Pop Culture

Upcoming Event: The First Philippine GameDev Expo (PGDX)

An event that bring together the best and brightest in the game development community will be coming soon as CBZN Perspective, in cooperation with the Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP), presents the Philippine GameDev Expo, the Philippines’ first GAME DEVELOPMENT EXPO (PGDX).

It’s time to put our game developers on showcase as PGDX brings you the platform that solidifies the talent of Filipino and global developers to the world in the biggest gathering of games this 2023.

Ozine Fest Summer 2023 at Trinoma

It has traditionally been the community’s most awaited event of the season, and this year Ozine Fest Summer is back and it would be three times the treat as it was scheduled for an exciting lineup of three events at three different Ayala Malls. The first event took place at Trinoma last February 25 to 26, 2023 at the Activity Center. It was a free event open to everyone, and cosplayers, fans, hobbyists and came in droves to take part in the summer festivities.

Join the Hype Train: StreetBallers Pre-Registration is Now Open!

Pre-register now and get exclusive rewards!

PlayPark Inc. has formally announced their newest mobile game called PlayPark StreetBallers. This mobile game will be available for both Android and Apple devices from their respective app stores and will be open to players in the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

In PlayPark StreetBallers, you build up your roster of players and get up close and personal when calling the shots. Each player you unlock via quest reward or recruited from the Shop comes with unique skills and cool animations. You can level up skills and abilities to make the ultimate dream team customized to how you want it.

Fandom February 2023 by Toushin

Fun and engaging talks and workshops about the multitude of fandoms we love are back as Fandom February by Toushin makes its return for 2023. While February can be usually regarded as the month dedicated to love and passion, Toushin celebrates the entire month dedicated to having people teach and present the knowledge they’ve picked up and learned from their time in various cultures, hobbies, and fandoms. Places that can be defined as homes where love and passion thrive in the hope of promoting and educating others about Japanese pop culture.

Anime Fair and Out of the Box Pop Convention at Ayala Malls Manila Bay

Making its mark on the cosplay and hobby community with its successful initial run November last year, Anime Fair was back even bigger than before as part of the Out of the Box Pop Convention last January 13-15, 2023 at Ayala Malls Manila Bay. The event got to open another exciting year for the community, with many attractions, games, contests, and entertainment, including crowd favorites such as Anime Singing Contest and the Cosplay Competition. Thousands of cosplayers and anime enthusiasts once again got to enjoy the fun, lively and festive mood and the amazing locations at Ayala Malls Manila Bay.

Sticky Expo Pop-up

On the heels of their successful event last year, Sticky Expo welcomed 2023 and their fans to a very special pop-up event last January 13-15 at Ayala Malls Manila Bay as part of their Out of the Box Pop Convention along with Anime Fair. This was their follow-up to the biggest sticker event of last year as Sticky Expo once again drew everyone with a discerning eye for pop art or was just plain crazy about stickers. Best of all, admission was free.