A sensational summer escapade that celebrated hobbies, love for gaming, pop culture and cosplay made a huge splash last April 13 at Metrotent Pasig as The Oasis 2024 brought the many hobby and fandom communities together. The event provided a welcome escape as The Oasis 2024 offered a stellar line-up of activities, attractions and special guests for attendees to love and enjoy.

The OASIS 2024 is a convention organized by Oasis Gaming, an esports organization based in the Philippines involved in competitive esports and content creation. Founded on the ideals of an inclusive community, it aims to give communities and enthusiasts a safe and enjoyable space to gather and share their hobbies, love for gaming, pop culture and cosplay.

The OASIS hit the metro last April 13, 2024 at Metrotent Convention Center located in Pasig City. The event featured talents such as Kang Dupet, The Pebbles, Zackt, Roxanne Kho, Oasis Gaming Pro Teams and Oasis Gaming content creators like KrisRey, Gangstacks and many more. There were various competitions from cosplay to speed keyboard building to a Just Dance showdown. There was also a sumo suit wrestling competition between astounding personalities.

The OASIS 2024 also got to include Oasis Gaming’s first ever cosplay competition, and on stage there was no stopping the cosplayers from showing off their cosplay masterpieces and sensational performances as they competed for huge cash prizes. Judges Zackt, Roxanne Kho and Kang Dupet had the difficult task of naming the winners.

As bustling and lively as any convention, The Oasis 2024 had an abundance of exhibitors and sellers displaying and hawking the most fantastic merch, collectibles, accessories, crafts, art, and everything in between. Of course, the food concessionaires were a big hit with the attendees too.

The Oasis 2024 took a bold step to organize and deliver their very first convention, and from our coverage, attendees have expressed how they appreciated the effort and inclusivity that went into preparing the program as well as the attractions around the event. Gamers, cosplayers, hobbyists and the curious alike got to enjoy and escape to a world of fun and enjoyment, and we definitely hope The Oasis will be back with more attractions, guests, and offerings in the future.

The event was co-presented by Zion Studios and ALTF4 with media partners Manila Bulletin, TikTok Philippines and Welcome Studio, also including SSKAIT, Pizza Hut, Rotobox PH, Fantech, PC Worx, among others.

Make sure to keep updated on The Oasis with their social media:

Website: https://www.theoasis.ph/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheOASIS.PHL/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheOasis_PH
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theoasis_ph

arkadymac.com is proud to be part of the media for The Oasis 2024. Many thanks to our correspondents Keileen, Yanna, and Anmu for helping us cover the event.

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