Welcome to the division, and all you hypmic fans are all in for a treat as Hypnosis Underground: Hypnosis Mic Bar and Cafe brings your favorite division rappers to life this Feb 2, 2019 at One Cafe, 6F, One Corporate Place Ortigas for an experience you won’t soon forget.

Hypnosis Underground is a Hypnosis Mic-themed interactive and  revolutionary bar cafe featuring prominent local and international male cosplayers who will bring your favorite division rappers to life.  The event will feature a cafe with these cosplayers in tow for an experience you won’t soon forget, with an after-party to make extra sure you get your fill.

Different ticket tiers are still available so get the most out of your experience!  Check out their Facebook page page at https://www.facebook.com/HypmicUnderground/ for more info.

 Do bear in in mind the event rules:

It’ll be bang, bang, bang and pump, pump, pump this February 2 as Hypnosis Underground shows you why it’s the most unique and most awaited new event this season!  arkadymac.com is a proud media partner for Hypnosis Underground, we hope to see you there as we have our special coverage.

Get your tickets now, and whatever you do, dont look back!


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