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PLAYPARK XP!: The Biggest Christmas Party for Gamers on Dec 10, 2017 at the SKYDOME


Calling on all gamers!  Playpark is taking Christmas celebrations to the xtreme by hosting the biggest Christmas party for gamers on December 10, 2017 (Sunday) at The SKYDOME SM City North EDSA for the much-awaited PLAYPARK XP!

Upcoming Event: Xtreme Paskuhan by Playpark XP



Light up your Christmas candles, ring the bells and prepare your hot cocoa because PLAYPARK XP is coming to town.  Join Playpark in celebrating in their year-ender event – the biggest Christmas party for gamers, PPXP. All are invited to be part of the Xtreme Paskuhan happening on December 17 at SKYDOME SM City North EDSA to experience Christmas the Playpark way.

Upcoming Event: L’Arc~en~Ciel LIVE 2015 L’ArCASINO Manila Screening


L'Arc en Ciel LIVE 2015 LArCASINO Manila Screening_0001


Catch Japanese superband L’Arc-en-Ciel on the big screen during one of their best performances with L’Arc~en~Ciel LIVE 2015 L’ArCASINO Manila Screening happening this October 24, 2015, 7PM at SM North EDSA Cinema 2.  Don’t miss out on the chance to witness and share the excitement with fellow fans. 

Cyberzone Cosplay Craze 2015 by cosplay.ph: Day 2


Cyberzone Cosplay Craze 2015 Day 2_0002


A fun and exciting weekend for cosplay enthusiasts continued as cosplay.ph’s Cyberzone Cosplay Craze 2015 ran its second amazing day.  As one of the biggest free cosplay events of the year, Cyberzone Cosplay Craze 2015 was an extravaganza of cosplay fun and excitement for cosplayers, con goers, as well as for the curious the whole of last weekend at Cyberzone SM North EDSA Annex. Organized by cosplay.ph as part of the Cosplay Mania Road Show series, Cyberzone Cosplay Craze 2015 had lots of games, contests and attractions for all attendees, giving away some of the biggest prizes for any event this year, building up much excitement for the main event, Cosplay Mania ’15, this October 1 and 2.  For our coverage of Day 1, click here.

Cyberzone Cosplay Craze 2015 by cosplay.ph: Day 1



As one of the biggest free cosplay events of the year, Cyberzone Cosplay Craze 2015 was an extravaganza of cosplay fun and excitement for enthusiasts as well as for the curious the whole of last weekend at Cyberzone SM North EDSA Annex.  Organized by cosplay.ph as part of the Cosplay Mania Road Show series, Cyberzone Cosplay Craze 2015  had lots of games, contests and attractions for all attendees, giving away some of the biggest prizes for any event this year, building up much excitement for the main event, Cosplay Mania ’15, this October.




Always thinking of new and innovative events for the local cosplay community to enjoy, cosplay.ph conceptualized and organized Cosplay Craze 2015 in cooperation with Cyberzone as an unprecedented free two-day event with great new games and interesting attractions while offering the best prizes.  Besides their program mainstays like TORCH All-Stars, Facepalm the Music, dance performances and individual cosplay competition, fresh new features and attractions like Cyber Sumo, Kawaii Fashion Show, Cosplay Snapshots Photo Contest, Costume Building Challenge,
Cosplay Masquerade gave the community something to be engrossed and be excited about.


TORCH 5: Tournament of Champions 5 at SM North EDSA


The road to Cosplay Mania ’14 continues with the very competitive TORCH 5: Tournament of Champions 5 at SM North EDSA organized by Cosplay.ph.  With a program filled with attractions and surprises, cosplayers and onlookers alike had an enjoyable time at this free admission event.   Bringing us the action for this event are our cosplay models Keileen and Aimee and Nicole, with the help of our friend Carina as Esmeralda, featured in our cover.




There were lots of fun things lined up that late August afternoon, starting off with the cosplay parade which saw the cosplayers going around the mall, inviting the mall goers to come see the event.  Then there were on-stage games like Facepalm the Music where contestants get to guess popular tunes, and there was the eating contest sponsored by Yoshinoya, which was particularly popular with the cosplayers.  In between were song numbers from special performers.






The event featured two cosplay contests, first of which was the Cyberzone Cosplay Grand Prix Competition sponsored by SM Malls, with nice prizes up for grabs.  Over twenty competitors battled it out on stage with impressive costumes and performances.  In the end, our friend Izaiah Luke Buelos cosplaying Galaxy Rumble of League of Legends was named Grand Prize Winner, with Louise Betita winning second place.






After the Cyberzone Cosplay Grand Prix, it was time for TORCH.  The Cosplay Tournament of Champions (TORCH) is a cosplay costume and talent competition that aims to create an energetic and competitive arena for Cosplay on a truly national level by holding cosplay contests in target venues in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.  TORCH Cos Playoffs will be held in key SM Supermalls all over the country to determine the best cosplayers of each region. Winners from the Cos Playoffs get a chance to compete in the TORCH Finals that will take place on Sunday, October 5, 2014 in Cosplay Mania ’14.  Great teams battled it out on stage, but in the end, Fate Stay Night-themed Team Eight won the leg and will be going to Cosplay Mania 14 for the grand championships.




