Cosplayer Compendium: Cosplayer #0022 Miko Rae L. Enriquez, a.k.a. Razor



Miko Rae L. Enriquez, a.k.a. Razor

Reward for Capture:  Divine Rapier + Aegis of Immortality

+ 5 thousand worth of gold. Dead or alive.



Cosplay Characters: Lavi of D-Grayman, Joker, Morphling of DOTA, the latest is Razor of DOTA

Finisher/Limit Break/Special Move/Jutsu:  Eye of the Storm , Plasma Field, and last is the killer smile!

Crimes:  Beyond God like, Holy shit, Rampage.

Biography: I started cosplaying last Toycon 2011, and that time, I disn’t have any knowledge about what I was going to do. My co-dancer just took me with them to cosplay. My first costume was Lavi of D-Grayman, and after that event, I was amazed and I enjoyed cosplaying, so that’s how I started in the world of cosplay. My second cosplay was the Joker and the third was Morphling. I wanted my costume to be like the others, wearing full armor using rubber sheet, so I tried hard to save 6,000 php. And because of that, my Razor was summoned.  My Razor is my latest costume and I already won as Best Male Cosplayer (Ozine Fest 2013) and Best in Game Category (Pinoy Otaku Fest 2013) with it.

I love cosplay because I get to meet friends. I am a happy person and of course I always smile ;))