Cosplayer Compendium: Cosplayer #0033 Jillian Rose


Jillian Rose, a.k.a. Rose

Reward for Capture:  Gets a bag full of goodies


Jillian Profile 001

Credits to the photographer of the image featured here.  Copyright and image belong to the owner. 

Cosplay Characters:  Hatsune Miku (default version) Ruby Rose of RWBY, Lux of League of Legends (sorceress Skin), Tsumugi Kotobiko of K-ON!, and many more (can’t remember the others C:)

Finisher/Limit Break/Special Move/Jutsu:  Slaps you with a spoon till you die!

Crimes:  Is playing video games, reading mangas, and watching anime the whole day a crime?

Biography:  I’m actually more of a boyish type kind of girl, just sits back in my computer and play online games, video games, consoles, read manga or watch anime, do sports and the such. Oh and the most important thing, I don’t look like my age. XD or you can say overall that I’m weird. All I wanted to learn before was Nihonggo that’s why I watch anime but little do I know, I was starting to venture into cosplaying.

Additional Biography:  This might be weird but, I cosplay and be a photographer at the same time during events.

Message to the Youth:  Just do what you love, no one is stopping you. C: