Cosplayer Compendium: Cosplayer #0002 Kaloy Mix a.k.a. Obito-kun


Kaloy Mix, a.k.a. Obito-kun

Reward for Capture:  10-year supply of beef ramen with siomai and Mang Juan Pancit Canton adobo flavor, with McDo Coke Float and Twister Fries for dessert.



Cosplay Characters: Uchiha Obito, ANBU, Storm Shadow

Finisher/Limit Break/Special Move/Jutsu:  Kuchiyose no jutsu (juubi), Amaterasu, eternal tsuki no me, kamui (transportation) jutsu, Susanoo, jashin ritual seal jutsu; medical ninjutsu: Intravenous therapy; intramuscular injections; dosage calculations; first aid; CPR; Post-mortem care; nasogastric tube insertion; NGT feeding; charting (SOAP NOTE <for nursing literates>); editing; proofreading; texting while driving 60 km/hr while chasing after Kyuubi; washing clothes; doing the dishes; cooking pancit canton and yangchow rice.; playing Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns ‘n Roses on the guitar; jumping turning 45 kick; turning long; turning side; jumping turning side kick; ultimate fetcher of my younger siblings.

Crimes: Ate 12 cups of rice at Mang Inasal.  Others classified (Rank S).

Biography: Kaloy is a 25-year-old (following this time frame) registered nurse who was a volunteer nurse at two different semi-private/specialized hospitals. Kaloy was supposed to be enlisted as a reserve officer of the AFP but unfortunately was not able to pursue it due to some classified issues. Kaloy is a toy collector: Gundam, GI Joe, and Transformers, to be specific. Kaloy is also a martial artist practicing alone on his bed. Kaloy is currently working as a medical editor during weekdays and really having a good time at it. Because of being driven by his childhood dreams of becoming a cosplayer, he ended up becoming one for almost a year and half. Kaloy is a cosplay advocate, enjoying his role as a cosplayer, attending conventions with his ever-faithful loving girlfriend, his love of his life (that is classified as well; Initials: MSM), his trustworthy buddy who always carries his sword and wears a pretty colorful, monotonous, bipolar, unpredictable ANBU mask (please refer to cosplayer #0001), and of course, the ever-enthusiastic cosplay group that has never let him down whenever he is in sorrow and despair.

Message to the Youth: Do not do drugs….or else… you may rest in peace/pieces.