplays as Rin Kagamine in her default and Love is War outfit.  She is scheduled to launch something new, “First in the Philippines,” sanctioned by both Yamaha and Mr. Shinoya. She is a loving “ate” to all chibi cosplayers, especially to Ashley Misaki and Icee a.k.a. Little Hunk.

Message to the Youth:  Stay in school, follow your parents, and be a God-fearing person.