Experience the fascinating world of Japanese films – Stream the Japanese Film Festival 2024 Online totally for FREE!

The online version of the Japanese Film Festival (JFF) 2024 will be available for free streaming starting June 5, 2024 and will run until 3 July 2024. Available to watch through the JFF official website (https://jff.jpf.go.jp/watch/jffonline2024) viewers can enjoy a selection of 23 Japanese films, and for the first time ever, 2 Japanese TV dramas will also be part of the lineup.

Fans of Japanese film and TV can now watch as many of this year’s online festival offerings as they want, through any of their preferred devices; whether it’s watching a heart pumping action movie on your smartphone during rush hour commute, or a romantic drama on your laptop for date night.

The lineup includes favorites from previous JFFs such as the romantic We Made a Beautiful Bouquet (2021) and Anime Supremacy (2022). There are also new and exciting additions such as the action-packed Baby Assassins (2021) and the samurai comedy We’re Broke, My Lord! (2023). There is also a
special treat for Japanese horror fans as a special selection of films from the 2023 Japan Horror Film Competition are also part of the lineup.

For the first time the JFF+ Online 2024 will include 2 Japanese TV dramas: the popular underdog drama Downton Rocket (2015), and the moving sports drama RIKUOH (2017); perfect for those who like to binge watching exciting TV shows.

“The theme of this festival is Japanese Movies Anytime, Anywhere,” says festival director Yojiro Tanaka. “We are happy to be able to bring Japanese movies wherever you live. We expect Filipino audience to enjoy the lineup of the films more frequently than ever before.”

Asked about how he thinks the Filipino audience will respond, “Thanks to everyone, we had a huge number of audiences for our onsite JFF with very positive response. Compared to Onsite JFF, there is advantage for Online JFF (JFF+) that you can enjoy watching more films at your convenient time and

The 20 films will run from 5-19 June 2024, and the 2 TV drama series will be on show from 19 June – 3 July 2024.

To watch for free, simply go to the official website JFF+ Online 2024 https://jff.jpf.go.jp/watch/jffonline2024 , choose your country (Philippines), select your preferred film or TV series, register, and enjoy!

JFF+ Online 2024 Lineup
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FILMS (streaming 5-19 June 2024)

  1. We Made a Beautiful Bouquet (2021)
    A tale of romance that follows the best five years of two people in love.
  2. Single8 (2023)
    A coming-of-age story, set in the 1970s, about a group of high-schoolers who passionately make a film together.
  3. ANIME SUPREMACY! (2022)
    Delightful story about people pouring their passion into anime production.
  4. Baby Assassins (2021)
    A dynamic and powerful action comedy about a pair of former high school girls who are also highly skilled assassins.
  5. The Lines That Define Me (2022)
    A story of a young man who finds his wounded soul restored through the world of Sumi-e, a traditional style of black ink painting.
    TEZUKA Osamu’s monumental masterpiece that became the cornerstone of Japanese anime.
    A family drama depicting the life of nationally-renowned Japanese author MIYAZAWA Kenji, told from the perspective of his father.
  8. The Handsome Suit (2008)
    A fantasy romantic comedy about a man with no confidence about his looks who one day gets a hold of a suit that makes anybody handsome by wearing it.
  9. School Meals Time Graduation (2022)
    A food comedy about a teacher and a student who love school lunches, and together, appreciate the importance of food.
  10. BL Metamorphosis (2022)
    A heartwarming tale about two women who strike up an intergenerational friendship through manga.
  11. My Broken Mariko (2022)
    A road movie about a woman who goes on a journey carrying her dead best friend Mariko’s bones.
  12. The Zen Diary (2022)
    A drama that ponders about what true wealth is through the beauty of nature throughout the four seasons and through the allure of meals with rustic flavors.
  13. WEDDING HIGH (2022)
    An ensemble comedy of memorable characters who gather for a wedding, each bringing their own passionate feelings to the big day.
  14. I am what I am (2022)
    A film about “being your own cheerleader” as a woman, uninterested in romance, seeks to find a life of freedom without outside judgement.
    A battle of wits between magazine editors trying to survive in the industry.
  16. The Lone Ume Tree (2021)
    A challenging yet heartwarming story about an autistic son and his aging and loving mother living among their communities.
  17. I Go GaGa: Welcome Home, Mom (2022)
    A daughter’s moving record of her mother with dementia and her father who endlessly showers his wife with love.
  18. WE’RE BROKE, MY LORD! (2023)
    A samurai comedy about a young prince who runs around trying to pay back a debt of 10 billion yen.
  19. TWENTY-FOUR EYES (1954)
    A moving tale about a teacher and twelve students who lived through a time of war.
  20. BEST WISHES TO ALL (2023) – 2023 Japan Horror Film Competition
    Is there somebody on the second floor? What did the college student see at her grandparents’ house? The memorable winner of the inaugural Japan Horror Film Competition.
  21. closet (2023) – 2023 Japan Horror Film Competition
    A terrifying closet versus a young man. A new style of horror depicting the fears hiding in daily life.
  22. KARAKASA (2023) – 2023 Japan Horror Film Competition
    An umbrella you must never open…A frightening killer umbrella flies across the sky!
  23. The Invitation (2023) – 2023 Japan Horror Film Competition
    A new type of horror film about a house you must never dare to enter.

TV Series (streaming 19 June – 3 July 2024)

Downtown Rocket (2015)A moving and popular drama about a small Japanese town factory taking on the fight against large corporations.


RIKUOH (2017)A moving drama about a “tabi” (Japanese traditional socks) manufacturer’s rise to the challenge of developing running shoes.


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