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10,000,000 Pre-registrations achieved! Ragnarok Origin officially launched today!

Explore the world of Ragnarok Online (RO) and cross paths with other adventurers! The official sequel of Ragnarok Online, titled Ragnarok Origin and published by Gravity Game Hub, is now available on Apple Store, Google Play, Huawei AppGallery, OPPO App Market, and PC client.

Ragnarok Origin has achieved a remarkable milestone of 10 million pre-registrations on April 5th, unlocking all special rewards for all players. Adventurers, log in and claim the rewards now!

Ragnarok Origin Press Conference Unveils Fresh Take on Beloved Game Title with RO Ambassador Yassi Pressman

As ardent fans and players of the original game from decades ago, we at arkadymac.com are thrilled along with the millions of players around the world with the announcement and pre-registration for Ragnarok Origin. Thanks to the collective efforts of players for over a month, the pre-registration count officially surpassed 10 million on April 5th, unlocking all milestone rewards.

Ragnarok Origin is set to Make a Spectacular Debut

Since the beginning of March, a wave of excitement has been spreading across Southeast Asia as the pre-registration for Ragnarok Origin was launched. Thanks to the collective efforts of players for over a month, the pre-registration count officially surpassed 10 million on April 5th, unlocking all milestone rewards.

Gravity Game Hub held a press conference to celebrate the official launch of Ragnarok Origin. The game will be available on April 6th on App Store,  Google Play, Huawei AppGallery, OPPO App Market, and ROO website (PC client). The press conference for the launch of Ragnarok Origin will feature a special performance, accompanied by Filipino RO ambassador, Yassi Pressman, and representatives from Gravity Game Hub, ushering in the start of an exciting new adventure of the game.

Ragnarok Origin Achieved 8,000,000 Pre-registration milestone!

Official Launch to commence on April 6th, along with the release of ROO Ambassadors TVC!

Ragnarok Origin returns with a fresh, new version, bringing back memories of youth! Ragnarok Origin by Gravity Game Hub reached 8 million pre-registrations within weeks! In honour of this accomplishment, it was announced that the official launch will commence on April 6th, launching across multiple platforms – iOS, Google Play, Huawei AppGallery, OPPO App Market, and the official PC client. Players will be able to pre-install the client on April 6th at midnight to gain instant access to the Midgard continent once the servers go live!

Ragnarok Origin reached 5,000,000 Pre-registrations!

The highly-anticipated game launch is just around the corner!

Ragnarok Origin, the official sequel to the MMORPG Ragnarok Online, published by Gravity Game Hub, has attracted a large number of new and seasoned players since the start of the game pre-registration event. It has been officially announced today that Ragnarok Origin has reached an impressive milestone of 5 million pre-registrations, unlocking a variety of generous rewards for eager players. Gravity Game Hub invites more adventurers to pre-register and unlock more exciting in-game and physical prizes!

Pre-registration link: https://roo.pub/3YCtRA1

Ragnarok Origin reaches 2,000,000 Pre-registrations! Ambassador Yassi Pressman to make her debut appearance!

On March 11th 2023, Gravity Game Hub has officially announced the Philippines superstar – Yassi Pressman as the game ambassador for Ragnarok Origin! Ragnarok Origin has exceeded 2 million pre-registrations and more rewards will be unlocked when higher milestones are achieved!

2,000,000 Pre-registration milestone reached! Ragnarok Origin welcomes Yassi Pressman as an Ambassador

To celebrate the 2,000,000 pre-registration milestone has been achieved! Ambassador Yassi Pressman will be making her grand entrance! As a well known superstar loved by all, Yassi Pressman has won multiple Best Actress awards for her performances in films and TV series.

Commencement of the Ambassador Event in celebration of Ragnarok Origin Launch

Starting from March 12th, Ragnarok Origin official Facebook Page will hold a raffle event to welcome all adventurers to share their compliments or stories with the game ambassador, Yassi Pressman. Winners of the raffle will win exclusive gifts from the ambassador!