Cosplayer Compendium: Cosplayer #0019 Reginan Kei Abang, a.k.a. Kei-kun


Reginan Kei Abang, a.k.a. Kei-kun

Reward for Capture:  n/a


Cosplay Characters:  Shinji Ikari (Evangelion), Hideo Shimazu (Rival Schools: United by Fate)

Finisher/Limit Break/Special Move/Jutsu: Final Apocalypse: Hand of God (since I’m into Evangelion and I’m writing a fanfic about it)

Crimes:  Constant Maid Fetish, Drooling over Maids

Biography:  I’m Reginan Kei Abang. You can call me Kei-kun.  I’m a cosplayer, writer, ECE Student (incoming 4th year and hoping to have a professional ECE licence), love adviser, part-time Reflection writer, Evangelion geek, and a toy photographer.

Message to the youth:  Humility is the best evidence of a successful person, along with hardwork, faith, and optimism.