Lots of cosplayers attended the event as the north is home to many of them although there were just as many attendees from other parts of the country who came just to take part in the contests and festivities.  And of course the cosplayers enjoyed the event by mixing it up with the crowd.  They posed happily with avid and curious, as well as had their shots taken by photographers.













This is of course just a taste of what is to come at the main event at Cosplay Mania ’14.  And of course we at arkadymac will be covering every event we can possibly go to up until October, so we hope to catch you at a TORCH event real soon.










The event also marked Kaloy’s 2nd year of cosplaying.  He is our Public Relations officer and unofficial poster boy.  Some of the team was there to wish him well on this special day.


Thank you for dropping by, and please drop by again next time for more cosplay features here at arkadymac.com.

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Alodia at Mercs 3 Championships by Massive Gaming



arkadymac.com was at the  Mercs 3 Championships by Massive Gaming at the activity of Cyberzone SM North EDSA last Friday, May 9, 2014 to do a special coverage.  It was really a gaming event more than it was a cosplay one, but having Ms. Alodia Gosiengfiao as their special guest was more than an attraction for us.  She is an avid gamer after all, and she was really excited to play a few rounds of the latest games alongside other gamers like her.




All throughout the day, teams from all over the Philippines had their preliminaries, trying to outplay each other at the popular Mercs3 game by Massive gaming.  There were also exhibits, games, attractions and surprises from the organizers as well as the many sponsors and their booths at the really busy activity area where the event was held.




The highlight of the event was the appearance of the world’s best cosplayer, Ms. Alodia Gosiengfiao, and she was a big hit with the fans.  She genuinely enjoyed seeing the huge turnout along with her many avid fans.  She took some time off signing her autograph on various items for fans, shaking their hands and even taking selfies with them.  




She then joined the program up on stage, addressing the excited crowd, giving away prizes, having a meet and greet with some lucky fans, then finally playing a round of games with some lucky gamers.  






We got to meet some wonderful cosplayers too at the event.  They kept the event interesting for everyone and had a blast having their photos taken by the crowd.








Was a fun event with Ms. Alodia Gosiengfiao, and she indeed is wonderful in person.  We wish to see her again at an event soon.




Thank you for dropping by, and please visit us again for more cosplay features here at arkadymac.com.



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Hunter X Hunter the Movie: Crimson Rouge Advance Screening



One of the most memorable anime series from the ’90s  hits the big screen for the first time in the country this week at SM North EDSA with the advance screening of Hunter X Hunter the Movie: Crimson Rouge.  Hundreds of avid and lucky fans came to watch the movie for free at this special event sponsored by Pioneer Films, SM Cinemas, and Animax Philippines.  Otaku Urule, one of the leading student organizations that promotes Japanese pop culture, was also there in full force to take part in the festivities.






The event had many attractions held at the lobby of Cinema 3, where the registration for the participants was held that afternoon.  Cosplayers in Hunter X Hunter-themed characters showed their stuff to the delight of the crowd, with many participants eager to have photos taken of them and with them.  There was also the Animax photo booth where participants can have their photos taken as souvenirs of the event.  The booth was well received to say the least as it was enjoyed to the fullest by participants, organizers, and cosplayers alike.






At around 7 in the evening the crowd was allowed inside the cinema and everyone was seated.  Just when the participants thought that the amazingly free advance screening couldn’t get any better, they could barely contain their joy at seeing the lovely Rhianna, the wildly popular host and AniMate on Animax.  She hosted the presentation of the movie as well as gave away lots of Animax goodies in several raffles to the utter joy of the crowd.




As for the movie itself, it was a decently entertaining film featuring an original story with the same characters from the series.  Fans of the original manga , anime and OVAs will definitely enjoy this movie as it includes the appearances or cameos of quite a number of interesting side characters from the series, something that will definitely put the smile on the face of any die-hard Hunter X Hunter fan.




Rhianna returned at the end of the movie to give away more prizes and giveaways from Animax and thanked all those attendees for taking part in this awesome event.  And with that, everyone filed out of the cinema, many, if not all, with big smiles on their faces and happily chatting away with each other about the great movie they just saw.




We at arkadymac.com as well as the rest of the anime-loving community would like to thank the sponsors and organizers for bringing this wonderful movie to Philippines shores.  I must admit that seeing an anime movie on the big screen and surround sound is definitely an amazingly different experience.  Our thanks to Pioneer Films for taking a brave step forward. Our thanks to SM Cinemas for allowing Hunter X Hunter and other anime movies to be screened at their theaters.  Our thanks to Animax for sponsoring this event, promoting anime that people like, and for being so generous with their prizes.  Our thanks for Otaku Urule for making the event lively and inviting cosplayers to participate in the festivities.




We recommend fans of the Hunter X Hunter manga and series to watch the Crimson Rouge movie, with regular screening beginning May 15 at all SM Cinemas.  We of course hope to experience more movies and more events like this in the future.